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New to vaping and just found HDV.... Drowning in a pool of flavors....

Discussion in 'High Desert Vapes' started by Yokymo, Jan 1, 2013.

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  1. Yokymo

    Yokymo Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 14, 2012
    Harrisburg, PA
    So HI!

    Happy New Year!!

    I dont know where to start, but lets just say i found HDV today and checked out their site.
    *Which i love the fact they have a wishlist, this saves me from having to remember what i wanted to check out*

    Also just love the site in general really easy to navigate thru, its simple but it works flawlessly

    So now I'm drowning..

    I could see me ordering alot from here cause well they have a pool full of flavors and i don't know where to stop and start...
    I love sweet, savory, fruity.. yea.. just saying.. i could go on..

    So i have a couple flavors in mind thinking bout.. kinda curious if you all here have tried them..what do you all think..

    Here is my potential order list:

    Banana Split... Who doesn't love a banaa split.. but i wanna know what you all think of this juice.

    Resses ... due to alot of positive reviews, i figured it was worth a shot..when i go to hershey i always stock up on reeses.

    Belgain Waffles... I love waffles and was curious how these compared.

    I know tastes are subjective, but yea, i was just curious what you all thought of these flavors. Thanks for the advice.
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