No smokes?

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Aug 11, 2008
    It sounds like you are talking about something like Eclipse cigarettes? The principle is similar to e-cigs, but with real tobacco. The tobacco is coated with glycerin, and there is a charcoal tip on the front of the cigarette. You light the tip, which smolders, but doesn't outright burn or smoke. When you draw in, the heat from the smoldering tip vaporizes the glycerin, which carries the tobacco flavor and nicotine. They have the advantage of not creating the smoke or the smell, but the disadvantage of being really expensive. I used them for a while several years ago, but I had to give it up due to cost. I was also constantly burning myself. For some reason, the filter end would constantly stick to my lip. When I would go to move the cigarette away from my mouth, it would stay stuck to my lip, and my fingers would slide down the shaft. The hot ember at the tip would inevitably end up clenches between my fingers, and would burn the crud out of them.

    FYI, I haven't had an analog in over 3 years. To be fair, though, I did quit completely for most of that time, and then started e-cigs because I was having a lot of cravings recently. The e-cigs totally nixed all my cravings though.

    If anyone is curious, I quit by using snus. I used both snus and cigarettes for a while, slowing increasing the amount of snus, and decreasing the amount of cigarettes. After I was on snus only for a couple of months, I started to tapper that off, until I was completely off of it, as well. Then I was totally nicotine free for three years, before the constant gnawing cravings started a couple months ago, which is when I returned to e-cigs.
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    Jul 24, 2010
      I tried a similar product several (over 20) years ago. It was a device that was the same size as a normal cigarette, and had a cotton filler that was impregnated with nicotine. It was good, but not satisfying. Like these, there was no battery. When you draw on it a fine mist was produced. I didn't find it nearly as satisfying as a cigarette, but I guess if you can't smoke and don't have a PV they might do in a pinch...

      I tried the same type back in the '80's when I was thinking about quitting. It didn't work for me. Like you said, it wasn't satisfying. I'd gotten about 5 packs in a clearance sale and never even opened 3 of them. With e-cigs I was quit pretty much the same day I got my first one and I haven't had a smoke in 1 1/2 years now. Maybe the "No Smokes" things work for some people, but personally I wouldn't bother. I'd rather vape.
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