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Need suggestions for replacement for Voopoo Drag Professional X

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Senior Member
ECF Veteran
Aug 27, 2011
My Voopoo just ... stopped recognizing the battery and I need to replace asap. I checked reviews in DJLsb Vapes but everything was the non-battery kinds and I am old-school, I'm used to a battery. Can anyone make any recommendations? If I'm in the wrong forum please let me know where I should be publishing. Thanks very much!
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Super Member
Jan 21, 2023
I think it's better with a removeble battery, and also to have a second device as a backup, so if anything happens you have some options... ! After the eleaf I-Stick i never bought a mod with internal battary !
I recently bought the Aspire Zelos X 80W with a removable 18650 battery, and so far i think it's pretty good little - cheap mod for everyday use !
Just my opinion !
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