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Molinberry Flavoring Review - 37 Flavors From Molinshop - Add Yours Too!

Discussion in 'Flavor Reviews' started by Aurora-Oblivion, Feb 10, 2015.

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  1. Aurora-Oblivion

    Aurora-Oblivion Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 18, 2012
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    Molinberry Flavoring Review - 37 Flavors


    Inawerashop has recently went through some changes, and will no longer carrying the Inawera branded flavor line, but for now will be keeping the same shop and domain names. They now offer Molinberry flavorings and have plans to add in more new flavors as they are tested and pass scrutiny. Ready to vape, pre-mixed e-liquids are currently in the works and will soon be available as well.

    Flavorings are available in 10ml, 1L, and 100L, with flavoring prices varying from product to product starting at the low $3 range for 10ml, $13 for 100ml, and $70 for 1L. They also now carry an extended range of Chemnovatic nicotine, without demineralized water. Nicotine bases are available in 100ml, 1L, and 5L sizes with many strength increments up to 36mg/ml for the general public, and for business the same sizes are offered with nicotine ranges of 50mg/ml, 72mg/ml, and 100mg/ml. Of course, they also carry a limited range of laboratory materials for mixing your own liquids, such as various glass and plastic bottles, pipettes and gloves.

    To keep things honest, and so that hopefully no one feels this is a biased or "paid off" review, I want to mention up-front that I'm part of the Inawerashop testing and review group. Due to that these flavors were free of charge for the sole purpose of testing and review. Please do not let that steer you away, this will not be a biased review in any manner, as you'll see below. I will provide my honest thoughts and opinion on each flavor as they taste to me, good and bad.

    Due to how we all taste flavors so differently, crafting a flavor review one way or another for any reason would be pointless and discrediting to all. As a generic example, imagine we all love strawberry, the reality is that only some of us may taste that same strawberry flavor in the same way. So, with that in mind, bending flavor descriptions in a review in order to praise or bash a flavor is a waste of everyone's time, including the reviewer, but most importantly the potential customer looking for that perfect flavor to finish off their latest e-liquid recipe.

    Honesty is the only way to go when reviewing flavors, please enjoy!

    Hardware Used - eGo Twists & Spinner II's 1100/1600 (3.4-3.9V) / FT Mini RDA (setup w/ silica - 30ga @ 1.4 Ohms), and 2 x Mini Davide BCC (30ga @ 1.6-1.8 Ohms w/ cotton)

    Mixing Ratio - All tests were mixed at 50/50. Flavor mixing ratios will be noted with each flavors review as they vary, initial flavoring ratios used was based on notes provided in the flavor descriptions.

    Steeping Period - Varied - Most were tested after at least 14 days, but some up to 20 days (Mixed 1-17-15, tasted 1-28 through 2-7)

    Nicotine Base Used - Chemnovatic Base @ 50/50

    Nicotine Level - 3mg/ml was used in all testing

    Flavor names are linked to the product page, following each "Mix Ratio" is a tiny e-liquid bottle image linked to a larger view of the actual flavoring so you can how clean and clear each flavor is if interested.

    1. American Bubble Gum - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 10% - 50 drops @ 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Same as below, only stronger. It's gum, and it tastes and smells great!

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Sweet pink bubble gum, strongly scented

    Amazing, I would have never imagined enjoying a plain bubble gum flavor, but this really hits the sweet spot!! This is the first gum based vape I've ever tasted, and it's mouth-wateringly great!! It tastes just like a huge mouthful of freshly chewed pink bubble gum, those first few minutes of chewing a few sticks where it's still super sweet and makes your mouth drip saliva. It's fairly sweet, so I doubt anyone would need to add sweetener, and I'm sure this would mix with many fruit flavors to make various enjoyable gum vapes!

    Recommended mix - 8-12 light/strong - Extended steeping is not needed for this flavor. Great by itself, but surely would mix with other flavors perfectly too. If you get this try it straight first at 10%, hopefully that will be amazing for you as it's been for me!

    Overall Rating - 9.5/10 - Bold and extremely flavorful, it's mouth-watering and I suggest everyone try it at least once!

    2. Anise Star - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 10% - 25 drops @ 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Star Anise, it's a lighter scent though compared to what you'd smell from straight Star Anise oil.

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Faint anise, hint of sweetness

    Strong at first, but after a few weeks the flavored rounds out and looses much of it's potency (I'd guesstimate at least 40-50% of it's flavor potency is lost). It does still hold a decent flavor, but at 10% you'd expect it to be much stronger and be able to keep it's flavor as a stand-alone. In a mix the flavor would easily be lost and buried after a few weeks steeping. It may be usable mixed with a light butter cookie, but the cookie would need to be very light and the Anise Star mixed very strong, so that when steeped it would equate to a happy medium flavored mix.

    Recommended mix - 10% + - If mixing straight and vaping quickly 10% is a decent starting ratio for a medium anise boldness, mix higher if you need super strong or plan to steep. If used in a dessert mix, go delicately with the other flavors and heavy handed on this one, then after steeping and the dessert/bakery notes come to fruition there will be a delicate balance of flavors.

    Overall Rating - 7/10 - Good flavor, but quickly fades. Use heavy hand when mixing, or vape quickly

    3. Big Watermelon - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 8% - 40 drops @ 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Sweet watermelon candy, makes me want a piece now! No "rind" scent

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Light sweetness, faint watermelon

    Big Watermelon is a very interesting flavor! I love the sweetness that the higher flavoring percentages brings to the table, it's a candy-like sweet, almost cotton candy like but nothing like you'd expect if you're thinking EM smell/flavor. While EM smell and flavor does remind you of cotton candy, and does taste and smell like it, it's not quite 100% true to the flavor. With Big Watermelon at higher percentages you can taste a real cotton candy type flavor in there, it's very intriguing to taste in a vape, wish I had some in a bottle as an alternative to EM because I think that would be a much better flavor to use opposed to EM when needing to round flavors out with a little mouth-feel and sweetness. This flavor aspect stays on your lips and in your mouth for a while, it's a interesting and tasty effect!

    At lower percentages this flavor tastes like a fresh bowl of watermelon water/juice, it's very refreshing and has NO taste of rind like many other watermelon flavors tend to have. As you increase the flavoring levels it turns into a much sweeter candy like watermelon flavor, not Jolly Rancher like, but much more of a fresh "candied" flavor instead of actually being an over-sweetened artificial candy flavor like you'd get with a Jolly Rancher.

    Recommended mix - 5-9% (Light fruity side <-> fresh candied fruit side) Extended steeping is not required for this flavor, but will round it out and smooth it over some

    Overall Rating - 9/10 - This is great by itself, and I'm sure would be great in many fruit flavored mixes. I bet it would be great in tea or florals, and perfect for alcohol type mixes too! Be bold, try it with mints and menthols!

