My 5 fav Mods from low to high Watt (w/ product spec + online coupon)

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Dec 28, 2015
    I have been asked very many times that which mod I like the most, which mod has the highest cp rate, even which mod looks most fashionable. No matter how many times I have answered those questions, there aint any absolute answer for me. It purely depends on what the key feature you prefer is: a higher output, or a tc fx, or smaller size, or cheaper price etc. So here is my suggestion to all of you who are thinking of purchasing a new mod.

    1. Decide the Watt range first (Low: 50W or below; Mid: 60-100W; High: above 100W)

    2. Then select one or two of other key mod features

    3. Then price.

    Why do I put price at the last place? Coz I think for a real vaper a best mod is simply invaluable.

    Frankly, I do not own, or even know, all ecig mods, but as a quite experienced vaper, I have seen too many cases that a consumer doesn’t like the mod he has just bought for many reason and says the company cheat him by selling bad products. I would like to point out that there is nothing called a bad mod, just it doesn’t fit your personal selecting criteria. (Ecig companies are far better when compared to that in other industries) That’s why it is most important to think, systematically, that what you really want before looking for a new mod.

    Let me start from the low Watt:

    Joyetech Upgraded eGrip 20W


    Simple but stylish design

    Functionally user-friendly

    Nice OLED screen


    Variable wattage from 8-20w

    Built-in atomizer (3.6ml)

    Two modes of atomizer, RBA mode and regular atomizer mode

    OLED screen to show parameters of your device

    Airflow control system

    360 degree regulation for wattage

    Large battery capacity: 1500mAh

    Vaping while charging

    Resistance: 1.5ohm

    Battery capacity: 1500mAh

    Atomizer capacity: 3.6ml

    iSmoka Eleaf iStick 50W


    Extremely tiny size for a 50W mod

    Changeable skin in many stylish colors (Black, White, Clear, Blue, Purple, Rose etc)

    Temperature alarm

    Side charging port


    Voltage range: 2.2-7.0 V

    Wattage range: 5.0-50 W

    Allowed resistance range: 0.5-5.0 Ohm

    4400mAh battery capacity

    OLED screen to display Vaping seconds, Atomizer resistance, Output wattage, Output voltage and Battery level

    Lock & Unlock: Press the Up and Down buttons at the same time for 3 seconds to lock/unlock the output wattage or voltage

    10 seconds protection, the device will stop firing if the fire button is held for 10 seconds without any stop

    Micro USB charging port

    Capacity: 4400mAh

    For the mid Watt:

    Joyetech eVic-VTC Mini 75W


    TC mod

    Cute design

    Extremely tiny size for a 75W mod

    Upgradable firmware (Watt upgrade as well, 60W -> 75W)

    Bright and clear screen


    4 modes: Temp Ni, Temp Ti, Power & Bypass

    Output wattage: 1-75W

    Temperature range: 100-315℃ or 200-600°F

    Allowed resistance range: 0.05-1.0 ohm for Temp Ti & Ni modes, 0.1-3.5 ohm for Power & Bypass mode

    Big OLED display to show parameters

    Powered by single replaceable 18650 battery (sold separately)

    Magnetic battery cover

    Micro USB port & can be charging while vaping

    Over 10 second protection

    For the high Watt:

    Wismec Reuleaux RX200


    TC mod

    Upgradable firmware

    Nice looking

    Long battery life


    Triple 18650 batteries platform (batteries sold separately)

    Full temperature control, supports Ni200, Ti & SS wires

    Four working modes: TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/VW mode

    Wattage range: 1-200W

    Temperature range: 100-300°C/200-600°F

    Allowed resistance range: 0.05-1.0ohm for TC modes; 0.1-3.5ohm for VW mode

    0.69 inch OLED display to show parameters

    Upgradeable firmware

    Magnetic battery cover

    Onboard reverse polarity protection

    Can be charged via the micro USB port

    KangerTech KBox 200W


    TC mod

    Smallest size for 200W

    Extremely light body


    Variable wattage: 7-200W

    Temperature control: 200-600°F (support Ni, Ti, SS & Nicr)

    Supports 0.05ohm or above

    Powered by dual replaceable 18650 battery (excluding)

    OLED display to show parameters

    Micro USB charging port

    Spring-loaded center pin

    Compact size

    Where to buy?

    I own 4 of the above 5 mods and all of them were bought through a same ecig online store Health Cabin. They provide very much and updated information about all kinds of ecig products. They do impress me as that have quite good service quality too. Every time I have some enquiries about the products I just ask them directly and they can reply me instantly or in hours. Another reason I recommend Health Cabin here is its coupon page and discount code always works! (though I put price as my last selection criterion, a small, sometimes big, discount can really drive me!!!)

    Health Cabin online coupon / discount (still work):

    The 3% off should be useful for mod as I think any quality mod would exceed $50. Of course if you find any other useful coupon you can use that discount code.

    Vapers please feel free to leave any content about your fav mod here.
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    Jan 13, 2016
      hi David. juz thinkin' of buying a low wattage new mod for long term use. egrip or istick wud u perfer? (in terms of durability & overall performance) more simple wud be fine.
      thx for ur coupon link as well, bro, though a 3% discount isnt that much for many of u, for me its still useful.
      one more question, how long does the shipping of health cabin usually takes? thx bro.


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      Apr 3, 2015

        Thank you for this, I'm often in the market for new Mod's, and it can be confusing.

        I'd never looked at it that way, you set it out so well.

        Some people give advise that ca be so ambiguous as to be confusing, but when I read your three point plan it really helped.

        Particularly point 2. "Then select one or two of other key mod features."

        While grammatically this comes across a gibberish, after contemplating the meaning for 0.004 milliseconds I realised the genius of your method.

        Thank you.
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