My KBV story

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Jun 1, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
    I guess this post has been a long time coming but i've been a bit lazy and have sat by the hidey hole stump while watching the show pass by , Happily content on the images played before me.
    I've been a KBV fan for almost a year now and while the start of my journey with KBV didn'nt hit me the way i wanted it too ( the flavours i first picked i didn'nt quite enjoy them enough to appreciate them) my time has finally arrived and I can't live without them.
    My current all day everyday vape is Special K tobbaco , i also fell in love with Bogarts, marion berry, LOL lemonade, krispity, ry4, strawberry i/c , mocha and monkey bread. There are so many more i want to try from kbv but i am so content on these it's going to have to wait a while.
    So here I am wanting to say Thankyou to boB & yssiM for your great customer friendly service, who only hears my appreciation through pm's , for your wonderful jooses that you work so hard to create.
    Kbv mades me happy xo


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    Mar 5, 2011
    Blue Springs, MO
      Thanks for sharing! I too love KBV and have no real desire to go anywhere else. They have a large enough selection and there are so many that I have tried and enjoyed that I just don't feel the need to go elsewhere. There are a few other flavors I'd like to try that KBV hasnt come out with yet, but I know that they will eventually get to some of them so I will just stay put and enjoy the ones they have that I simply adore.
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