    4. Captain Rum - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 8% - 40 drops @ 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Clearly a very boozy rum scent

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Light boozy, faint sweetness

    At 8% this tastes of a fairly light rum, not very sweet but not dry either. It is unspiced, not woody, and without any vanilla aspect, I suppose that would classify it as a virgin white rum. It does taste like a plain rum, and I'm sure that was the intention, but it's just a little plain for my tastes so it's not very enjoyable by itself. I'm sure it would blend well with other flavors, plan to try that very soon starting with cola and vanilla.

    Recommended mix - 8-10% - Best steeped at least 1-2 weeks before using. This would probably be great mixed with tropical fruit drinks, or cola's, and would fit in well with tobaccos, cigars, and pipes too.

    Overall Rating - 5.5/10 - For me this is too bland, I'd prefer some vanilla or at least a little bit of other spices added into a rum even if it's intended to be white.

    5. Charlie Tobacco - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 8% - 20 drops @ 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Brown sugar, sweet caramelized tobacco tones

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Full bodied yet light tobacco scent

    I do not use or like tobacco flavors, so you'll have to excuse my ignorance and shorter descriptions on these tobacco flavors. I taste a semi-dark tobacco, blended on the lighter side of it's probably abilities. I also think I detect a slightly dark wood flavor, it's not oak and it's not bold or overpowering either, just a minor note on the back-end. I do not taste any vanilla's, and it's not sweet to me, nor do I detect any apple or caramel? It could just be my taste buds, but to me this tastes like tobacco only, I'm not getting any caramelized apple, I could not detect it fresh or after 3 weeks aged?

    Recommended mix - 7-10% - This should be aged for best complete flavor profile, at least 2-3 weeks. Would be a good base for blending tobacco mixes!

    Overall Rating - 6/10 - Good flavor, medium strength profile, but looses points for not tasting at all like it's description for me (I was looking forward to the apple!)

    6. Dark Blackberry - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 5% - 25 drops @ 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Sweet lightly noted blackberry, hints of the powdery strangeness that I describe in the review notes

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Dark berry, fruity sweetness w/ a hint of scented powdered dark grapes

    I immediately get a strong musky / dusty tasting flavor, with a hint of sandalwood and it reminds me of dark incense. This aspect does fade a little after and extended steeping period, but it's always there and is the dominate flavor I get from this mix. I'm unsure if that's the intended flavor, or if this needs to be mixed at a lower percentage? Maybe it's just my taste-buds, but based on how this tastes to me at 5% I can't see higher percentage making it better, and I feel less would only lessen the effect. I can't remember if I've ever had fresh blackberry, or other blackberry vapes, but this isn't the flavor I expected or have in mind when thinking blackberry. I really think it must just be my taste-buds, nose or brain reacting negatively to something in the flavoring because the juice certainly doesn't smell like musk or sandalwood.

    After writing the above, I tasted some fresh blackberry preserves, and as I thought it tasted like the berries I was thinking, blackberries and nothing like this flavor to me.

    I did cut this mix in half, and my experience with this was just due to over-flavoring, it didn't change anything only made the same flavor weaker and softer.

    Recommended mix - 2-5% - I can only suggest starting light on this, in case that strangeness is how everyone will perceive this flavor. Some may actually somehow enjoy it, but to me it seems there is something wrong here, unless it's just some strange personal perception of my taste-buds/nose/brain with this particular flavor.

    Overall Rating - 1/10 - I filled a tank thinking maybe a tank would taste different than my initial rounds of dripper testing, had to dump it out after a hour or so of trying.

    7. EM Formula (Red Bull/Energy Drink) - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 7% - 35 drops @ 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Candied undefined softer fruits

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Soft strange and undefined fruity notes, banana & papaya or kiwi?

    YES, just like you do, I also think Ethyl Maltol when I see EM mentioned! As DIY'rs I think we all do, so I'm confused as to why they continue using this name for energy drink flavors, they used it on the previous line as well and I've always thought Ethyl Maltol when I saw it as I'm sure many customers do as well. This should be addressed internally, maybe use energy drink, or RB, etc for the name. Anyway, onto the flavor itself!

    At 7% this is sweet and smooth, with an undefined fruity profile. I do not taste what I mentioned smelling in it above, nor can I pin down any other new fruits to mention when taste testing (In vape, or on tongue). Maybe a slight berry like profile, without an actual defined berry? I doesn't really remind me of an energy drink though, but it is a good in a strange way. I could see this mixing well with other fruits, and would probably be good in mixed drinks as well.

    Recommended mix - 5-8% - Flavor does change flavors and get smoother after 2-3 weeks of aging. Probably best to use this as a mixer for mixed fruit vapes, or in alcohol type mixes, unless it does taste like an energy drink to you (Could just be me)

    Overall Rating - 5.5/10 - Doesn't remind me of an energy drink, but it is still a good flavor for mixing.

    8. Eucalyptus & Mint - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 10% - 25 drops @ 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Strong qucalyptus, sweet mint hints, ghost whisper of clove(?)

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Light Eucalyptus, similar to a clear Hall's cough drop

    This is a lighter flavor, meaning not overly strong like you might expect based on previous experiences w/ menthol or eucalyptus based flavors. It has the perfect balance between light mint and eucalyptus, without either overpowering the other. It's not very sweet at all, but you can add your own sweetness later if desired, it's always easier to add then try to mask if it's in there by default. I also find the flavor to be a little dry, but that's probably due to not being sweetened by default, which is perfectly fine for a menthol type flavor as many users probably prefer an unsweetened menthol type flavor. So you'll need to sweeten if you like it sweet. I think it would probably have a better flavor (for me) if it was sweeter, and maybe a little vanilla or cream would round it out as well. It is smooth and soothing as-is though, so don't mistake my thoughts to mean they are a "must do" in order to enjoy the flavor.

    Recommended mix - 8-10% starting. Extended steeping is not needed, mix and vape (After at least a day)

    Overall Rating - 8/10 - Makes for a great base to build mint/menthol based juices. This would be a perfect palate cleanser, and would be great when you have a cold too! I also find it to be a very good wake-n-vape in the morning to kick your taste-buds into gear, while not wrecking your early morning parched throat.

    9. Fizzy Cola - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 7% - 35 drops + 3% @ 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Sweet and very fizzy cola, not overly sweet nor dark smelling, reminds me of getting Pepsi bubbles/foam in your nose

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Sweet cola, leaning towards a Pepsi scent, you can almost smell the effervescence(!)

    This is a very enjoyable take on cola! I get a sweet cola, nearly Pepsi in flavor, and you can taste and feel the fizzy bubbly as it's named! Finally, a cola with some fizz!! This reminds me of the famous INA Cola (Red), but with added fizz. It's not anywhere near that strong though, it's too bad too because this is a great flavor, but the other has it's disadvantages too, so maybe a good mix of these is in order! Extreme cola fans should mix this starting around 10% at least, probably 12-15% would be a better suggestion to really get the flavor flowing

    Recommended mix - 8-12% + - Extended steeping is not required, nor does it change things very much, rounds out the sweetness a little bit but no drastic changes. The suggested 7% starting point, to me, was very weak, light flavored vapors may enjoy that lower % but I doubt many would. I suggest 10% or above as a starting point. Would be great mixed with your favorite cherry, or with your favorite rum / bourbon as well.

