Mooch’s 21700 Cell Recommendations

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May 13, 2015
Here are my recommendations based on the results of my testing:


Choose the power level closest to where you will use your cells and then see which cells performed best for me. There aren’t huge differences between them all and when there are two cells for my #1, #2, or #3 choice it means they performed essentially the same as each other, choose either one.

These are merely my personal choices and there are no guarantees that these cells will perform for you the way they did for me. If you want to know about other cells I have tested check out my ratings tables:

18650: 18650 Battery Ratings Table | E-Cigarette Forum

20700/21700: 20700/21700 Battery Ratings | E-Cigarette Forum

I hope to have some updated 18650 recommendations soon.
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