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My personal reviews of a few of the shops in the area!

Discussion in 'MN Vapers' started by aznzing03, Sep 7, 2013.

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  1. aznzing03

    aznzing03 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 17, 2013
    Hey all!
    Thought I would do kind of a summary/review of what I think of all the shops that I have visited in the Metro cities areas.
    I haven't gotten around to a couple up North nor any out by St. Cloud yet, but I am making my rounds.
    A little backround for those who want to see where I'm coming from first:
    I was a smoker for 14 years, got into vaping about 6 months ago. Started off with an iTaste and some iClear16's. Quickly moved into Protanks and iClear30's. Currently have a couple mech mods, an RSST, some carto tanks, and a couple Protanks. Moving quickly deeper down the rabbit hole and am just doing massive amounts of research on sub-ohm, everything rebuildable, and hoping I can help at least one person out.
    I will try to keep my personal opinions about juices and other such subjective matter to myself.
    I will also, out of respect for the stores, not be posting any prices.

    And now to begin:

    Smokeless Smoking Lounge - Bloomington off of Lyndale Ave and 494.
    This is where I first got into it so I suppose my opinion will be a bit biased towards them but I have found that they provide excellent customer service, answer any and all questions, and are extremely friendly and not pushy for sales at all. When I saw not pushy for sales and answering any and all questions, I was there for literally two and a half hours with the same person for my first mod. Yup. I was one of those guys. :p
    Their selection of product is rapidly expanding especially with the expansion of the Lounge, so that is a plus as my knowledge and desire for more advanced products is quickly growing. Their inventory ranges anywhere from the eGo twists and iClear16's to the new Smoktech Magneto mech mod and RSST RBA.
    They are more than able to explain the differences/benefits/good fits anywhere from eGo type batteries and clearo's to mech mods, RBA's and RDA's. Not only able to explain, but also to accurately and appropriately fit the person with the right set up for them.
    They have a great selection of e-juice all of which is made and designed by the owners. Available in any nicotine content in increments of 5mg from 0mg to 30mg. They are also the only store that I have visited that is able to do a custom PG/VG blend.

    The Uptown Vapor Shoppe - Uptown/Minneapolis Hennepin and 28th St.
    Walking in feels like a tea shop. :) The couple of times I have been in there, there's only been a couple of people behind the counter but I tend to go during slow times to avoid rush and to chat and bull.... around.
    They have a decent selection of tanks, carto's, clearo's, and batteries options. They do sell some rebuildable supplies but I felt like the people who I asked about it, didn't really know much about them. Granted I didn't meet everyone that worked there, but a basic knowledge would've been good.
    Their juice selection is quite moderate with in house blends being able to contain I believe 0mg to 24mg of nicotine of your choice of strength and the other blends they have to be just a standard 0mg 12mg or 24mg. Juice tasting station is Viva Nova's with drip tips so if you have your own 510 drip tip, you won't have to use a condom.

    EcigXscape/Vermillion River - EcigXscape in Eagan off of Cliff and 35e by Cub Foods and Vermillion River in Lakeville off 210th St.
    I put them together as they are both owned by the same couple. Please do not confuse it with other vendors in MN that do in fact carry Vermillion River juices as they have just purchased the juices and are not extensions or other locations for that franchise.
    Both of them have a great selection of hardware and juice. Hardware will range from iClear16's and basic single coil bottom fed tanks, to advanced RBA's, RDA's, and mechanicals. They have a great selection of batteries, chargers, and are updating their inventory every day to try and keep up with the current market.
    Their Kentucky blend of juices is a tobacco blend which I thought I would hate. NOPE! I would sincerely insist you try it. Other flavors include separate soft drinks, fruits, and some sweet blends. Uses condoms for tasting juices.
    Staff has seemed knowledge-able and willing to chat and educate.

    Ecig Crib - Uptown(that's the only one I have visited) located off of Lake St and Lyndale on the south side of Lyndale.
    This location is absolutely what you would think of an uptown shop. Feels like you walked into a small shop in Wayzata or 50th and France on a Saturday during the summer and you feel welcome and relaxed.
    They do have a decent sized selection of all hardware except rebuildable supplies which I was told by an employee that they would be expanding soon. A lot of their inventory is going to be starter kits and replacement type PV's as it seems the location gets a lot of new vapors.
    Staff seemed knowledge-able about most systems and had a friendly demeanor on explaining items to new customers.
    Their juices. Holy cow. They have a ton! Literally, you'd need about 2 hours to sit and try and appreciate them all. Only downside for me is, they use the condoms as well. Some of their juices are made in house which all of the employees enthusiastically recommend. They do have a wide selection of pretty much every category of flavor. Fruits, desserts, sweets, tobacco, menthols, and some interesting mixes that make you think about your life.

    As of the moment those are the stores that I frequent and will continue to frequent for all of their selections, staff, knowledge, and just overall energy.

    Hope you enjoyed the read and learned something and will use it to further your vaping experience.
    Keep calm and VAPE ON!
  2. aznzing03

    aznzing03 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 17, 2013
    Almost 150 views and no responses? I'm sure I didn't make anybody mad as then there would be replies.
    Nobody has anything to add to the reviews or their own opinions?
  3. rem700

    rem700 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 29, 2011
    Do most of my shopping on line or on the north side.
    Don't need the coffee shop atmosphere(price) as I go in get what I need and leave, Might vape a new flavor but usually don't find anything to my tastes.

