Made my first juice - success! Yay Wizard labs!

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Jul 29, 2012
    I just got my first order from Wizard Labs. I have to spend a minute raving about John MacLeod. He was super helpful to me. I am not sure what happened but when I set up my account and placed my first order a few things went wrong with my inputs. My email was wrong - my address was wrong...(I am sure you are thinking - and this girl want to mix her own juice?) :)

    Anyway - John got my email corrected and shipped out my order FAST. I think McDonald's is slower than John was with my order. In the mean time I discovered that my address was wrong due to my own fumble fingers. John was great about everything- he called me personally (though I regret I could not take his call at the time he called) and emailed too.

    Of course he could not do anything to help with the now shipped package - but I cant say enough good things about his care and customer service.

    The package misdirect actually worked out. My mail carrier recognized my name and delivered the package to the correct address anyway. WOW :)

    So tonight, as the first snow of the year fell on Denver metro - I made my first test of e juice.

    I decided to make a single flavor and chose strawberries and cream. I made a 3 ml sample at 12 mg nic and gave it to my boyfriend (now guinea pig). The flavor he said is great and tastes like real strawberries. YAY success!

    I really loved how all the flavors I purchased smell. It will be fun to try juice made from them. The only one I am not sure about is vanillan. I had hoped that this would have a more natural flavor than the french vanillas I have tried in the past - but I could not even smell it in the bottle at all. we shall see how it mixes up.


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    Jun 22, 2012
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      YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! my order is due to arrive from WL today, according to the tracking,,,,,and I can't WAIT to try it! John was AMAZING to me as well! There was a computer glitch and my nic couldn't be made until they contacted me,,,,,,they tried several times to contact me,,,,my fault, I didn't check my voice mail,,,,,,,,,when I emailed them to see what was up with my unshipped package, John emailed me back within THREE MINUTES! I can't say ENOUGH good things about them!!!!!!
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