    Overall Rating - 7.5/10 - In general it's a great flavor, but overall this is a very weak concentrate. The concentration needs to be reconsidered, to get good flavor you have to use way too much flavoring on this one compared to many other cola flavorings. I'd give this a 9.5/10 if the concentration was much stronger!

    10. FR-4 - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 8% - 20 drops @ 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Light tobacco leaves, hint of caramel and possibly EM

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Soft undefined leafy scent

    I taste a very light tobacco, no ash and no wood-like flavors. This seems to me to taste just like it's described, a think light cigarette, minus the ash. It is not sweet, nor is it drying to vape. This seems to be a single tobacco, or lighter blend of a few tobaccos, I do not detect any additions such as vanilla, nuts, caramels, EM or sweeteners, etc.

    Recommended mix - 8-10% - Steeping should be done with this flavor, best after 2-3 weeks

    Overall Rating - 7/10 - Tastes as described, thus the higher score yet short description, but tobacco's aren't my thing (Meaning I don't vape them at all) so I can't elaborate very much.

    11. Fresh Coffee - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 8% - 20 drops @ 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Cup of Joe! Coffee, plain and not overly dark

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Light coffee (Not dark), hint of some light woody/twig type scent (Maybe a tobacco?)

    At 8% this tastes like a "thin" light coffee, no cream or sugar. It is not dry, and doesn't taste like burnt coffee nor anywhere near a "Dark" brew, it's almost blonde/unroasted. I'd personally prefer a darker flavor for coffee, and I'm not quite sure more would equate to darker with this flavor. More may work towards that, but based on the current flavor I don't think "Darker" is in it's intended profile, so more probably only means stronger up to a certain point before it tastes bad. Would be perfect mixed with some cream and sugar, but that's just my preference for coffee.

    Recommended mix - 8-10% - I recommended steeping at least 1-2 weeks. It's plain, light coffee, near blonde. Go strong if you are a coffee lover! I'm sure this would mix great with many creams, caramels, chocolates, liquors, and tobaccos.

    Overall Rating - 6.5/10 - Too "unroasted" for me, but gets a few bonus points for being easy to work with and not being burnt tasting.

    12. Fresh Mint - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 8% - 40 drops @ 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Sweet mint and menthol, hint of eucalyptus

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Strong fresh mint with a hint of menthol, followed by very faint hints of sweet eucalyptus

    This is a fairly strong fresh mint, mixed with a light dose of menthol, and an extremely faint hint of eucalyptus. It's on the drier side of vapes, and isn't very sweet, as is the case with many mint/menthols until you mix them with other sweet flavors or add-in your favorite sweetener.

    Recommended mix - 8-10/12%, depending on desired strength. Extended steeping is not required for this flavor

    Overall Rating - 7/10 - Flavor is decent, but I'm not a huge fan of menthol vapes so it's not very exciting for me. Could be mixed with tobaccos and fruits, but it probably wouldn't work very well in chocolate/mint type vapes due to the minor menthol/eucalyptus notes

    13. Funky Pineapple - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 8% - 40 drops @ 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Pineapple explosion, full of pineapple juice, tons of wedges and tidbits, finished with a funky depth that's not easily described (You'll have to taste)

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Pineapple juice, heavy sweetness with a funky tart finish

    Look out Hangsen and Inawera Shisha Pineapples, there's a new contender entering the ring, and I feel it's going to be an easy KO this round!!! Right from the get-go this is a super fresh and stout pineapple, mixed with a heavy dose of sweet pineapple juice, and finally finished off with a blast of funk that makes me think this must be what it's like to breath in a huge stockroom of pineapples in varying stages of ripeness. Unlike many other pineapples I've tried in the past, Molinberry Funky Pineapple's flavor does NOT fade away! Insanely impressive flavor that lasts and lasts, this flavor is hands-down a huge win for any fan of pineapple!

    Recommended mix - 5-10% light/very strong - I'm sure this this would mix nicely with many flavors, multi-fruit mixes, creams, drinks, etc and possibly even with menthol. It's great by itself too, love this! Extended steeping is not required for this flavor, but a few weeks will round it out some, it's good right after the first shake so no need to wait!

    Overall Rating - 9.5/10 - Bam!! This will be your new favorite pineapple, and it's got plenty of funk! As soon as I took my first vape I instantly knew that I'll be ordering the big 100ml as soon as possible!! It's such a real and fresh representation of pineapple, either lightly flavored or mixed strong I'm highly impressed! I'd give it a 12 out of 10 if the overall flavor concentration was higher!

    14. Glamour Chocolate - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 8% - 40 drops @ 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Strong and sweet, heavy German chocolate cake mix smell (Completely mixed, ready to pour), little but of the hot cocoa/pudding mentioned below.

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - German chocolate cake mix, powdered pudding mix, hot cocoa mix, slight nutty hint in the background. Fantastic scent!!!

    This may be the best chocolate flavoring I've ever smelled, tasted or vaped, and it's ready right away! That's especially true when we're talking stand alone flavoring without adding in any vanilla's, butters, creams, chocolates, etc. The main flavor I get from this by itself is just as I described the scent above, a mixture between a German chocolate cake and hot cocoa powder, with a hint of a dollop of pudding mixed in there somewhere. Best chocolate ever, and that's a tough one for vaping as many of you are already well aware of. I'm sure this will mix nicely into many different types of chocolates once you add butter, vanillas, creams, ect depending on what you are looking to transform it into. By itself it's very good, but you immediately know it has so much more potential once you start thinking about mixing it with other flavors.

    Recommended mix - 6-10% - Light or strong, this flavor is easy to use in mixes and leaves a pleasant nutty chocolate room note too! Extended steeping is not required for this flavor, but will round out the profile a little bit and change into a pink hue, but it's at 95% full flavor right after mixing so you don't have to wait!

    Overall Rating - 9.5/10 - Best chocolate ever! It's great by itself, but there's so much potential here you should try it in many different mixes! This would be great mixed into any type of chocolate vape, other dessert vapes, coffees, tobacco's, etc. This chocolate is full of win with a very fitting namesake! Grab a bottle now, you can thank me later!

    15. Ice Mint - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 10% - 50 drops @ 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Light fresh mint, tinge of sweetness

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Extremely light (fresh) minted air

    At 10% this is a smooth vape!! I tastes a good amount of fresh mint along with some Koolada, it's slightly sweet yet dry, and finally it's rounded out with a slight amount of menthol. For a "menthol", this is an easy vape, it's not harsh or exceedingly cold and crushing like many menthols can be. I could imagine people who have been turned off in the past by menthol juices would be able to easily enjoy this as a part-time vape if they were looking to give menthol/cool vapes another try.

    Recommended mix - 8-10% (Starting) if you want extreme cold you'll need a higher %. Extended steeping is not required for this flavor

    Overall Rating - 8/10 - I think this would be a nice mint to mix with fruits, or chocolates, it's not overly cold nor heavily mentholated, so it wouldn't drown out other flavors. Also great by itself!

