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New study: E-Cigarrettes restrict lungs airways..

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Apr 3, 2012
New York
    One of my friends brought up this article to me the other day. Hard to take in anything the article says with too much concern. It said that the increased airway resistance only temporarily lasted for about 10 minutes. It's probably mainly from all the moisture in the vapor, and I'd much rather breathe in vapor as compared to smoke particles/toxins


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    Dec 3, 2009
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      okay...I have read this thread and only have this to say..

      I call bs on restricting lungs..at least my lungs...

      I have smoked for over 35 yrs and have copd..

      the last 4 yrs I have been vaping...

      before I took to vaping, I had horrid breathing issues and was using spiriva and symbicort and was very close to having oxygen therapy(sp?) I had chest colds and was always feeling sick and seeing my pulm doc about every 3 months.

      now 4 yrs of vaping..no chest colds in 4 yrs time..I have been able to stop 2 of my copd meds..I stopped taking spiriva, and stopped taking symbicort and to this day, no oxygen..

      I still have copd, but slowed it down and yes, I do on occasion use my rescure inhaler and feel winded at times, but not as winded and short of breath as I use to feel

      in fact, my pulm doc and gen doc are amazed with me..

      I do things now like take longer walks, even walk on my treadmill, and get this, I snorkel..yup, snorkel..now im not out as long as my hubby is as he snorkles for long periods, but I can go to cancun, aruba and ge tmy snorkel on fr a good while..

      restricted lungs? my lungs breath easier in the 4 yrs that I have been vaping..and my lung xrays? doc says my copd has not progressed in 4 yrs..

      just sayin

      eta. sorry bout that typo's, but I suffer form macular degeration in my left eye and my damn fingers wont behave right when typing lol
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