(New launch) Aspire Vilter Pro is coming

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    Vilter Pro, the design inspired by true art, is a depiction of an elegant fusion of metal and leather without excessive decoration. Feature a hassle-free magnetic wireless charging, up to 5 days of vaping, two ways of charging, and a mesh coil to give you an unforgettable high-level vaping experience.
    It features:
    1. Easy side filling
    2. Non-replaceable 1.2 ohm mesh coil, familiar great flavor experience
    3. Both authentic filter and food-grade POM drip tip are available
    4. 1600 mAh(Power bank) plus 420 mAh(Device), up to 5 days vaping
    5. Hassle-free magnetic wireless charging
    6. Two ways of charging
    7. Power Bank: 2A Type-C charging, can be fully charged within 50 minutes
    8. The Vilter Pro power bank and device can simultaneously be charged through a Type-C cable
    9. Compact size, allows you to use while charging
    10. Auto-draw
    11. Constant output
    Stay tuned, coming soon.
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      Looks prett interesting for sure. Thats a powerpack of sorts to allow extra charging?

      Nvm, found the answer. Frickin cool looking device. Looks perfect for bringing out of town on trips and such. Awesome :)
      Thank you, the kit comes with the power bank and the pen, we also sell the Vilter Pro power bank and Vilter Pro pen separately.
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      So I just got off the phone with your US importer and was told that they aren't going to carry ANY of the vilter models. My girlfriend decided last week to quit smoking and I gave her websites for several of the manufacturers including the main one for aspire. She had used the Nautilus tanks before when she vaped several years ago so she was familiar with the Aspire name and when she looked at your website she fell in love with the Vilter Pro with the little tip that looks/feels like a cig. She thought the little powerbank/case would be a good fit to keep it in place in a pocket of her purse along with when we are travelling on the road. However..... After looking for the Vilter Pro unsuccessfully for several hours and seeing it everywhere in the UK and other European countries and beyond I called Aspirevapeco your US partner and was informed that they will not be bringing it here. Seems a shame that such a cool way to quit smoking (none of the other models besides the vilter have the little cig alike filter) isn't being brought to ANYWHERE in the US. Which leaves us here in the states with having to order from vendors that we aren't sure will make it through our shipping and will take a good long while unless I feel like tripling the price with shipping. Are you aware of any place in the United States who have been able to get some of these through any of your other resellers? Not trying to be the guy who's an ... but really trying to bring my girlfriend a way to stop her smoking. Thanks in advance
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