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Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit 30W Review By Frenkyou

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  • Apr 26, 2019
      Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit 30W 1.jpg

      Hi, today with pleasure I present to you URSA MINI KIT which kindly Lost Vape sent me for free in exchange for my honest opinion.
      So I will tell you about the small-scale version of the spectacular Ursa Multikit. But let's see first of all and based on the Presentation By Lost Vape what we can expect from this new Pod device ...

      Vibrant Choices available:
      • Choose the color combinations you prefer and that inspire you. Refuse to remain anonymous, your new kit can be more colorful and energetic, or sober and elegant.

      Tiny, Lightweight and discreet:
      • An extremely compact device that can be easily inserted into your purse / handbag, allowing you to enjoy vaping on the go or in your daily routine.

      Fully adjustable airflow control:
      • By having the choice of URSA MINI's (fully adjustable) airflow, you can appreciate your own custom setup for maximum indulgence.

      Maximum Power 30W output:
      • Find your ideal wattage and chase the perfect flavor when vaping with URSA MINI between 5 and 30W.

      Ultrasensitive magnet connection:
      • By adopting the simple bottom fill system on the 3ml magnetic cartridge, we have achieved the best aesthetics for the URSA MINI.

      Built-in 1200mAh Battery:
      • By equipping the device with the integrated 1200 mAh battery, we have done our best to combine compactness and practicality, URSA MINI is able to support a whole day of vaping.

      Type-C Fast Charging :
      • The URSA MINI Pod Kit has a built-in DC 5V Type-C port. Plug the Type-C cable into a power source, the battery icon will start animating and stop animating once charging is complete.

      Enjoy the reading.

      Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit 30W 2.jpg

      Ursa Mini Pod Kit; Packaging for reviewers:
      When the courier handed me this package I thought; "it's big enough so it will be a big and heavy device", I was wrong! I noticed it immediately when I picked up the package and it was very light in my hand. Once unwrapped, I understood what it was, I really enjoyed receiving a new device from the prestigious Lost Vape company.
      For obvious reasons I will not describe the outer packaging which is the one for reviewers.

      Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit 30W 3.jpg

      Ursa Mini Pod Kit; Official Packaging:
      The white box shows the image of this item on the front and there is a green "V" in the background.
      Writings remind us; the name of the product (Ursa Mini Pod Kit), the name of the brand (Lost Vape), the chipset used (Quest). "Quest" is also represented by a round icon.

      There is a lot of information on the back of the box; the packing list, the warnings, some social icons, a serial number, the coloring of this sample (Phantom Green), the scratch & check and various international approvals.

      On the edges of the box we find; the main features in the form of icons, and the motto "The Modern Demarcation".

      Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit 30W 4.jpg

      Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit 30W 5.jpg

      Ursa Mini Pod Kit; Packing List:
      • 1 × Ursa Mini Kit
      • 1 × Mesh-Coil UB Lite L1 of 0.4Ω Range 20-30W
      • 1 × Mesh-Coil UB Lite L6 1.0Ω Range 10-15W
      • 1 × Type-C Charging Cable
      • 1 × User Manual
      • 1 × Warranty Card

      Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit 30W 6.jpg

      Ursa Mini Pod Kit; Accessories:
      • 1 × Necklace
      • 1 × Suede bag
      • 1 × Rubber Bracelet
      * Inside to the box (for reviewers) were the items mentioned, I used the bracelet for some images to be included in the review and I'm not sure if I will use the necklace. However, I like the suede bag with laces. Thanks Lost Vape for your thought.

      Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit 30W 7.jpg

      Ursa Mini Pod Kit; Parameters:
      • Chipset: Quest
      • Body material: Zinc alloy and stainless steel
      • Size: 30.7 * 26 * 107.22mm
      • Weight: 100g
      • Battery: 1200 mAh built-in lithium
      • Charging: Fast type C
      • Power range: 5-30W adjustable
      • Battery voltage: 3.0V-4.2V
      • Screen: 0.69 "OLED
      • Pod capacity: 3ml
      • Refil: From the bottom with silicone plug
      • Compatibility: Lost Vape UB Lite Coil Series
      • Pod Connection: Magnetic
      • AFC: Adjustable

      Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit 30W 8.jpg

      Ursa Mini Pod Kit; Available colors:
      • Mist Rose, Crystal Cream, Dark Knight, Glitter Ocean, Phantom Red, Phantom Blue, Phantom Green, Phantom Purple.
      * Now I understand what Lost Vape meant by the term "vibrant choices" ... Available colors span different styles. In practice, there are variants for all tastes, some are of sober extraction and others are more or less flashy.

      Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit 30W 9.jpg

      Ursa Mini Pod Kit; Ursa Family:
      I received the Phantom Green coloring for this test, I really like the bright green color with a bronze gradient downwards.
      As I had anticipated, Ursa Mini maintains the same type of design that we saw previously on the valuable Ursa Multi Kit (I talked about it here): Lost Vape Ursa Quest Kit 100W

      Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit 30W 10.jpg
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    • Apr 26, 2019
        Ursa Mini Pod Kit; Feeling:
        Ursa Mini is made of zinc alloy and stainless steel, overall it looks like a very well made quality product, it has a slender and thin shape, little bigger than a lighter. It is also very solid in the hand but not heavy at all. The design and build quality of Ursa Mini live up to the fame of this brand (Lost Vape), the finishes of the frame and panels are very attractive and give Ursa Mini a classy look.

        Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit 30W 11.jpg

        Ursa Mini Pod Kit; Front and Back View:
        On the front of the Ursa Mini there are 3 plastic buttons, all responsive and free from annoying noises. The Fire button is square in shape, while the "+" and "-" adjustment buttons are long and thin with rounded edges. The 0.69-inch display has a classic layout with white fonts on a black background, making it bright and easy to read. Aside from the lack of a battery percentage indicator, all useful information is present on the display.

        The rear area (handle) is absolutely smooth and simple, free of exaggeration and unnecessary decorations.

        Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit 30W 12.jpg

        Ursa Mini Pod Kit; Side view:
        The central part of the panels has a holographic texture with a "wave" design that reflects in an absolutely pleasant way different shades of color. On one side there are the Lost Vape brand with its written, both (brand and written) are printed in small and not at all intrusive characters, in the same way we find the "Ursa Mini" writing on the other side.

        At the top, just below the pod, is the airflow control ring. The entire AFC structure is made of stainless steel. The rotating part (ring) has vertical knurls for a better grip with the fingers. The adjustment turns very smoothly and with the right resistance, so it will hardly change position without your knowledge.
        The AFC configuration consists of 4 opposing holes (2.0 + 1.2 + 1.0 + 0.8mm).

        Options AFC adjustment:
        • 2.0 + 1.2 + 1.0 + 0.8mm x2 (DL)
        • 1.2 + 1.0 + 0.8mm x2 (RDL)
        • 1.0 + 0.8mm x2 (MTL / RDL)
        • 0.8mm x2 (MTL)

        Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit 30W 13.jpg

        Ursa Mini Pod Kit; View above and below:
        Inside the compartment / pod there is the usual steel ring for the magnetic attraction of the cartridge, the ring is screwed to the mod using 2 French screws and it is possible to remove it in case of periodic cleaning operations.
        On the bottom of the compartment there are gold-plated pins for effective electrical conduction.

        The USB type C port is located on the bottom cap of the Ursa Mini, on the cap there are 3 safety vent holes for the cell. This part also acts as a support base for the mod, so during the charging phase the device must be laid on its side. While charging, the screen displays the battery icon and its progress, but does not provide the% charge and estimated time remaining. By connecting Ursa Mini to a NoteBook, it can be fully charged in about 70 minutes.

        Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit 30W 14.jpg

        Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit 30W 15.jpg

        Ursa Mini Pod Kit; Magnetic Pod:
        The PCTG cartridge contains up to 3ml of eliquid and has a very dark tint that does not affect the visibility inside too much, as long as you check the level in the presence of a minimum of light.
        The Drip-Tip is very similar in size to a classic 510, unfortunately it is fixed and not replaceable, however it seems suitable for the task it has to perform, that is to offer a good compromise for MTL / RDL.

        the Tank / Pod is held in position by 7 small rather strong magnets, this solution appears safe and valuable.
        The refill port is located in the lower part and is protected by a rubber stopper, the opening of the stopper is not very easy in the absence of nails. However, I have not had any losses during the eliquid refills.

        Ursa Mini uses the same UB Lite Coil as the UB Lite Pod Kit. These coils simply fit into the lower part of the cartridge and it is sufficient to align the flat sides of the coil so that the air passage hole remains free and not choked by the side bulkheads.

        Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit 30W 16.jpg

        Ursa Mini Pod Kit; UB Lite Coil:
        • UB Lite L1 Mesh 0.4Ω Range 20-30W for DL (Included in the kit)
        • UB Lite L3 Mesh 0.8Ω Range 12-17W for MTL / DL (Available separately)
        • UB Lite L6 Mesh 1.0Ω Range 10-15W for MTL (Included in the kit)
        • UB Lite L5 Mesh 1.4Ω Range 8-10W for MTL (Available separately)

        Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit 30W 17.jpg

        Ursa Mini Pod Kit; Operation Guide:
        • Power on / off: 5 click the Fire button
        • Adjustment Lock / Unlock: Press the Fire and "+" keys simultaneously.
        • Power regulation: From 5 to 30W with 1W steps at a time
        • Puff Clear: Press the Fire and "-" keys simultaneously.

        Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit 30W 18.jpg

        Ursa Mini Pod Kit; Multiple Protections:
        • Short circuit protection
        • Weak battery protection
        • Overheating protection
        • 10s Cut-Off protection

        Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit 30W 19.jpg

        Ursa Mini Pod Kit; Vaping test and final conclusions:
        • Mesh-Coil UB Lite L1 from 0.4Ω Range 20-30W
        With this Coil I used a strawberry eliquid with a nicotine concentration of 2mg / ml, with the AFC system at full opening the Puff is airy enough to allow an excellent DL vape. The best performance is obtained at 30W at the expense of a shorter battery life. However by narrowing the AFC setting and staying with 2-3 holes open I found myself very comfortable vape in RDL mode at 20W.

        • Mesh-Coil UB Lite L6 1.0Ω Range 12-17W
        This resistance, depending on how you set up the airflow, can be used for RDL vaping or MTL vaping quite satisfyingly. For this test I used a "Colonel Custard" eliquid with 4mg / ml of nicotine. I found the best performance at about 15W with AFC adjustment; 1.0 + 0.8mm x2 (MTL / RDL). I then concentrated on the MTL vape by adopting the AFC adjustment; 0.8mm x2 (MTL) at 12W, in this way the puff remains fluid and silent with a good Hit.

        The 1200mAh internal battery recharges completely in about 70 minutes and if it is used at not too high wattages, it can give a good autonomy. With the 0.4Ω resistor I managed to do 220 puffs at a constant 20W. The situation definitely improves with the 1.0Ω coil and the result was extraordinary; 342 puffs at 12W!
        During an entire charge cycle, approximately 6ml of eliquid are consumed with both coils. This should be enough for most vapers to cover a full day.

        Ursa Mini is a small device that keeps its promises is made by a big company like Lost Vape and is elegantly dressed with fine and sturdy workmanship. The simple Quest chipset requires few settings and works flawlessly. The fully adjustable AFC system gives you everything you need to enjoy your eliquids the way you like.
        Thanks for reading.

        Ursa Mini Pod Kit – Lost Vape

        Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit 30W 20.jpg
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