    16. JD Whiskey - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 6% - 30 drops @ 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Yep, smells like Jack only a bit less dark than the real deal, and not as boozy smelling

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Dark, sweet & boozy, hints of caramel and cocoa(?)

    Like it's namesake, Jack's in there somewhere, overall this is a very true representation of the famous bourbon whiskey! It's hard to describe the flavor of JD, whiskey yet so very special and different than the rest. This flavor is smooth and lightly sweet, with darker whiskey notes but not overly dark, and it's not harsh like some other whiskey flavors. Smooth booze, it makes me want a Jack-N-Coke right now... I'll be back!

    Recommended mix - 8-10% - This is a good starting point for this flavor, head above 10-12% if you want that strong Jack kick. Steeping isn't required here, but a few weeks will round out the flavor edges. This would mix very well with cola, vanillas, coffee, citrus, and many tobaccos!

    Overall Rating - 8/10 - Good overall flavor profile, truly reminds you of Jack!

    17. Malibu Pinacolada - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 7% - 35 drops @ 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Coconut and rum, mixed with sweet and tart pineapple, instantly reminds of you pinacolada

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Pineapple and coconut, with a slightly rum scented background

    I get hints of pineapple, with major tones of sweet creamy coconut and rum. Just like the drink, this is smooth and full of tropical flavor that will have you dreaming of being on a deserted island surrounded by palm trees. Being so smooth and balanced this is a dreamy tropical treat! I'd like to see a tiny bit more pineapple to coconut rum ratio, but that's easily remedied by using a slightly higher percentage, or you could add a little funky pineapple to turn it up.

    Recommended mix - 6-10% - Less pineapple on the lower end, increasing as you raise the percentage. With Molinberry Funky Pineapple, or Palm Coconut, you can easily take this into either direction with a stronger note of coconut or pineapple depending on your tastes (Same applies for Captain Rum if you desire a stronger rum note). Steeping doesn't change the flavor much on this one, maybe a tiny bit smoother after 2-3 weeks.

    Overall Rating - 7.5/10 - Very smooth, and a perfect beginning balance of flavors so that anyone can easily adjust per their taste if needed.

    18. Natural Green Tea - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 5% - 25 drops @ 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Sweet green floral scent, like a pile of fresh tea leaves

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Green tea, with a slight floral background note followed by light fruity pulp-like notes

    I'll start this by saying this is an awesome blender, and makes a great peach tea (used TFA juicy)! This may be the best green tea I've ever had, it's smooth and fresh tasting, crisp and slightly aromatic/floral (light). In the past I've used TFA green tea many times with good outcome, but it's been a while so I'm not 100% sure I remember it's exact flavor profile, but I do know it didn't tastes nearly as fresh and realistic as this Molinberry natural green tea. When I took my first vape on this I was instantly impressed, and immediately mixed up a batch of Peach Tea to steep along-side this one (It didn't last a week). I let this review sample steep though, so these thoughts are after 2.5 weeks based on my early vaped mixed sample, and my final tasting of the plain steeped version. This is perfect green tea, I'm sure all fans of teas will fall in love once they've had a taste!

    Recommended mix - 2-6% - lower end for light teas or users that prefer light vapes, and mix on the upper end for a very strong tea flavor, pick somewhere in the middle when mixing with other flavors such as rose, bergamot, peach, or other teas. I recommend steeping this one at least 2-3 weeks, it smooths out some, and the overall flavor profile changes and brightens up more of the tea nuances.

    Overall Rating - 7.5/10 - Very natural, and easy to work with when blend flavors!

    19. Nut Hazelnut - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 7% - 18 drops @ 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Nutty, fresh hazelnut, no roasted aspect

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Fresh unroasted hazelnut

    This isa fresh, unadulterated hazelnut flavor, very true to the name and just like eating one out right out of the shell. It's not harsh, I'd classify it as very smooth actually. There isn't too much more to elaborate on about this flavor, everyone knows the taste and this one is spot on fresh hazelnut right out of the uncracked bowl of nuts everyone encounters on random coffee tables. Being so fresh, I feel it at least needs some salt, it's too bad we can't easily get a straight salty flavor into our mixes (Maybe chicken ha!). I'd love to see a roasted or toasted hazelnut from Molinberry!

    Recommended mix - 6-8% - This would mix perfectly with chocolates, vanillas, coffees, cookies and other desserts. Steep at least 1-2 weeks so the flavor can round itself out.

    Overall Rating - 8/10 - True realistic flavor, and it's easy to work with

    20. Palm Coconut - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 8% - 20 drops @ 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Creamy, slightly husky coconut, milky sweet background tones

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Slight woody, and creamy coconut, a dreamy soft scent

    This is a smooth coconut, not dry and not overly sweetened (If at all). It is slightly creamy, but not "waxy" or artificial tasting like many end up tasting. There's a very minor background note that seems slightly woody, bringing coconut husks to your mind, it's not invading the flavor profile but more like adding to it making it a perfectly balanced and realistic natural coconut flavor.

    Recommended mix - 7-10% - Would be a perfect addition to any Pinacolada drink mix, and I'm sure it would blend perfectly with many tropical fruits or other alcohol based drinks. I can also see it making a great addition in many bakery recipes, as well as mixing nicely with chocolates, vanillas, and tobaccos. Steep at least 1-2 weeks, this lets the intended flavor profile come forward and blends it all together smoothly.

    Overall Rating - 7.5/10 - Very realistic flavor, a little on the unsweetened side for me but that's easily adjusted.

    21. Pink Lady - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 7% - 35 drops @ 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Mango passion fruit, reminds me of a Tropicana twister juice smells, there's also an intricate "Softness" about the smell, maybe the rose or hibiscus

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Sweet passion fruit, hint of tropical (papaya, pineapple, lychee)

    This is very interesting to me, and I'm not female so that's tough to admit while knowing the name of the flavor! I get passion fruit with a hint of green tea I think, followed with soft hints of lychee and possibly faint pineapple. I have not had a guava vape, so that mixing with the passion fruit may be what's making me think I taste some green tea or the pineapple? I don't noticeably detect any rose or hibiscus, but they may be buried under or mixed into the other flavors to my taste-buds, or I may need to mix higher or lower before I notice those. This isn't overly sweet, but there is a little bit of sweetness factor there, and it does not come off as dry either. The exhaled vapor smell is good too, it fills the room!

    This is a very delicately layered flavor, that provides tons of flavor! I put this into the awesome realm of the famous INA Kaktus, interestingly different while being slightly strange to our taste-buds, yet it's so flavorful and addictive that you keep reaching for it. I think those two flavors would mix very well together, and plan it shortly!

    Recommended mix - 5-7% + - This may even be good by itself at less than that, or higher as well, but 5-7% is a great place to start your testing. Extended steeping is not necessary with this flavor, but 1-2 weeks will allow the flavors to meld together into a more rounded and enjoyable vape.

    Overall Rating - 8.5/10 - Highly recommended, even if you're not a Lady! I think this would mix great with tea flavorings, citrus based, tropical fruits, vanilla's and creams, and would fit perfectly into any "juice" type mixes.

