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Sep 19, 2022
    The 60ml bottle came in a metal, designer box. The first impression was very good, the packaging got five stars from me. The disappointment came after opening, the aroma has a horribly bad smell. Maybe some chemical, weird smell that you can smell. The thought that this will be trash again just got stronger in me. There is 20 ml of aroma in the 60 ml bottle, which I poured with 70vg-30pg. After a week of aging, it still smelled horrible. I put it aside for another week to see if it changes or if my sense of smell gets better. Tasting after two weeks. Delicious mango with a slight chill. To be honest, I expected worse based on the smell. The fruit flavor is very vivid in it, which is not suppressed by the coldness. Like when the fruit is taken out of the fridge. No detours, I didn't expect more from him. Unfortunately, the situation in the field of coking is not the best. A couple of days and it's a waste of time. I do not recommend it for atomizer boilers. I think there are more economical mango aromas on the market for this price.


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