Long-lasting flavor enjoyment

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Sep 28, 2010
    One of the things that I think discourages people from vaping is inconsistencies in the quality. While batts, atties and cartos have a lot to do with this, so does the juice.

    I am still new to this but have some theories. When it comes to flavor, there are high notes, bass notes, and heart notes. Sometimes they are called top notes and body notes but regardless what you call them, they are indeed there and just like in music, they affect you in many ways.

    I suspect that the body notes lend themselves more towards vaping that the high notes. I think they are more relaxing. Not that I am a big coffee fan but one reason I like coffee flavors for vaping is that they have more "staying power." Tobacco flavors are like this too.

    Flavoring isn't really flavoring at all. It is really more like fragrance (scent). In themselves, they do not have taste. It is an illusion. They fool the mind. Unlike soft drinks, cake, fruits, e-juice is only as sweet as the VG you put in it. If you put flavoring in water or a cake mix and then add sugar, you then taste it. Try putting some flavoring oil in water and drink it. It does not taste much like what it smells. Add some sugar, and finally it tastes like it smells. You could probably drink it all day and the taste will always be there. But vaping is different. The mind gets used to it and when it does, you no longer taste it. It is at that point when you may even ask yourself if vaping is really satisfying. In doing some searching on this board it appears than many others are suffering from this problem of no longer being able to taste what you are vaping.

    This is why I feel certain flavors lend themselves more to vaping than others. In my opinion, the fruit flavors do not last long. You can put it aside for a few hours and come back to it but it seems to become almost tasteless in a short period of time. I suspect that is because with fruits, you taste the high notes, and they are the first to go. I my be wrong, but that is why I feel flavors with strong bass notes lend themselves better to the vaping experience.

    What sort of flavors do you feel have long-staying power?


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    Oct 7, 2011
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      Good post! I have been doing this about 3 months and have been very surprised at the flavors that have ended up being my faves. I thought fruit flavors would be it for me, ordered a lot of em, ordered a lot of DIY fruit flavors and have turned out not to be so crazy about them. my faves have actually turned out to be gorilla juice (tobacco with a little banana i believe), chocolate mint, cinnamon flavors. Guess i like the really strong, in your face flavors!


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      Nov 16, 2011
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        Interesting post, BadHabit. I think you are onto something. My husband noticed last night that my three favorites were all bean based... chocolate, vanilla & coffee. I'm trying to figure out if there's a relationship there.

        I've not yet found a fruit I like. I was a menthol smoker for years, but I found all the menthols I tried to be too overpowering; definitely menthol, but not Marlboro Mild menthol.
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