    22. Queen Grapes - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 6% - 30 drops @ 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Sweet dark grape, slight powdery scent, hint of delicate dark wine grapes

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Grape Kool-Aid with subtle darker hints of mysteriousness

    Right after mixing this had a strong flavor profile of dark high quality wine grapes, so I expected that would remain as it steeped, but sadly that faded away. Maybe mixed stronger those notes would remain, I'll have to try that soon and update this afterward! After a few weeks steep, this turned into a light refreshing Kool-Aid type of grape flavor, it's not overly sweet, nor dry, and the flavor profile is not the same taste as grape gum or grape icicles

    Recommended mix - 6% for a lighter flavor if mixing, 8-10% for stronger dominant flavor. I think this would mix well with other fruits, vanillas and creams, cola, mint and menthol, alcohol based drinks, lemonades, and "gummy" flavorings. This flavor is good fresh, and changes when steeped into a different flavor. If you love grapes try it fresh and aged 2-3 weeks, to experience both flavor profiles.

    Overall Rating - 7/10 - Seems like the perfect all-around grape mixer, I can see it mixing with so many other flavors!

    23. Red Cherry - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 6% - 30 drops @ 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Sweet cherry, scent of blended cherries (meaning multiple types, and blender/food processor), faint hit of cherry skin

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Light cherry, tad on the dark side

    Light taste of fruity cherry pulp, or maybe ground up cherries ready for making a pie or preserves. This is a very fresh fruit type flavor, no candy or added sweetness here, only freshness! Also, no cough syrup here like many others tend to lean towards! I'm thinking this would probably be good in a multi-juice mix, or a dessert type flavor, and would probably also go great mixed light with pipe-like or other tobaccos.

    Recommended mix - 6%-10% light/stronger - Steeping isn't required for this flavor, but a good 1-2 weeks will round it out.

    Overall Rating - 5.5/10 - I've had better, and much worse, overall this is pretty good but it's just not the cherry type I prefer when looking for cherry taste. Cherries are a tough one for us vapers, there is many cherry flavor variants and we all will have our likes and dislikes. You've got to try them all though to find the perfect cherry for each of your recipes, and of course, you need a few that you prefer for different types of mixes too. Give it a shot, this may be the one you are looking for to use in one of your mixes.

    24. RY-4 - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 9% - 22 drops @ 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Caramel and blonde tobacco, lightly sweetened scent

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Light tobacco, unsweetened caramel, possible hint of hazelnut(?)

    I taste a light tobacco with a smooth balanced hit of vanilla finished with a hint of unsweetened caramel. It is not drying nor sweet, and there is no ash aspect to the flavor profile. When compared to other RY4's I've tested, this one is no where near as sweet, others I'd equate to almost dessert tobaccos while to me this is very much a vapeable all day non-dessert tobacco. The vanilla smooths the light tobacco, and the hint of unsweetened caramel rounds it all out making a smooth tobacco vape instead of a sweet heavy cloying RY4 type most tend to lean towards.

    Recommended mix - 8-10% - This flavor should definitely be aged, it's best after at least 2-3 weeks minimum. This would make a great starting base for your own customized RY4. You can easily adjust it however you like, more or less caramel, same for vanilla, add some sweetener or AP, etc.

    Overall Rating - 7.5/10 - While I do not enjoy tobacco flavors, I have tried many RY4's, and this one is much more enjoyable to me as it's not heavy and overly sweet like many of the others out there. I find it to be a perfect balance of flavors that should be enjoyable for all tobacco lovers!

    25. Sweet Liquorice - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 7% - 18 drops @ 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Herbal licorice, slight dark sweetness

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Faint licorice, slight sweetness, both almost indiscernible

    This mix is a light one, for me, at 7% with a few weeks steep the flavor has diminished significantly. I tasted this a little when freshly mixed and it was a lot stronger, with a lightly woody and realistic sweetened licorice flavor. It did not taste like the more traditional black jelly bean or mainstream type of grocery store bought types of black licorice.

    Recommended mix - 5-7% if vaped quickly (Within a week), or 10%+ if planning to steep more than a few weeks.

    Overall Rating - 6/10 - Good flavor, but needs to be vaped very quickly before it's rendered unflavored. This would be good with mint or tobacco, but again it would need to be vaped quickly before the licorice notes left the mix.

    26. Sweet Strawberry - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 7% - 18 drops @ 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Soft fresh strawberries, sweet with an almost gum-like scent

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Soft strawberry, very realistic scent

    I have to admit, I have a strawberry problem, meaning almost no strawberry flavors taste good or like strawberry to me. Sadly, this one falls into that category too. It smells great, and others love it that I've had taste, but to me it doesn't taste at all like strawberry (95% of others do not as well so it's just my taste-buds). From this I taste a light undefined fruity taste, with an almost gum like lighter back-note. It's not bad per-say, but it doesn't sit well on my tongue and doesn't remind me of a strawberry at all. As I said though, I know this is just an oddity with my tongue/brain/nose and strawberry flavorings, so don't pass on this one due to my review, listen to what others have to say instead.

    Recommended mix - 5-8% - I'm sure this would be good in multi-fruit mixes, or strawberry cream mixes, for everyone but me :( Steeping does change the flavor profile a little on this, it's smoother and more developed after 2-3 weeks, but still same overall for me.

    Overall Rating - 5/10 - Giving this a 5 due to others I've had taste it, mixed with my negatives. Others that tasted for me like it and gave a 7/8 of 10

    27. USA Mix - (3mg @ 50/50 @ Chemnovatic Base) / 8% - 20 drops @ 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Tobacco, semi-dark, mixed with walnuts. Smell is lightly sweet, reminding me of caramel or brown sugar

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Darker tobacco note with a hint of nutty, light sweetness, slight ashy scent

    This tastes like a medium boldness tobacco to me, it's not overly dark or spicy, and it's not sweet. It's not drying to vape, but is a little on the drier side since it's unsweetened and probably due to me not being a tobacco vaper. Oddly, I don't get as much ash as I thought I detected when smelling the juice, the ash is very light compared to others I've had in the past even when they were very lightly used. I mainly get the full tobacco flavor, mixed with a hint of vanilla and a healthy dose of walnut and maybe another nut too I can't be certain. I think the walnut blends with the light ash making it seem much lighter to me. Overall I think it's the perfect blend of tobacco and walnuts, with a hint of vanilla rounding it out, to me the ash is an afterthought and more buried due to the walnut.

    Recommended mix - 7-10% This flavor should be aged at least 2-3 weeks or more for the full flavor profile to become present. Would make a great starting base to any tobacco recipe!

    Overall Rating - 7.5/10 - Spot on with it's flavor description

    While these flavors may be less concentrated than what Inawerashop previous offered, most are still fully flavored once mixed near the suggested amounts. Some may be refined at a later date, after more testing and reviews come in, but Marcelina has told me that they generally will try to maintain the current concentrations as this will keep the flavor profiles clean and unadulterated. Keeping the current concentrations also helps keep the price lower for customer! This was one of my most discussed topics with them about these flavors, and I think their biggest desire was to keep the flavors clean and clear without having to add in more chemicals to increase/alter the flavor profiles and concentrations, and to me this shows they really care about customers health.

