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Medo Pod Kit Vape Review – 500mAh Golisi Battery

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Aug 14, 2018
    The Medo pod is the debut device from Medo vape. The pod is powered by a 500mAh built in battery made by well known battery company Golisi. The power and clouds from this compact pod are quite surprising.

    • Size: 95 x 30 x 10mm
    • Max Output: 11W
    • Capacity: 2.0ml
    • Battery: Built-in 500mAh
    • Coil resistance: 1.3ohm
    • Cotton: Organic cotton
    • Charging Time: 40-50min
    • Colours: Black, Gunmetal, Purple, Blue, Red


    The Medo pod has an attractive design and shape. Weighing only 30g it’s weighs a lot less than you would expect. Golisi had partnered with Medo to provide a built in 500mAh battery. I noticed that information on the specs of the Medo for some reason differs from what’s on retailers websites and Medo’s own website. Also, some specs were missing from the included manual.

    Power and battery performance in the Medo pod is slightly better than other pods out there, and was really quite surprising. Having recently reviewed the Innokin EQs and the vaporesso Aurora Play, the Medo pod may not have variable wattage but manages to outperform both with it’s wattage output and vapor production.

    There are two coils types available, one for nicotine salt ejuices with a 1.3ohm resistance, and a 1.5ohm coil for CBD juices. The pods have a bottom filling design with a 2ml juice capacity. Bottom airflow holes provide a generous mouth to lung hit, which with the power of the Medo you can quite easily get direct lung hits.

    The airflow on the Medo is much less restrictive than the Ion and Hunter pods kits. The size of the air holes are very generous. Although, the airflow isn’t adjustable so if you prefer a more restrictive hit you may be able to use a small piece of tape to restrict the airflow The pods are apparently designed to avoid juice in your airflow, unfortunately condensation is still an issue and occasionally you will need to clear the mouthpiece.


    Battery Life

    The 500mAh battery is slightly bigger than its competitors, although battery life is going to be impacted by the high output wattage. I was able to use the Medo pod for around 10 hours of moderate vaping. The Medo appears to have passthrough so you can vape on it while it charges.

    Charging takes somewhere between 40 and 50 minutes, which is reasonable fast. The manual recommends charging the pod with a DC 5V charger. A 1.5A wall charger may be too much for the battery but the current from a usb port on your computer is just right. If it is in the manual it’s there for a reason, charging with a stronger current may impact the lifespan of your battery.


    Flavour and Clouds

    With a SS 316L coil and japanese organic cotton wicking, flavour is above average and still better than ceramic coil pods. With two types of coils available you’re going to get different levels of flavour. The 1.3 ohms coils is best for nicotines salts. Flavour was on par with other pod systems that use a SS 316L coil.

    Clouds on the other hand, are one of the best things about the Medo pod. With a less restrictive airflow and a higher wattage output of 11W, the Medo pod produces amazing clouds for a compact pod system. It rivals some of the more expensive pod systems in power and cloud production.



    The Medo has all the features you need in a pod. It lacks variable wattage, but does have some sort of system for producing the same amount of power throughout the charge cycle of the battery. There is over discharge protection, short circuit protection, and over charging protection. The Medo is a draw activated device, and features a green and red LED battery indicator light.

    • Great flavour from that SS 316L coil
    • Really impressive vapor production for a pod device.
    • I really like the sleek design of the Medo pod, it’s a comfortable size and shape. It’s also really lightweight.
    • Battery life of 500mAh and a maximum wattage output of 11W is enough to keep you vaping through an 8 hour day.

    • Even though one of the features is an airflow designed to avoid juice in your mouth, I did find this was a problem. It’s more to do with condensation developing inside the mouth piece with repeated use.
    • For some reason I was finding the pods short circuit protection would randomly kick in under heavy use. There didn’t appear to be any issues with the pod contacting the battery completely. But, I don’t see any mention of a feature to prevent dry burns, it does seem to occur only under heavy use.

    Full video review here

    Bottom Line
    If you like fulfilling pod clouds, above average flavour, and a less restrictive draw then you will enjoy the Medo pod. The pod retails for around $10-$30USD, which is pretty reasonable for what it is. I’ve used more expensive pods that don’t seem to have half the power or flavour. It’s a decent pod, and one worth getting if you are a pod enthusiast. I rate the battery performance and length of time between chargers fairly average. But, I do find the Medo pod has a higher power output which is constant.

    Flavour and clouds I rate the Medo pod a 9/10. If the battery lasted a little bit longer it would be a solid ten. The longevity of the pods may be an issue because of the higher wattage, but 3-5 fills is about average for a pod. All up I give the Medo pod a rating of 8/10, I do like this better than the Aurora Play and Ypod Mini. In my next review I’ll be taking a look at a rebuildable pod system. Wit rebuildables now an option, pod flavour is going to be even better!
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