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My Vapor room juice review

Discussion in 'The Vapor Room' started by SmokingRT, Feb 24, 2011.

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  1. SmokingRT

    SmokingRT Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 20, 2010
    YIPEE!!! Home at last
    The title should read My The Vapor Room juice review
    I am currently using an eGo-T setup. I received my new attys and tanks through hell and high water (that is a different review about a different vendor though) I received 4 flavors 3 of which I ordered or were included samples and one of which was sent for my almost converted wife to try as she has only liked wintergreen or spearamint tasting vapes that The Vapor Room does not currently carry.

    I received Keoke coffee
    Creme de menthe
    peppermint (thanks for the sample Josh and Jess)

    I am not going to waste your time with talking about TH or vapor as, they are what they are. I am not going to give you numbers. I like words and I am usually pretty good at using them.

    Keoke coffee: I am not a huge dark roast coffee drinker.... so on this I will defer to the wifes opinion. She liked it alot. It definitley tastes like coffee. It was true to it's name. I did put a little twist on it that I will talk about later.

    Creme de Menthe: This tastes a little like mintier (not sure if thats a word) Andes candies. It is very delicous and I think it will be good for a workplace vape. I can sneak away and I will have good smelling breath. I can even probably get away with it in the office as most will just smell a minty gum smell.

    Peppermint: This one was really freaking good. It took me back to when I was a kid and would eat dinner at the restaurant just to get to the peppermint disk. It tastes exactly like the candy grandma and grandpa used to always have in their candy dish. It was wonderful.

    Raspberry: This is quite possibly the most amamzing vape I have ever had. I didn't even want to let my wife taste it because then I knew I would have to share this 30 ml bottle with anyone else. This takes the flavor of a raspberry gum. It is a candy raspberry flavor ,the one with that creamy taste to it. This honestly the only time I have ever tried a vape that I was pretty sure I could vape all day every day FOREVER.

    The twist we put on the Keoke coffee in case you didn't realize it was just adding a little Creme De Menthe. It lightened the coffee flavor just a little and and gave it a nice little mint kick.

    Thank you Josh and Jess you have made a great bunch of juices so far I look forward to watching you grow.

    P.S. The customer service was the BOMB. I forgot to put the mix and MG that I wanted my samples to be and emailed them the next morning with them. They got them right and my juices traveled from the east coast to the midwest in like 2 days. AMAZING!!!!!
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