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Launcher Tank By Wirice & HellVape

Discussion in 'Tank Reviews' started by Frenkyou, Aug 11, 2020.

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  1. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 26, 2019
    Shenzhen Wirice Technology Co.Ltd is the new sister brand of Hellvape, Wirice task is focused on smart innovation of vaping devices, the goal is to provide to all high quality products, striving to offer interaction, simplicity, practicality and performance.

    According to the many feedbacks collected by the two companies, it would appear that a boring problem for vapers who use sub-ohm tanks has become that of installing and replacing the coil.

    With the new "Initiative Slide In Loading" (S.I.L) system, simply unscrew the base of the Drip-Tip and turn the Tank upside down, letting the coil come out directly, even with the tank full of liquid and without spilling a drop!
    Then all you have to do is drop the new Coil directly into the Launcher Tank.
    All of this makes operations easier and faster than ever!


    Enjoy the reading.

    The Launcher Tank By Wirice & HellVape packaging simply shows the image of the product and its name on the front on a black background.

    On the back are the features, content, logos & brands and the wording "Produced By Hellvape".


    On the side we find an adhesive label containing a serial number, the barcode and the color indications.
    There are also the scratch & check, the QR Code, the social addresses and the indication to the Wirice website.


    Package contents:
    1 Launcher Tank 4ml
    1 Mesh Coil W801 0.15Ω
    1 Mesh Coil W802 0.21Ω
    1 Bubble Glass Tube
    1 Accessory bag
    1 User manual


    Base diameter: 25mm
    Bubble glass tank diameter: 26.5mm
    Height: 54mm
    Weight: 64g
    Material: SUS304, Pyrex glass and PCTG
    Drip Tip: 810
    Refil: At the top by unscrewing the Top-Cap
    Coil change: Top by unscrewing the base of the Drip Tip
    Air flow: Adjustable
    Capacity: 5ml (bubble glass) 4ml (straight glass) 2ml (TPD)
    Coil W801: 0.15Ω A1 Mesh Coil (50-70W)
    Coil W802: 0.21Ω A1 Mesh Coil (40-60W)
    Connection: 510
    Colors: Matte Black, Gunmetal, SS, Gold, Blue, Rainbow, Purple



    The Innovation of the Launcher Tank By Wirice & HellVape:
    In the figure below we can understand how the ingenious S.I.L system works
    Unscrewing the base of the Drip-tip loosens the pressure exerted on the coil, the two gate valves for the flow of liquid to the coil close making the compartment watertight.


    The great innovation will therefore be that of being able to change the Coil at any time extremely quickly, even in the presence of liquid in the tank, no problem!

    In fact, it is enough to unscrew the base of the Drip-Tip and turn the tank over, extract the old Coil and insert the new one.


    Here is a practical example:


  2. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 26, 2019
    To better understand the operation of the S.I.L system, take a look at the exploded view and its components:



    The Top Cap is independent and can be unscrewed separately for a convenient refill.


    The knurled surface at the base of the Drip-Tip and the Top-Cap allow you to carry out the operations comfortably, during the assembly phase you just need to tighten the refill base to the chimney / container with energy and you will have no problems screwing / unscrewing both rings.


    The deck is fix a single body with the chimney / container. Only the ring nut with its two air-flows is adjustable.

    The Air-flow ring nut is not knurled, but is provided with grooves to increase the grip of the fingers and is equipped with an end stop at maximum opening and maximum closure, in both directions of rotation.

    The two Air-Flows measure 13x3mm.


    The path of the air flow is channeled towards the Coil in an optimal way to hit it from below.


    Both Mesh Coil W801 and W802 have the range of use engraved on the body, note the huge windows for the supply of liquid to the cotton.

    These coils can be purchased in three-piece packs: W801 0.15Ohm Mesh Coil


    Mesh Coil W801 0.15Ω range 50-70W:
    The absorbent material is a combination of cotton + Linen fibers, the heating material used for the Mesh-Coil is Kanthal A1.
    This Coil used at the minimum of its working range (50W) responds immediately to the pressure of the Fire button, the steam is hot, the aromatic release is very consistent, with the air-flow slots completely open the resulting Puff is really very wide, I was surprised at how open, fluid and quiet it is.
    By choking the slots to 50% of the total opening the background noise becomes slightly darker, without ever being annoying, the flavor takes on more consistency without affecting too much on the amount of steam emitted (very high).
    Going up with the Watts the performance increases exponentially, with my Apple Caramel liquid it seems to me to drink cinnamon so strong and decisive is the aromatic release. For those wishing to make huge clouds it is possible to go up to 65 or 70W, at these wattages it is advisable to open the air-flow to 100% and make strong and deep aspirations to keep the heat on acceptable values, the result for a DTL vape is very rewarding from all points of view.


    Mesh Coil W802 0.21Ω range 40-60W:
    The absorbent material and the heating material of the Coil are the same as the W801, only the range of use changes.
    This Coil used at the minimum of its working range (40W) responds just as quickly to the Fire button. At this wattage with the air-flow wide open, the steam is little hot, but its quantity is full-bodied, the aromatic yield is perceived fairly well. By closing the air-flow slots at 50%, the steam becomes slightly hotter and the flavor takes on consistency.
    Going up with the watts also in this case the performances increase, at 50w it pushes very well, I think it is the optimal wattage for its best performance, I like to keep the air-flow slots open about 70%.
    It is possible to go up to 55 or 60W in this case it is advisable to use the full opening of the air-flow slots, however I find this coil particularly suitable for use in a restricted/DTL. This is my ideal coil.


    Highlights Launcher Tank By Wirice & HellVape:


    - The Initiative Slide In Loading (S.I.L) system simplifies coil change operations, a real step forward.
    - Build quality.
    - SUS304 food grade material used for healthy vaping.
    - Knurled handle to remove the Drip-tip base.
    - Knurled handle to remove the top-cap and fill easily.
    - Mesh-Coil of 0.15Ω and 0.21Ω with enormous vapor production and excellent aromatic release.
    - Precise air-flow regulation and with the right contrast to the rotation of the ring nut.
    - No liquid loss.
    - Drip-Tip 810 replaceable with other 810s.
    - Pleasant aesthetics and wide choice of colors.
    - The price seems to be very competitive.

    - 5ml is right, but I would have liked an even higher liquid capacity.
    -------------------------------------------------- ---
    Personally I find this Atomizer the best of all those with pre-made heads seen and tried to date, the best as an innovation and the best as a yield.
    I would buy it immediately and therefore I recommend looking for it to those who want the Top for lung vaping with replaceable coils.

    Note: Packaging and accessories may vary from batch to batch. All images are for reference purposes only.

    Thank you Wirice / HellVape for sending this Atomizer: Launcher Tank

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