    With the upcoming ready to vape e-liquids, and the always welcomed "ohh, new flavor to try" addiction us DIY mixers have, I'm sure Molinberry will soon be a big hit for Inawerashop!

    Some of my favorites from this round of testing are American Bubble Gum, Big Watermelon, Funky Pineapple, Glamour Chocolate, Natural Green Tea, and Pink Lady, with an honorable mention to Fizzy Cola

    Thanks to Marcelina @ [​IMG] for gracing me with samples. It's always a pleasure talking with you and testing flavors, and I look forward to a bright future for Molinberry!

    To my fellow ECF DIY mixers, please feel free to post your Molinberry thoughts here too if you want. I plan to keep updating this with new flavor reviews as they are ready, so feel free to add your own too!
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  2. Mr.Mann

    Mr.Mann ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 30, 2011
    All over the place
    You and I had the close to the exact same experience with Big Watermelon. Man, if all DIYing could be as easy as that one to get right!!!!! Thanks for taking the time to do this.
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  3. Aurora-Oblivion

    Aurora-Oblivion Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 18, 2012
    Isle of the Wizards
    Thanks, very interesting that it tastes the same for both of us! Maybe everyone will get that same reaction? :)

    It's a great flavor, and is definitely going into my first purchase of 100ml bottles when I get around to it. Did you try the Glamour Chocolate yet? I'm dying to hear others opinions on it because chocolates aren't usually easy to get a good flavor from for many people.
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  4. salemgold

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    Supporting member
    Jul 5, 2010
    South Carolina
    Hey, AO! Great in depth reviews and good to see you again ;)
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  5. Aurora-Oblivion

    Aurora-Oblivion Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 18, 2012
    Isle of the Wizards
    Hey salemgold, thanks, and nice to see you too! I always smile when I see you/Carrie, wonder why? :)
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  6. whiteweazel21

    whiteweazel21 Senior Member

    Jan 16, 2015
    I ordered from Molinshop, mostly nicotine and flavors. I had a great experience, and will order a couple more flavors based on the above review. I still need to find some way to thank Marcelina!

    Fast shipping and really takes care of her customers! I've yet to try the nicotine/flavors but will be sure to write my thoughts somewhere once I do.

    Thanks again,
    Michael Kowalski
  7. Aurora-Oblivion

    Aurora-Oblivion Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 18, 2012
    Isle of the Wizards
  8. Aurora-Oblivion

    Aurora-Oblivion Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 18, 2012
    Isle of the Wizards
    Round Two @ 10 New Flavors

    Hardware Used - eGo Twists & Spinner II's 1100/1600 (3.4-3.9V) / FT Mini RDA (setup w/ silica - 30ga @ 1.4 Ohms), and 2 x Mini Davide BCC (30ga @ 1.6-1.8 Ohms w/ cotton)

    Flavoring Percentage - Flavoring percents will be noted with each flavors review as they vary, initial flavoring ratios were chosen based on notes provided in the flavor descriptions.

    Steeping Period - Varied - After an initial taste 2-3 days post-mix, samples were then aged to at least 14 days and up to 28 days (Mixed 2-25-15, tasted 2-28 through 3-25)

    Nicotine Base Used - Chemnovatic VPG Base @ 50/50

    Nicotine Level - 6mg/ml was used in all testing

    1. Creamy Cake - 7% - 18 drops @ 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Cake, light sweet icing, hint of berry

    E-liquid aroma in bottle (aged) - Sweet icing, very light cake notes with a hint of berry

    Aged E-liquid Color - Light pink

    Overall this is a sweet flavor, light vanilla and cake, with something else I can't define in the background. At this percentage, to me, it seems "thin" and lacking in depth. I would prefer the "cake" aspect to be stronger, but that's probably only my personal preferences. I think this would mix well with certain fruit flavors, nuts and coffee, and chocolates, all to make various flavored cakes.

    Recommended mix - 8-10%

    Overall Rating - 6.5/10 - Needs more cake, for my tastes.

    2. Creamy Vanilla - 7% - 18 drops @ 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Sweet light toned Vanilla, cream

    E-liquid aroma in bottle (aged) - Very light vanilla notes with a faint creaminess

    Aged E-liquid Color- Light brown with faint orange tinge

    A sweet, smooth, and creamy vanilla. This is a light vanilla flavor, almost custard like with slight icing tones, it does not carry any dark or woody notes. This would be a great mixer for dessert or fruit flavors, and would mix well with nut flavors and light tobacco's too.

    Recommended mix - 7-8%

    Overall Rating - 7.5/10 - Could be a great sweet vanilla mixer for many users!

    3. Easy Lemon - 7% - 18 drops @ 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Lemon, candy-like sweet note, a hint of mint

    E-liquid aroma in bottle (aged) - Light lemon, hint of lime and mint

    Aged E-liquid Color - Crystal clear

    I tested this at 7%, then 10%, then cut that in half for 5%, and do not get anymore than a hint of lemon at 10%. The lemon flavor I do get at 10% reminded me of a light lemon water, with slight hint of mint and an even lighter hint of powdered candy notes (indicating to me 10% is probably too much). I tested on several devices and drippers, all giving the same lack of flavor for me so I can only assume this is some fluke with this flavor and my taste-buds. This has to be a personal issue because I know others have enjoyed this and of course reported tasting lemon. Or possibly this is the desired laid-back & light flavor, due to the name Easy Lemon?

    Recommended mix - 7-9%

    Overall Rating - 1.5/10 - Sadly, I think this flavor doesn't get along with my taste-buds?

    4. Juicy Orange - 7% - 18 drops @ 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Fresh squeezed glass of orange juice, with a hint of Tang

    E-liquid aroma in bottle (aged) - Orange juice

    Aged E-liquid Color - Crystal clear

    At this percent the taste is a very soft orange flavor that's hard for me to define as either candy or fresh, slightly both yet neither at the same time. The softness provided is very unique, I have not felt this effect with any other flavor before, and it's not soft feeling because of lack of flavor, it's very hard to define but it's a very distinct effect.

    Recommended mix - 7-10%

    Overall Rating - 7.5/10 - Would get higher rating if it was more concentrated

    5. Melt Caramel - 7% - 18 drops @ 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Semi-dark sweetness, buttery light caramel

    E-liquid aroma in bottle (aged) - Sweet and light caramel, hints of buttery tones

    Aged E-liquid Color - very light beige/manilla

    Light and sweet, very smooth. It's not a heavy caramel, nor is it as darkly flavored as you might expect. I would class this as a caramel flavor that tastes how caramel candy would taste towards the middle of the candy making process to becoming a caramel, hopefully that's understandable to those that have never made caramel. This flavor has an enjoyable aroma to it, but for me it feels like it's lacking some body, that mainly applies to thinking of it being a stand alone flavor. However, as it is I feel it would be a great mixer with tobacco's or nut's and many desserts.

