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My journey to Mega Ego Carto, and back

Discussion in 'Cartomizer Reviews' started by gamedemon, Jul 23, 2010.

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  1. gamedemon

    gamedemon Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 3, 2010
    Hello All... I have not ever posted a review, but wanted to post this as I now have 7 months experience with vaping under my belt...

    I ran into a smoke51 Kiosk at the mall. The guy convinced me to take a hit. I did.... I was AMAZED ! I was ready to buy one until he told me the price... I told him I would be back, but that the price was too high.

    I came back home and decided to search online. I looked everywhere for something that looks exactly like a cigarette. I ordered a Blu, continued browsing, and then I found this forum...

    Before the Blu even arrived, I also ordered a 510 kit based on the reviews on this forum, and the fact that the Blu was taking forever to ship. They both arrived the same day ! I tired both for a couple of days, and quickly realized that the 510 was my preference. The Blu went into seclusion ! The key though was that the day the both showed up (january 6th) I did not even crave a cigarette !

    So my journey with the 510, a PCC, about 20 atomizers and a whole bunch of liquid was GREAT ! IT was a pain filling the carts. I tried a whole bunch of methods and fillers, and settled on the straw with blue foam plug... I had a little case that carried 16 filled cars, and extra Atty and 3 510 batteries. I was a constant vaper, and I needed to carry 4 charged batteries all the time. I would go through about 10 carts a day and would refill them at night.

    Then the eGo came by... It was love at first sight ! I LOVED IT ! The battery lasted all day. I only had to carry one eGo in my case and the other one in my hand... Vapor was AWESOME, warm (cone made a big difference for me) Battery was great, and I realized that a Mod is fine and things did not have to look like a cigarette anymore ! The eGo simply rocked my world... I bought another kit, and used it for like 3 months... But I was getting tired of the constant Cart refilling, leaks, and all the crap I had to carry around to fill the darn thing.....

    Again, being an ECF addict, I decided.. what the heck. looks like the Mr. Puffer will solve all these problems.. a box mod, with longer battery life. Autofeeder with the squeeze of a trigger. the Mr. Puffer and I never got along... from the finicky switch that worked only when it felt like it, the hard to squeeze bottle, and the little hose that always came off in my pocket... We were just not meant to get along. It worked great when it worked... just never consistent.... I was still on the quest for trouble free vaping... The convenience and peace of mind of a cigarette.

    So one day I said... what the heck...I should try the KR 808 from V4L. just maybe it could make life easier since the Cartomizers are claimed to last longer ! So I ordered a Kit from V4L with the XL batteries and premium empty cartos.. WOW again. The Cartos were AWESOME... I went through 3 a day, and the batteries from V4L lasted me for a solid 3-4 hours. so now I carried 2 batteries, 3 cartos and went off all day vaping... I missed the feel of my eGo... But I could not pass up on the lack of messy leaks, constant refill of the 510 carts.. I loved it.. I was a KR808 junky now with over 50 Premium cartos on hand and 8 XL batteries... but still there was something missing... the refilling was annoying !

    Again, one day on ECF I see the Wetbox.. Since I had the 14500 batteries and chargers from the Mr. Puffer days, the Premioum V4L cartos, I figured it would be worth a try... I ordered one.. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWWOWOWOW... I am in love... I mean this thing lasted ALL day and night, had an on off switch so I can safely carry it in my pocket, no hoses, easy bottle squeeze, and did not have to carry extra parts. I had to fill the bottle once every 36 hours.. it took me 45 seconds. So I ordered another Wtbox as a backup, then a back up for the backup, and finally another backup for the backup backup Wetbox. yes.. I am OCD ! So I was very content with the wetbox.. but I still loved the feel of my eGo.

    The the mega cartos arrive for the eGo... Brilliant ! a cart large enough to last all day, a battery that I know lasts all day, and the wonderful feel of the eGo ! So I went ahead and ordered a pack of 5...

    I put my dusty eGo batteries on the charger. I followed the instructions, removed the 2 caps, pocked a whole, and filled 2 MLs.. Vaped. WOW.. This is not bad at all... not messy, nice vapor, and ooooooh the ever nice feel of holding my eGo... life was great again, until I had to refill... what a pain in the neck... Leaking... burning taste, and I had to carry "special" tools to refill... and then more leaking.. Nope... Was not worth it...

    Back to the trusty WetBox.. which in my opinion is the best Mod out there for the most convenience. Especially with the V4L premium cartos... do not order the Cool cartos, as the hole is too small and the draw becomes very hard since the needle will occupy most of the space in the hole !

    So this is my vaping journey folks.. just my opinion as well !
  2. gamedemon

    gamedemon Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 3, 2010
    Holy cow.. I did not realize that I wrote a novel... Sorry... Cliff notes... In search of great vapor with reliability and no mess:

    Blu -> 510 -> ego -> Mr Puffer -> V4L -> WetBox with V4L Premium cartos-> eGo with Mega Cartos -> WetBox with V4l Premium cartos..

