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My Saber Touch review

Discussion in 'Commercial Ecigarette Reviews and Videos' started by tazzmann, Jun 18, 2010.

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  1. tazzmann

    tazzmann Accessories Supplier ECF Veteran

    Apr 28, 2010
    Vancouver, WA US
    I know others have done reviews on the Saber Touch, but I had to put my :2c: in.

    I have been using strictly 510 type 3.7V units (Joye 510 and eGo) up until I got my 901 PT. Comparing those, the 901 blows them away for taste and vapor production and is now my main PV at work. Since my "carry" around PV just didn't produce the taste or vapor that my PT does, I decided to step up to a 5V unit.

    Sir Lawrence at was having a sale for the first ten people for a Saber Touch of any model and any color for $85 with shipping. Since that is what I paid for my eGo, I thought that that would be a great deal, so ordered the purple 5V model. After a short wait it was mailed out and I had it two days later.

    My first impression, was that I hope no-one thinks this is a detenator or pipe-bomb! It is substantially larger than my eGo both in girth and height, but surprisingly, it fit my hand well. Excellent instructions were provided with the unit and even had some battery information stuffed into the battery compartment. My 510 atty screwed into the top with no hangups or hard spots and has stayed put since putting it on.

    The tube is really thick-walled which seems to me that it could be thinned down, but being that thick will also make it extrememly rugged. The batteries slipped right in, but had about a mm space around them making them seem kinda loose. IMO, I would like to see the batteries slide nicely into the unit with very little play, but this is just nit-picking. There were also battery orientation and battery type stickers inside the tube which was a nice touch.

    Asthetically, the unit looks very nice, although there are a couple of things, to me, that would make it look nicer. For one, the threads for the end cap, on the pipe itself, go too far down the pipe. I think those threads should stop at the bottom of the caps. This would make it a little smoother looking and less like a common steel pipe, which it is not. The end caps could stand to be a little plainer looking or have a different pattern other that the straight down grooves that make it look like a garden hose and possibly come in Nickel plating which would look outstanding with some of the other colors. The vent holes for the battery are not all that noticeable, but might make the unit look better if they were either on the bottom of the bottom cap, or even closer to the bottom of the tube part of the unit, right above the end cap. Again, this is all nitpicking, but things I would like to see. The powder coating is durable and wasn't hurt by scratching it with my fingernail. While this is not a conclusive test on the durability of the powder coat, I HAVE had powder coating on other things that came off easily this way, so at least I know this was not "cheaply" done.

    Functionally the unit works as advertised and is really simple to use. The touch sensor seems to function well and adds to the appearance of the unit. One suggestion that I would like to see though is a brass plate opposite the switch for completing the circuit rather than having to touch one of the end caps. This would also open the possibility of having the end caps powder coated or made of other materials, for that "different" look. During testing, the unit performed flawlessly and consistently provided great throat hit, flavor and vapor. The 5V takes a little getting used to for how long to hold the "button" on, but once you get the hang of it, you really enjoy it.

    Since I am still on my first charge of the batts, I am unsure what kind of battery life I get out of it, but I will report back when I get that figured out.

    My Ratings:
    Construction - 9/10
    Appearance - 8/10
    Functionality - 10/10

    All-in-all a great unit which I would purchase again. If anyone is looking at getting into the 5V scene, I would recommend they try the Saber Touch. Even at $119 normal base price for the 5V unit, it is still a great deal. Sir Lawrence is an excellent person to deal with and cares about you and his product every step of the way. And with a 5 year limited warranty, your investment is covered.
  2. tazzmann

    tazzmann Accessories Supplier ECF Veteran

    Apr 28, 2010
    Vancouver, WA US
    Ok. I just had the batts die on me today. This is for about 5 1/2 hours of chain vaping. This has, without a doubt, made me want to order more batts this weekend. So, pretty good performance as far as I am concerned.

    Sorry, I guess I should point out that the batteries I am using are Ultrafire ICR 123A 880mAh 3.7V batts (two)
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