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MadVapes Weekly Contest - November 10 through November 14

Discussion in 'MadVapes' started by Crowedude654, Nov 10, 2014.

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  1. Crowedude654

    Crowedude654 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 11, 2012
    Charlotte, NC
    It's a new week, and that means a new contest! This week's another PIF contest, and there will be 3 winners! The catch is that the winners can't keep the prize; they have to pay-it-forward to someone who hasn't started vaping yet (preferably a current smoker). Each winner will get:

    1 x eGo RBC Kit Smok Tech 900mAh eGo RBC Kit
    100mL of any e-liquid
    5 x Replacement Coils

    To enter the contest this week, just post about who you'll be giving the prize to. We all know people who could benefit from picking up vaping, but haven't yet for some reason or another. This is the perfect opportunity to help them take the leap, without the initial investment!

    Thanks everyone, and GOOD LUCK!!
  2. Garrett1234567

    Garrett1234567 Moved On ECF Veteran

    Jan 11, 2014
    Wv usa
    Guess I'll be the first, like the last pif contest I'll give it to the cook I ride a boat with. We work on a boat for 21 days straight and she's always asking me about my vape gear and is pretty interested. I'll give it to her and hopefully get her off analogs. When I started riding the boat me and 4 others smoked, I started vaping and got 3 of the others to quit smoking, she's the last one.
    Good luck everyone
  3. MattMann228

    MattMann228 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 13, 2013
    Gulf Coast, MS
    I would either give to my mom or my sister but both could use it. My mom has quit smoking then started back up earlier this year but my sister has always smoked but wants to quit. Thanks for another great contest.
  4. therussellv

    therussellv Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 23, 2013
    Winters, Texas
    I will give it to my wife's cousin, she has been thinking of switching, this would push her along
  5. liblue1

    liblue1 ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I have a neighbor down the street who has been watching me as I drive by with my vape box, while they are outside smoking....I would like to put this on their door step and watch to see if they continue smoking outside...(not that I would really leave it there)...but I would get it to them....and see what happens....One less smoker in the world make more oxygen for me.....
  6. b.m.

    b.m. Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 30, 2014
    Definitely my mom.She has talked about trying to switch,but that's as far as she's made it.
  7. rbeckys8

    rbeckys8 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 7, 2013
    you could send it to my brother or I'll send it to him..he needs to stop smoking and he's 65..maybe if it was looking at him in the face he would try it!!
  8. RaceGun59

    RaceGun59 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 5, 2013
    Owensboro, KY
    I would PIF to BM so it could be passed along to his/her (?) mom. I had the joy of my mom's company well into her 90s and if this give them more time together all the better.
  9. sungbd

    sungbd Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 18, 2014
    Minneapolis, MN
    Okay, let's make a world more vaping friendly.

    I would like to give this wonderful surprise gift to my "former" smoke buddy at work.
    We are still kind of smoke-buddy since he does his smoking and I do my vaping. But together!

    I wish I can share with him if I have any additional kit.
    But, I am fairly new to vaping, and I have only one e-go type kit.
    Hope he and I can enjoy vaping together like we did with smoking!

    Thank you for the contest!!!
  10. tick22

    tick22 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 18, 2014
    Vanceboro, NC
    I have a friend who just started last week with a blu cig a like, and this would be the best way to hget him to move up and not go back to smoking. he can't refuse a new set up like he has a used one. something about germs???? go figure....
  11. _JB_

    _JB_ Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 9, 2014
    I have helped 3 people at work quit cigs by switching to vaping. I am working on another that just seems to love smoking and wont make the initial purchase to try vaping out so I think PIFing them a setup would get them off the fence about it.

    Thanks for the contest
  12. 100%VG

    100%VG Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 12, 2013
    Starbase 12 near Risa
    I'd give it to my daughter. I got her interested in vaping, but she never started. This is a nice Kit and would be great for a beginner!

    Thanks for another PIF contest. :)
  13. rangerrobin

    rangerrobin Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 26, 2014
    Sonoma County, CA
    I would give it to a friend who keeps asking me to set her up! :vapor: ;)

    Thanks for the PIF contest!
  14. KC1BLE

    KC1BLE Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 10, 2014
    I would give it to my boss, he is a heavy smoker and has been using cigalikes, but they don't do it for him. I tried them as well and I know he needs something more reliable.
  15. whodat2112

    whodat2112 ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    I would give it to a co worker, who seems interested, but hasn't made "the switch".
  16. olscratchy

    olscratchy Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I would give it to my cousin jeff, he quit a few years ago for a few months & started up again. when we hang out he is always asking me for a "puff", so I know he is willing. I tried to take him to get started vaping but he just doesnt have the cash to start up, this would be perfect for him.
    Thanks for the consideration
  17. thehangdude

    thehangdude ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Apr 17, 2011
    Terre Haute, IN
    This prize would be perfect for the guy across the street. He has been complaining about smoking, and has been impressed by my stopping. His doctors hve told him to quit or die (don't they all), but he really is ready to make the switch to a cleaner life.

    Thank you MadVapes!
  18. reeffreak77

    reeffreak77 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I would give it to a go at work. He asks about mine every day but just won't make the leap off of the cigs.
  19. redempti0N

    redempti0N Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 16, 2010
    staten island USA
    I will be giving it to my sister in law with asthma who has been trying everything to quit and has been unsuccessful.
  20. mac63

    mac63 ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 1, 2014
    There's lady at work that I would like to have it. She has talked about trying vape but is afraid to spend any money on it. She's Japanese and getting the equipment on the local economy in Okinawa isn't easy - plus the Japanese do not allow any nic in the juice on the local market. Getting the juice is another one of her concerns about it if she starts. If I could get her started I would be able to get her nic juice without any problem.
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