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Mad Murdock aka vapingwatch.com pluid and mellow melange

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Sep 18, 2013
Livonia, mi
    Pluid by Mad Murdock - I wasn't sure about ordering Pluid. Though I don't hate black licorice/anice, I never search it out, but enough recommendations I figured I'd try it. Super glad I did. I LOVE it. It's licorice, but more like the breath ease tea, a mild, clean vape with none of the cloying anice that's common in black licorice flavors. This would have become my daily vape if it weren't for below:

    Mellow Mellange by Mad Murdock mixed with Pluid - Just realized I hadn't tried MM by itself yet, I'll have to rectify that and edit this. However, I HAVE tried a 50/50 mix of MM and Pluid. Absolutely perfect. The cinnamon, clove, semisweet and spicy mixed with Pluid is awesome. This has become my daily vape.

    They're so meant to mix, that when I ordered the 2, Mad Murdock sent me a spare jar for mixing. Do note, these juices come in jars sans eye droppers, so you should have some way, say a plastic pippette or eye dropper, to dispense. Also note, Pluid comes in 20mg nicotine, you may want to cut it with the juice they offer to lower that. I know I often wish it were lower so I could do it more!

    Vapingwatch.com Pluid - 20mg - 9/10 - black licorice but not cloying, a clean, all day vape
    Mellow Melange - 9mg - cinnamon vanilla clove nutmeg
    MIX pluid and mellow melange - 10/10 adds notes of clove and cinnamon, delish!


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    Oct 2, 2013
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      Just to add a note to this great review of M4...the flavors in this juice are mixed so spot on even that the overall tone of this juice takes on something completely new. You certainly get the cinnamon/clove spice mix in your face, but not separately. It can also border on the realm of vanilla/custard at times, but I would certainly not put this in a sweet/dessert category by any stretch. Mad props to Murdock for yet another unique juice that if it weren't for it's scarcity, would be an ADV for me.
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