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NEED expert buying tips for APV

Discussion in 'Requests for Opinions/Reviews' started by elizabeth3ep, Oct 13, 2014.

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  1. elizabeth3ep

    elizabeth3ep Full Member

    Oct 1, 2014
    Los Angeles, CA
    HI All,

    Been vaping now about 3 months, im still a newbie but Ive read tons of posts on here and done a lot of research. SO heres the deal, I have two set ups now (details are below on what I'm currently rocking). I should also mention I really like my nautilus aspire tanks, and I have committed to owning 4 of them so far so I want to be able to keep using them.

    • itaste vv 3.0 - variable voltage and wattage up to 11w. - I like the size but the punch of the vape isn't that impressive.
    • 20w sigelei - this thing is a beast, I love the vape but it looks like a weapon when Im out in public and in my little lady hands.

    I want something powerful and sleek/small - so I've come up with a few ideas and need your help.

    Should I get a Smoktech mini, or sigelie zmax mini? I want something that's smaller profile than my sigelei, doesn't need to go up to 20 watts because I normally hover around 12-16w.
    Can I get a mechanical mod like the manhattan mod and use it with a nautilus? I really don't want to get rid of my tanks because I really like to change up my flavor profiles throughout the day. I also don't love the idea of building coils or being stuck going to shops getting them to build it whenever it goes dead.

    let me know your thoughts, I really want to get something that I feel doesn't look ridiculous/super large in public but I also want something with a bit more power than my itaste.

  2. Wraith504

    Wraith504 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 25, 2014
    New Orleans, LA
    Tanks perform best on a regulated mod in my opinion. Because you can up the volts or watts to compensate for a high resistance coil, with a mech your only going to get 4.2 then less after drop off. You can get a rebuildable tank and build your own coils get plenty of punch and use it with a mech if thats the route you wish to take.
  3. elizabeth3ep

    elizabeth3ep Full Member

    Oct 1, 2014
    Los Angeles, CA
    HI Wraith504 can you explain what you mean by 4.2? I have no experience with rebuildables and their benefits or how the mechanical mod would work differently.

    What would you recommend for a smaller battery to go with my nautilus?

  4. Mikey6

    Mikey6 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 23, 2013
    Bakersfield, CA, USA
    If you're looking for a small device you may like the eleaf istick (I think that's the name). Up to 20 watts, micro USB charger, standard 510 connection. And from what I hear it's relatively cheap.

    And the 4.2 that Wraith504 was referring to is the battery voltage. With a mech you only get the voltage that the battery has in it. Check out any of the ohms law calculators online or in a phone app and you can type figure out all kinds of power combinations.
  5. readeuler

    readeuler Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 17, 2014
    Ohio, USA
    I'd second the istick. It will probably run a little higher than your Sigelei, so you'd just have to turn it down a bit. It's about the size of a bic, should go pretty close to 20 watts with a 1.8 or 1.5 ohm coil, and has a built-in 2200 mAh battery.

    Look into mechs and rebuildables by all means (I'd especially recommend a rebuildable dripping atomizer, to get your feet wet), but you'll probably want to go regulated if you're using a stock clearomizer.
  6. Bkag

    Bkag Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Aug 14, 2013
    Denver, Colorado
    Thirding the Eleaf iStick. Another option would be a DNA30 if you want some more extra headroom in case you are interested in venturing into RBAs/RDAs in the future.

    Also have to also agree with Wraith on not using a mechanical. Using a mechanical with a clearomizer (to me) diminishes the experience. Voltage drop off becomes annoying and with a clearo you may as well have the added functionality and ease of use that comes with using a regulated mod. Regulated is the way to go with clearomizers IMO :)
  7. classwife

    classwife Admin Admin Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
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