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Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pod Kit Review By Frenkyou

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  • Apr 26, 2019
      lost vape Ursa Nano Pod Kit

      The Ursa family expands, and does so with a minimalist Entry level device but with captivating dazzling decorations. URSA Nano Pod Kit is made of durable zinc alloy, the chassis is slim and portable. The built-in 800mAh battery is rechargeable via the USB Type C port and interfaces with a multifunction LED. The disposable cartridge has a capacity of 2.5ml and uses an integrated 0.8Ω coil to deliver steam.
      Available separately, there is a cartridge with integrated 1.0Ω coil.
      Enjoy the reading.

      Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pod Kit 1.jpg

      lost vape Ursa Nano; packaging:
      The white box shows the image of this item on the front, the writings remind us; the name of the product (Ursa Nano Pod Kit), the name of the brand (Lost Vape), the chipset used (New Quest). "New Quest" is represented on the package by a round icon.

      On the back there is a lot of information; the packing list, the warnings, some social icons, a serial number, the coloring of this sample (Wave Purple), the scratch & check and various international approvals.

      On the edges of the package we find; the main features in the form of icons, and the motto "The Modern Demarcation".

      Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pod Kit 2.jpg

      Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pod Kit 3.jpg

      ► Lost Vape Ursa Nano; Packing List:
      • 1 x Ursa Nano Pod Device
      • 1 x Ursa Nano Pod (2.5ml) 0.8Ω
      • 1 x Type-C charging cable
      • 1 x User Manual
      • 1 x Warranty Card

      Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pod Kit 4.jpg

      ► Lost Vape Ursa Nano; Parameters:
      • Automatic activation of the puff
      • Material: Zinc alloy
      • Dimensions: 100.5x24.1x14mm
      • Weight: 61.3g
      • Adjustable AFC
      • Battery: Integrated 800mAh
      • Battery voltage 3.0-4.2V
      • Output voltage: 3.0-3.9V
      • Power range: 5-18W
      • Output current: 2.5-5.0A
      • Pod with magnetic connection
      • Refil: Side
      • Pod capacity: 2.5ml

      Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pod Kit 5.jpg

      ► Lost Vape Ursa Nano; Colors:
      • Wave Blue, Wave Cian, Wave Purple, Wave Red, Wave Black, Twill Green, Twill Silver, Pacific Blue.

      Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pod Kit 6.jpg

      ► Lost Vape Ursa Family:
      It is interesting to note how Ursa Nano compared to Ursa Multikit and Ursa Mini has only the name in common, Ursa Nano is a minimalist Entry Level device without any complication for the inexperienced user, in fact there is no button and no display.

      Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pod Kit 7.jpg

      ► Lost Vape Ursa Nano; First impressions:
      Ursa Nano kit is compact and is offered in the most classic of form factors available on the market. However, the heavy zinc alloy construction and the incredible holographic-style brightness of its decorations make it an extremely robust item and surprisingly changeable to the eye depending on the angle of exposure to light.

      Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pod Kit 8.jpg

      ► Lost Vape Ursa Nano; Decorated panels:
      I received two copies of Ursa Nano from Lost Vape for this test; one in Wave Purple and the other in Wave Cyan. Both with wave decorations with captivating holographic reflections, personally I also find the Ocean and Twill versions graphically interesting.
      At the center of these intriguing decorations we find the identification inscriptions laser engraved; on one side "Lost Vape" and on the other side "Ursa Nano".

      * Under the word "Lost Vape" (indicated by an arrow in the image below) there is a stealth type LED, visible only during device activation. Depending on the color of the light emitted, this LED allows us to know the current battery charge level and any protection indications.

      Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pod Kit 9.jpg

      ► Lost Vape Ursa Nano; Charging Led Indications:
      During the charging phase the led indicator shows the battery levels as follows:
      • Green; residual charge over 3.9V
      • Blue; residual charge less than 3.9V
      • Red; residual charge less than 3.7V
      * With the battery fully charged, the LED indicator remains steady green.
      * The device supports pass-trought, you can vape while charging.

      Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pod Kit 10.jpg


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    • Apr 26, 2019
        ► Lost Vape Ursa Nano; Protection LED indications:
        • Low-Battery: When the battery voltage is lower than 3.3V before
        of use or less than 3.0V when using, the LED indicator will blink red 5 times and the output will stop automatically.
        • Short-Circuit: In the event of a short-circuit, the LED will flash 3 times with white light.
        • Open-circuit: When no atomizer is detected the indicator flashes 3 times.
        • Over 10s: The LED indicator will blink 8 times and emit no power when vaping continuously for 10 seconds.

        Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pod Kit 11.jpg

        ► Lost Vape Ursa Nano; AFC:
        From the side you can appreciate the soft joining of the shapes and an extremely reduced section. What at first glance looks like a common power button is actually the AFC hinge system that allows you to adjust the amount of air towards the Coil. The Ursa Nano AFC system is well made, precise in maintaining the set position and very useful for finding your favorite Puff MTL. On the other side (indicated by an arrow in the image below) there is a small hole that works in combination with the AFC system; by completely closing the AFC system, this small hole will allow a minimum amount of air to pass through to obtain a pleasantly restricted type of MTL vape.

        Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pod Kit 12.jpg

        ► Lost Vape Ursa Nano; Top & bottom view:
        The compartment / pod uses a system with two very effective magnets to hold the cartridge firmly. On the bottom of the compartment / pod there are; the automatic activation mechanism of the puff and two spring-loaded and gold-plated pins for electrical transfer to the resistance.

        On the bottom of Ursa Nano there is the Type-C charging port, the information attributable to the manufacturer, the disposal logo and the legal mark are also shown.

        Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pod Kit 13.jpg

        ► Lost Vape Ursa Nano; Internal Battery:
        Ursa Nano encloses an internal 800mAh battery that for most vaper's will last all day, as I have already described the battery interfaces to a Type-C charging port and to a LED that will show with the previously reported colors the current charge levels.

        Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pod Kit 14.jpg

        ► Lost Vape Ursa Nano; Disposable Pod:
        According to Lost Vape, the Ursa Nano cartridge uses a leak-proof system that has successfully passed countless tests.

        Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pod Kit 15.jpg

        The 2.5ml refillable cartridge includes a comfortable and ergonomic drip tip, on the bottom of the cartridge there are two magnets mirroring those present on the Mod and two channels for the automatic activation of the Puff attributable to those present inside the compartment / pod of the device .

        Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pod Kit 16.jpg

        The cartridge made of PCTG despite the dark color, offers a discreet visual control on the level of internal e-liquid. The refill takes place laterally by lifting a silicone rubber. The filling hole is large enough, however the lateral filling position does not allow for full filling. I have estimated that introducing more than 2ml of liquid is quite difficult.
        The cartridges clearly show the resistance value inside them.
        * 1.0Ω cartridge is optional and sold separately.

        Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pod Kit 17.jpg

        Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pod Kit 18.jpg

        ► Lost Vape Ursa Nano; Final Conclusions:
        In order to favor the inexperienced user, URSA Nano Pod Kit forgoes any control button to prevent accidents when the device is placed in the pocket. The URSA Nano's only adjustable feature is an airflow control switch to adjust a fully automatic type suction system to your liking.

        In the kit there is only one disposable cartridge of 0.8Ω, so if you are interested in buying Ursa Nano I suggest you buy a spare pair. If desired, a 1.0Ω cartridge that Lost Vape sent me for this test is also available as a spare.

        I did the Ursa Nano test with one of my favorite flavors for Pod Mod (Colonel Custard) diluted to 10% with Boost concentration at 6mg / ml.
        With the AFC system completely closed, therefore with air passage regulated only by the calibrated hole; both 0.8Ω and 1.0Ω cartridges (optional) offer flawless and very similar MTL operation. The blow in the throat is present, the puff is fluid and without any operating irregularities.
        The flavor is above the average of the "disposable pods" on the market. Opening the AFC system and letting more air pass the 1.0Ω coil shows its limits, it is clear that the optional 1.0Ω coil is made exclusively for MTL. The supplied 0.8Ω coil is my favorite! It performs well in MTL with closed AFC and also supports more open AFC adjustments with a good amount of vapor emitted, enhancing its excellent aromatic qualities.
        I estimated the average duration of these disposable pods at an eliquid consumption of about 25 / 30ml.
        An extremely positive note to take into consideration when purchasing Ursa Nano is that Lost Vape's anti-leaking system, this system works perfectly! Even after very long sections of use, I did not detect any trace of condensation.

        Battery management is very good, only towards the end of the charge and with the red LED on there is a slight and natural decrease in power, the time taken for a complete recharge cycle is about 60 minutes.

        ► Lost Vape Ursa Nano; Highlights:
        ▪ Dazzling range of colors
        ▪ Slim and elegant
        ▪ Good aromatic production
        ▪ Safe in your pocket
        ▪ Smart Pod detection
        ▪ Adjustable AFC
        ▪ Excellent anti-leaking system
        ▪ Good management of the integrated 800mAh battery
        ▪ Type C refill
        ▪ Intelligent led indication
        ▪ Good magnetic connection of the Pod
        ▪ Good aromatic performance
        ▪ Multiple protections

        Thanks for reading.

        Thanks to Lost Vape for sending me the sample for review.
        Ursa Nano Pod Kit – Lost Vape

        Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pod Kit 19.jpg
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