New Order just arrived - new nicotine overdose - wrong cartomizers - madvapes

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Sep 18, 2010
North Carolina, USA
    I just got a new order in with new juice flavors and am sitting here reading the forums and vaping way to much. I thought the Chocolate strawberry would taste like cheap candy but i was suprised i can't put it down. They send me the wrong cartomizers but a quick mail to madvapes and Mark sent out the right ones right away. They always make it right if something doesn't work but I was really suprised they sent out what I ordered within hours of complaining. Makes me a happy vaporer :) And these new flavors rock, hope I don't make myself sick vaping too much.


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    Aug 11, 2010
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      You can't go wrong with MadVapes..... they have it all together from ordering to customer service and everything in between. I've never dealt with such a fine group of people. Have a question? --- start a ticket and you quickly get an answer. Problem with an order? Fixed in no time. From soup to nuts, as the expression goes, they are one fine operation.
      PS... this was not a paid endorsement...just another happy customer agreeing with you
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