Mothers Milk WTA (Bold & Chucks Red Hot Sinn)

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Feb 23, 2014
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This is my first ever ejuice review btw.

Here is the website first off. Go check it out.
Whole-Tobacco-Alkaloids-WTA-Nicotine-Nornicotine-Anabasine-Anatabine WTA e-Liquid Bulk WTA e-Liquid

I won 2 small bottles from a contest.
I was sent the Bold and Chucks Red Hot Sinn.
I got 24mg in one and 18mg in the other.

Ill start with the Bold. It was my favorite out of the two.
This was my first time trying a WTA ejuice too. It had a good tobacco flavor. It also had a little spice to it in my opinion which I liked. Its not a way overpowering taste but still good a vape. Pretty good throat hit as well. I would recommend trying it.

Next, Chucks Red Hot Sinn, this flavor smelled good from the bottle. You can really smell the cinnamon. This was my first cinnamon flavor ejuice too. I tried it a few different times and each time I couldn't vape it for that long. I feel like I can taste the Bold flavor mixed with the cinnamon. I am not saying its a bad ejuice/flavor but cinnamon is just not for me. It reminds me of those red hot candies. I just think the cinnamon was a bit to strong for my liking. But if you like ejuices that taste like red hot candies or that big red cinnamon gum you might enjoy this.

Thanks, if you have any more questions let me know.
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