    The WetBox rocks
  3. cos

    cos Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 22, 2009
    St Petersburg Florida
    hey i think ya did a great job. Very well done. Hope the new people read your review and maybe learn something. Happy Vaping to you
  4. The Wiz

    The Wiz ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Feb 14, 2009
    Whiskeyville USA
    gamedemon.........I had the same thing happen to me. I have found out since that you should'nt add as much liquid to the second re-fill. I usually add just under 1.5ml on the re-fill and generally there is no leakage. I also divide the amount between the left and right side of the carto and a smaller amount straight down the middle. The burning taste may have been from dryness and some of the filler was singed. As soon as I notice a drop off in flavor I re-fill and everything is a go.

    Don't give up on these so soon.....They really work once you get the hang of them!

    :)The Wiz!
  5. sanfordf

    sanfordf Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I enjoyed reading about your tale/evolution. I'm sure many, if not all, have some tales to tell. Some not quite as fortunate as you. A lot of great changes this year!
  6. BiancaMontgomery

    BiancaMontgomery SQUIRREL! Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Jan 27, 2010
    North Carolina
    Dang you for making want a wetbox! ;) I'm currently very happy with my eGo, but I appreciate where you're coming from and ejoyed reading your post. :)
  7. 5cardstud

    5cardstud ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 1, 2010
    Well I got a Buzz ana an adjustable voltage mod I made I use all the time with cartos. I just ordered the ego cartos to put on them and I'm waiting on delivery. I sure hope I have better luck. Oh and that is an excellent post you did.
  8. pm2006

    pm2006 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 24, 2010
    S.E. Michigan
    Want to sell one of your 4 wetboxes?
  9. Quick1

    Quick1 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 11, 2010
    Outstanding review! You should try more stuff so you can do more reviews :)

    Mega ego cartos -- lol, some people are refilling using a gram scale. weigh it when you get it, weigh it when it's empty, weigh it as you refill it (hopefully they keep the blinds closed while doing it)
  10. gamedemon

    gamedemon Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 3, 2010
  11. gamedemon

    gamedemon Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 3, 2010
    Nope... What if I lose 3 ! lol !! I am keeping all of them...
  12. gamedemon

    gamedemon Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 3, 2010
    Exactly... The hassle... and at $4 or so a pop, and the drug syringe you have to carry around... and no way to see when it is full... no thanks... too much of a hassle... even without the wetbox, the regular carto, you can see what is going on when you refill, they are easy to refill, they can be washed, and are soooo cheap relative to the eGo carto... I still have to say.. the eGo feels good... but for me, convenience is a priority.. as the minute I get frustrated, I will start analogs... I do not want to do this.
  13. BanjoMan

    BanjoMan Pickin' Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 9, 2009
    Greensboro, NC
    Nice story.

    Ordered my first WetBox today. Now that I'm well into PV collecting I just can't help myself anymore. Seems like after every few weeks I start getting the itch again.
  14. Zurd

    Zurd Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 10, 2010
    Don't be sorry, that was a very nice story and well written. I kind of had the same experience you had, except that I didn't spent as much as you I'm definitely sure of this!

    And right now I'm holding a wetbox (kr808 carto), just received it today! Too soon to say anything but I think I'm already in love! :D
  15. stashbldr

    stashbldr Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 6, 2010
    Thanks for taking the time to do your review, I enjoyed reading it.

    I have the eGo mega cartos, have been using them for 11 days now and am so happy to have them. Yes there are a few minor inconveniences using them but I feel the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, at least for me.

    I was able to get them on sale with free shipping + a coupon and they ended up averaging approx $2.50 each. I have never refilled them using the "max" that they suggest, I only refill between 1-1.5 ml because otherwise yes, I do get a lot of leaking if I put more than that in, especially if I refill too fast. The slower I do the refill, the less leaking I get.

    Another thing that might help prevent a lot of leaking is after I do my refill I started sticking my empty syringe all the way down inside, on each side of the carto and suck out any juice that may have overflowed, back into the syringe, and that has helped my "leaks" a lot.
  16. gamedemon

    gamedemon Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 3, 2010
    HA.. I never thought of the "sucking" method.... good point .. will give it a shot
  17. savagemyth

    savagemyth Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Just thought i'd let everyone know I got a preview of the new Ego carto that features a whistle tip and 2ml of capacity with NO FILLER. They appear refillable with a little work, but these look to be the new thing. Coming out in August.
  18. The Wiz

    The Wiz ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Feb 14, 2009
    Whiskeyville USA
    savage......Do you have a link you can post here? I would like to take a look at those myself!

    :)The Wiz!
  19. Katya

    Katya ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Feb 23, 2010
    Hey, Quick, watch it! :p

    Besides, it works.
  20. Knifemaker

    Knifemaker Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 17, 2010
    Central Texas
    Bad news after all your testing.:2cool: I just received the new EGO Monster size carts. Not Carto's but carts. I put the blue foam in and WooHoo!!! 50 drops of my fav. juice and clouds of vap!:toast:
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