    Recommended mix - 6-9%

    Overall Rating - 7/10 - It's decent to me, but not all that I'd expect from a caramel, still will make a great blending flavor for many liquids.

    6. Mexican Cactus - 7% & 10% - 18 & 25 drops @ 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Beautiful aloe-like cactus scent similar to a light floral pear

    E-liquid aroma in bottle (aged) - Light aloe-cactus-like notes, no floral or pear notes

    Aged E-liquid Color - Crystal clear

    Decent flavor level at 7%, it's on the light side, but not too light that you'd have to add more in order to fell it's fully flavored. This is a very interesting flavor, I'd imagine that fruit and floral lovers both would enjoy cactus type flavors. I get a flavor similar to very light pear mixed with a lightly floral aloe. This one is lighter on the floral aspect than other cactus type flavors I've tried, and also less sweet overall, and it's very smooth too. I find it's very hard to describe cactus vapes and I've had a few to compare in my mind and am still left struggling to find words to describe the flavor. If you enjoy fruits or floral type vapes, then I highly suggest you try out a few cactus flavorings, I'm sure you'll be surprised and find them enjoyable. I think this would be a great multi-fruit mixer, and would go well in tropical drink vapes too!

    Recommended mix - 7-10%

    Overall Rating - 8.5/10 - Cactus is great, I highly suggest trying a bottle in your next order!

    7. Milkshake - 5% - 12 drops @ 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Creamy milk notes with a dark sweetness, possibly a hint of light coconut

    E-liquid aroma in bottle (aged) - Light milky tones

    Aged E-liquid Color - Light pink

    I have tested this flavor at 2.5-10%, and it holds itself up well at each of those levels. This is a thick and creamy shake flavor, and I feel it provides a great flavor for mixing. For my preferences it's a little dry, and very unsweetened for being a milkshake, so please add a sweetener of your choice when using, or mix with another flavor that can provide sweetness. The description for this flavor includes butterscotch, but I've never been able to taste butterscotch at any level, only a creamy vanilla shake. Maybe it's just my taste-buds again, I tested on cotton and silica and at different ohms, same results no butterscotch for me.

    Recommended mix - 3-10% light mixer/strong main

    Overall Rating - 7/10 - Can be a great blending flavor!

    8. Nectar Peach - 7% - 18 drops @ 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - A bushel of ripe peaches, soft and fuzzy!

    E-liquid aroma in bottle (aged) - Bag of fresh peaches from the local farmers market!

    Aged E-liquid Color - Crystal clear

    Soft and succulent, providing a mouthful of fresh peach flesh enveloped with fuzzy peach skin. This is moderately sweet, I would class it as a natural sweetness that isn't cloying. This does not travel into the peach schnapps territory like some of the "Juicy Peach" flavors from other vendors tend to remind me of, it's as strong and full flavored as those types, but never reaches that level to reminding me of drinking schnapps as a teenager. Would make a great fruit mixer, or would be a perfect base for a fruit dessert such as danish, cakes, or even milkshakes.

    Recommended mix - 6-8%

    Overall Rating - 9/10 - This peach is rockin!

    9. Panna Cotta - 7% - 18 drops @ 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - General custard-like scent, light coconut milk, butter

    E-liquid aroma in bottle (aged) - Faint buttery custard-like notes

    Aged E-liquid Color - Light pink, tinge of orange

    I'm not sure how to review this flavor, the taste to me is strange. I've never has Panna Cotta, so I have nothing to compare it with. I taste some type of thick custard-like note up front, quickly dipped in butter, with light notes of indistinct berry. To me the flavors don't seem like they should be combined, I'm not sure if it's the custard like flavor, or the buttery aspect, or a combination of those two, but it just doesn't seem to me like a well combined flavor. I assume this might be enjoyable to some users, but for me this isn't anything like I imagined and is not a palatable flavor.

    Recommended mix- 5-8%

    Overall Rating - 4/10 - Useable as a light blender only for me, but still may be good for others because I think I have strange taste-buds.

    10. Shape Up Pear - 7% - 18 drops @ 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Strong pear, faint banana-like scent

    E-liquid aroma in bottle (aged) - Sweet soft pear, fresh fruit not candy

    Aged E-liquid Color - Crystal clear

    Fresh! Smooth and sweet, this is a great representation of a fresh pear! The overall flavor is very natural tasting, you can taste the fruit pulp and a little bit of the pear skin as well. I imagine this would be good for some at 5% or lower possibly, while others may enjoy it strong at 8-10%. I think this could easily be used as a base for a multi-fruit mix, desserts like a danish, and would probably be good in some alcohol drinks types too.

    Recommended mix - 5-8%

    Overall Rating - 8/10 - Awesome fresh pear, if you enjoy pears then I suggest picking up a bottle of Shape Up Pear to add to your collection!
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  9. Jimi D.

    Jimi D. ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Oct 26, 2010
    Florida Keys
    Splendid reviews as always. :) Try the Creamy Cake at 8% for more cake notes. I mixed it 25/65/10 pg vg water 6 mg. Super T 26650 VapeWell RDA dual 5 wrap dual .6 ohm 2 strands of 2 mm silica. Just amazing cake flavor :)
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  10. Aurora-Oblivion

    Aurora-Oblivion Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 18, 2012
    Isle of the Wizards
    Thank you thank you Jimi!! :thumb:

    And thanks for the advice on cake, I planned to trying 8-10% on the cake to see how it would improve, haven't had a chance to get there yet but I will soon!

    I actually wish I could be more articulate when writing, but it's so difficult to sit and describe vapor flavors though without sounding like your making up some extravagant thoughts about flavored air :ohmy: :D :laugh:
  11. Papillon61

    Papillon61 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 22, 2015
    Sunshine Isle
    Great reviews AO - I've gone by your ratings for my order. Now what we need are some mixtures from you :) Thanks for the great write-up,
  12. Aurora-Oblivion

    Aurora-Oblivion Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 18, 2012
    Isle of the Wizards
    Thanks Papillon61! :thumbs:

    I've posted some mixes for a contest we had over at the Molinshop forums, nothing killer good though as I tend to vape simple juices a lot of the time, or maybe I spend too much time testing flavors leaving me no time lately to create anything worthy of sharing. I have a different user name there, I'd like to change it here too as AO is too long but I'm not sure how easy that gets done here, anyway you'll find me over there from the reviews then look in the DIY recipe section for my posts :)

    I do have one recipe I plan to post here soon, but it's with other brands of flavors. If you like menthol type vapes let me know and I'll try to remember to PM you when I get around to posting it (It's lemon/menthol/honey mix)
  13. Auxx

    Auxx Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 20, 2014
    Zvejniekciems, Latvia
    I have tried ten of their flavours and I like them. Their main difference from other flavourings is that they produce complex taste with many notes by themselves. This is great! But their main issue is long steeping time. Unless you steep them for at least ten days, your mixes will be totally unvapeable. Well, that's the price you pay for great flavourings :)
  14. Aurora-Oblivion

    Aurora-Oblivion Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 18, 2012
    Isle of the Wizards
    You are right Auxx, many of them do benefit from a good 2-3 weeks or longer steeping, but I haven't came across any that were terrible without steeping.

