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New forums - board moves

Discussion in 'Announcements and News' started by rolygate, Dec 17, 2009.

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  1. rolygate

    rolygate Forum Manager Verified Member ECF Veteran

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    Sep 24, 2009
    ECF Towers
    [This post is being allowed to fade as the number of board creations and moves is too high to maintain an announcement thread - 2010-05-06]

    We have an ongoing programme to create new forums, and for moving boards as necessary.

    New forums are created when there is a clear need for them or many people have asked for a new board, and it looks a good idea.

    Boards are moved when it seems best for usability. These kinds of changes are needed from time to time as the forum gets bigger.


    Recent forum changes

    Created a new seasonal forum, Suppliers Christmas Offers.

    Created a new Polls forum.

    Created a new Outside Polls forum.

    Cleaned up the main general discussion section.

    Brought the New Members Forum out from being a sub-forum, made it the #2 board in the general section.

    Created a new section, Ecigarette Technical, and moved the tech boards into it.

    Created a new section, Ecigarette Reviews, and moved the reviews into it.

    Brought the Eliquid Reviews board out from being a sub-forum and made it the #2 in the Reviews section.

    Created a new board Commercial Reviews, so that Suppliers can now post reviews.

    The Forum News, Help & Testing Area has been split into a more rational arrangement:-
    - Created a new forum, Forum News, in the Announcements section.
    - Created a new forum, Site Feedback and Help, in the Announcements section.
    - Created a new forum, The Sandbox, right down at the bottom, for test posts, image tests etc.

    Moved all boards that were down at the bottom (except The Sandbox), up to above the Suppliers Forums.

    Created a new board, Reviews of Suppliers, just above the Suppliers Forums. It can be used for praise or criticism. Suppliers can respond there. All critical posts on suppliers in boards where Suppliers cannot respond will be moved there on request.

    Created several new private forums for various user groups.

    Moved various private forums.

    Created a new board, Services for Suppliers, just above the Suppliers forums.

    Created a new board, Milestones, in the Quitting forum.

    Created a new board, "Where can I get a .....?", in the General section.

    Created a new board, Ecigarette Maintenance, in the Technical section.

    Created a new board, Forum How-To's, in the Announcements section.


    Hope you can see the improvements and the usability gains. I understand that the new picture might need some adjusting to if you've been here some time, but hopefully you can see the benefits.

    Also we are keen to provide more facilities for Suppliers and we will continue to work hard in this area. Naturally, this will be balanced by some changes to our Suppliers ToS (terms of service), which will be regularized and distributed fairly soon. The main change is that Suppliers with a bad customer service record can expect us to take action. This has been forced on us by one or two bad apples, but will not affect the majority of course.

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