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Mount Baker Vapor Juice Help Anyone?

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Jan 27, 2014
HI all so i bought 4 different bottles from them that are suppose to be menthol but they all taste like a hauls cough drop... I bought menthol, menthol ice, 555 menthol, usa menthol as that is what they said would be close to a menthol cig but again they all tasted very bad and like hauls cough drops last time i had a reg cig i don't recall inhaling hauls cough drop lol. I did leave them out and shake daily for 3wks and all that did was make it worse.

I like all of halo menthols, v2 menthol, green smoke menthol, and apollo classic menthol. but they all cost a lot i would like to find a menthol from mt baker does it exist or what?

i think my fav is halo kringle cruise and there menthol.

Anyone vaping mt baker juice care to chime in?


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Apr 23, 2011
Boston MA
If they all strike you like that I don't think you will find your menthol joy there. Most vendors source their flavorings from the same place. It minght be variations on menthol with the addition of other flavoring, but chances are all their menthol blends will have the same basic flavor. In so many words, if you didn't like four of them you most likely aren't going to like another four more.

You may want to locate the most basic of all things: Dekang menthol. It's a "straight shot" menthol flavor and that's all it is. For something more complex make up a five bottle 6 ml sampler of your own from The Vapor Room. To me it's real menthol stuff. If you want something more complex try out their Port Menthol. (Think NewPort...) It's a strong menthol with a tobacco flavor in the background.
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