    Some definitely do need and better after a good steep, but none to me "have to" be or it's unvapeable like you mentioned..

    Which flavors did you try that made you feel that way? Maybe too much flavorings or something like that?
  15. Auxx

    Auxx Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 20, 2014
    Zvejniekciems, Latvia
    I have tried ten flavours, including green apple, pink lady, sharp black currant and others. They all taste the same to me before proper steeping. I tried them with PG, VG and nicotine from different manufacturers and results are the same. I have mixed test batches at 24 drops per 10ml which should be about 7-8%.

    I know that alcohol based flavourings need to be aired before vaping, but the base of these flavourings doesn't taste like ethyl alcohol. It tastes like hell to me :)

    But I'm ok with steeping and it looks like airing helps too. They are very good in mixes, because they instantly add complexity and make everything feel premium, hehe.

    P.S. Melty Caramel tastes exactly like soft caramel candies available here in Latvia, but not as sweet, I like it!

    Creamy cake tastes like on of the cakes available here too, which looks exactly like the one on the picture on the bottle. It is made with raw cocoa and has bitter and sour notes of cocoa.
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  16. Aurora-Oblivion

    Aurora-Oblivion Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 18, 2012
    Isle of the Wizards
    Maybe not enough flavoring then, if you intended 7-8%. That would be 35-40 drops from the original Molinshop flavoring bottles, those bottles are usually 50-60 drops per ml.

    24 drops per 10ml would be 4%, and would taste basically flavorless for many of them and may be why you said they all taste the same. I could see how a long steep would be needed if only that small amount of flavoring was used. Except for Pink Lady, it's VERY strong, so 4% would probably be plenty of flavor right at the time of mixing for that one. I can't advise on the other two flavors you mentioned, I don't have either those.

    I do not believe they are suspended in alc, I think it's PG mainly. I can ask for you if you want, if so let me know?
  17. Auxx

    Auxx Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 20, 2014
    Zvejniekciems, Latvia
    They taste the same at first and this is very harsh and unpleasant taste. I will measure drops this evening.
  18. Aurora-Oblivion

    Aurora-Oblivion Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 18, 2012
    Isle of the Wizards
    What all other flavors do you have? Sorry Pink Lady is the only one you mentioned I have, it shouldn't be harsh freshly mixed.

    What PG level do you use, and what Nic mg/ml? Just ask for comparison to what I use and have tested these flavors at. What Ohms are you vaping too, that matters a lot with some flavors? I've only used these at 1.4-1.8ohm

    I use usually use 50 drops per ml in the calculators for these, most bottles average 50-55 per ml for me

    I meant to mention before and forgot, you can ask Marcelina here about the flavors carrier Alc or PG. I do think it's mainly PG though, but some may have a little VG and Alc too.

    You may just have the 10 flavors that need a little steeping before they taste good? They shouldn't all be like that for you though, I've tried many of them and only found a few that needed it and that was only needed to improve the flavor better over it's fresh mixed taste (Which was still good too, the ones I liked I mean)

    At least you like some of them, so that's a plus. They maybe just have to be steeped a week or so for your tastes, we're all different of course :) It shouldn't be the norm though, and I'd hope they aren't all like that for you at proper suggested percentages.
  19. Auxx

    Auxx Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 20, 2014
    Zvejniekciems, Latvia
    The flavourings I have: Epic Vanilla, Melty Caramel, Natural Green Tea, Creamy Cake, Soft Banana, Green Apple, Shape Up Pear, Pink Lady, Charlie Tobacco, Sharp Blackcurrant.

    PG, VG and nico I tried them with comes from three sources: Chefs Vapour, Cloud House Vapor and Molinshop (Chemnovatic).

    I mixed the flavourings in Max VG 0 nic (VG + flavouring), 70/30 VG/PG 3mg and 50/50 6mg.

    I tried them in the following tanks: KFL2+, Goblin, Kraken. RDAs: Plume Veil, Zenith, Igo W, Derringer.

    Builds vary wildly: single micro-coils, dual micro-coils, parallel, Clapton, Fused Clapton coils. Resistances vary from 0.25 Ohms to 1.1 Ohms. Wattages vary from 10 to 60W.

    As you can see, I take tasting very serious, haha. And they ALL taste exactly the same, extremely harsh and unpleasant, unless steeped properly. And without actual flavour at all. But once steeped they are pretty cool, vaping green tea right now and enjoying it :) I like all of them except for creamy cake. It is very realistic to the cake sold here and I passionately hate this cake, haha. So it is not the issue with the flavouring itself.

    If you can, ask them what can be the reason for that. I might be sensitive to some base component found in all of them.

    I'm already working on several recipes with them and beta testing across 12 vapers went good this Saturday, everyone loved black currant and soft banana mix with cream (cream flavourings from different manufacturer).
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  20. Aurora-Oblivion

    Aurora-Oblivion Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 18, 2012
    Isle of the Wizards
    Thanks for the list, I'll give ya my short thoughts on required steeping or not per flavor

    Epic Vanilla - Needs steeping for best flavor, but shouldn't be harsh day 1 (have tested at time of mix, and 1, 2, 3 days as early examples)

    Melty Caramel - Needs steeping for best flavor, but shouldn't be harsh day 1 (have tested at time of mix, and 1, 2, 3 days as early examples)

    Natural Green Tea - Great from time of mix, does not need steeping but is VERY strong 2-3% is plenty (10-15 drops), you may even enjoy less than that %

    Creamy Cake - Needs steeping for best flavor, at least 2-3 weeks, but shouldn't be harsh day 1 (have tested at time of mix, and 1, 2, 3 days as early examples)

    Shape Up Pear - Needs steeping for best flavor, but shouldn't be harsh day 1 (have tested at time of mix, and 1, 2, 3 days as early examples)

    Pink Lady - Does not need steeping, flavor really never changes, rounds out a little after a few weeks but that's very minimal change

    Charlie Tobacco - Needs steeping for best flavor, 4-5 weeks, but shouldn't be harsh day 1 (have tested at time of mix, and 1, 2, 3 days as early examples)

    Have not used - Soft Banana, Green Apple, Sharp Blackcurrant.

    Since you do not use high PG, it may all be about the lower ohms you use? Build up a single coil in something that you know hits decent with a single coil just for this testing real quick, and make it about 1.5-1.7ohms using 3.3-3.7v and test a flavor you know was harsh before and see if it's smooth that way. Ohms is the only thing coming to mind that might make them harsh for you that I see. I use 50/50 or higher VG usually, but have tested some of these in 70PG (Kind harsh there for me, but that's just due to PG)

    I think the harsh aspect may be the ohms/build, but as for the flavor all tasting the same to you, that may be due to the ohms too but what I really was thinking was the drops per ml you mentioned, that's very light for many of these so I could see them tasting the same to me at that % too (Like air/nothing I suspect :))
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