    Smoked for 35+ yrs been smoke free for 2+yrs
    Started on Ego from Ecig shop in Anoka about the only shop even handleing ecigs at the time, Well other then the $135 Ego at the mall Kiosk in Roseville:evil:
    Running mostly Provaris and Segelis just switched to ProTankII still up in the air still kinda like my Smoktec tanks and cartos, Tried RBAs(to much hassle) and vivi novas no love.
  4. nnormandy

    nnormandy Moved On Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 2, 2011
    St. Paul
    Nice write up! I definitely need to do a tour of all the new stores popping up

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  5. tinkrrrbell

    tinkrrrbell Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 24, 2013
    Minneapolis, MN
    I thought Ecig crib carried mostly Vermillion River... I really can't believe they make their own, because when I was there, the employees wouldn't even tell me who did make any of the liquid. I went there specifically to try VR stuff without having to drive out to the south burbs, and they refused to specify which were VR or something else.
  6. aznzing03

    aznzing03 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 17, 2013
    They do carry Vermillion River juices. However the girls had said that some of the liquids were made by one of the managers. Most of their fruit juices and one or two of their tobacco flavors are from Vermillion River.
  7. rem700

    rem700 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 29, 2011
    Havnt been into the Crib in quite sometime got tired of the run around ordering low nic juices and paying higher prices.
    Best I remember they carry VR, Dragon, and Crib label juices which where being made for them from somewhere east NC maybe.
  8. 34 Hour Reset

    34 Hour Reset Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 28, 2013
    Menomonie, WI
    Thanks for the reviews. I'm all the way over here, just in Wisconsin, and I like to know if a shop is worth the drive, so your reviews help!

    I've been to the store (can't think of the name) in the Sun Ray plaza off of I-94. I'm too newb to review it, but I do know it was nothing to write home about. They had Simply Vapour for juice.
  9. Thecolortech

    Thecolortech Full Member Verified Member

    Nov 20, 2013
    Just my 2¢ I have been to ecig crib in uptown and ecigxscape. Both are decent and have a good selection of juice and tanks mods and rba•s like with any local store going at the right time of the day is crucial if you have a question or need time to try things out. I found both stores knowledgeable and helpful even if you have a question about something you didn't buy at their store.
  10. Critter Man

    Critter Man Super Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 7, 2010
    34 Hour Reset, you are referring to Smokes R Less. They're a tobacco shop that recently started carrying vaping gear. I still buy my supplies for stuffing my analogs there. They carry mostly eGo knockoffs due to their low buying power. They do have some Kanger gear and a lot of generic clearos. They have a few tanks and some APVs. I picked up an eGo lanyard on my last visit.

    The staff isn't experienced, newbies at best, but they're making an effort. I remember asking if they had any dripping atomizers and being handed a tank carto. But, since I'm in there for my monthly supply run anyway, I check out what they have on hand and try to educate them little by little. Can't hurt to have another ally with a vested interest in protecting our vaping rights.
  11. Breathe Easy

    Breathe Easy Full Member

    Jan 29, 2011
    Minneapolis, MN
    I've been to the ecig shop in Anoka and it was busy, lots of lingering 19-year-olds. Their juice is good, but they don't have a straight menthol for the hubs.

    Stopped at the ecig shop in Champlin off of 169 and 121st and the juice wasn't great and it appears that they are mostly selling knock-off ego's. I already have a few of those, so not my cup of tea.

    Just today I went to the newest I've seen, twin city vapors in brooklyn park. They sell actual ego's and vv's as well as kangar and provari mods. It was nice to see and strangely, not as pricy as online. They also had 20% off starter kits. I've used the volcano inferno in the past and am disheartened that the threads don't work well for kangar tanks, which I wanted to try. Bought another kit so the hubs could have a new battery as well along with the kangar bottom feed. So far so good. Tried two types of juice for a couple of hours and I am not impressed. We'll give it a week before we call it a no-go.

    Even if I still have to get juice online, it's good to have a few emergency juice options just down the road.
  12. jamie

    jamie Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Jun 3, 2008
    For anyone else who tries to find them online, their name is Twin Cities Vapors...
  13. V_Joe1981

    V_Joe1981 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 10, 2011
    Eagan, MN.
    I just visited e-cig pigs here in Eagan and it's a nice small shop. I spoke with the co-owner and he said that their website should be up soon. Their juice is mixed in house and they love customer feedback for their juice or any ideas us customers would like.

    If I remember right a 15ml bottle is around 7 bucks...cheapest i've seen a B&M store sell e-liquid. Their gear is a bit sparse, but they opened up since November last year. I spoke with Dwight (co-owner) and he was telling me that they were thinking of going into the re-build aspect of vaping. I showed him the battery i'm using for it(sony vtc4 30 amp) and told him that once you get that type of product into your shop to preach safety when-ever is possible and to have high amp batts on hand :)

    next Saturday, i'll be speaking with the other owner Travis on this subject ( hoping next Saturday) and other tank style clearos that are very popular like the aspire nautilus for instance. The shop where it's located is pretty cool...get your vape set up, a haircut(barber next door) and a massage next to that ;) it's located on 4215 Nicols Road. Very glad I stopped in there!
  14. Fatninja1

    Fatninja1 Full Member Verified Member

    Apr 30, 2014
    I used to like the ecig shoppe in Anoka but I think they changed the way they make the juice, also they try to push the 6v vmx when you want a mod. My new favorite is ecig emporium in St. Cloud they have some really good juices like the cinn/menthol mix and they have some weird ones like jalapeno. they also have some mods and APVs some jwraps and many different tanks.
  15. Paul S

    Paul S Full Member

    Jan 6, 2012
    Excelsior, MN
    It's somewhat understandable that The eCig Shop pushes the 6v VMX, as they developed it themselves when they found that GLV absolutely could not keep up with orders. I bought a GLV from them in early 2012, but eventually stripped the threads...and found that GLV is ALWAYS "out of stock" when it comes to spare parts. I bought a VMX early this year, and have no regrets.
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