Norseman’s Review on the Tauren Mechanical Mod from THC

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Aug 1, 2017

I received this Tauren Mechanical mod free of charge from 3avape for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.


The Tauren comes in an aluminum tube and that tube is in itself in a soft fabric pouch. The aluminum tube got the same print on it as the Mechanical mod got engraved. On the lid the THC logo is printed and at the bottom lid you find info telling you what it contains.


The Tube
The Tauren is a hybrid mod that is tapered from 24 mm at the top to 26 mm at the bottom. The one that was sent to me is a copper mod that is painted in some kind of black Metallic or Pearl with the name Tauren and the bull’s head engraved into it, together with the serial.


On the top you will find T H C engraved together with a pattern, and on the button you will find a shield engraved into it. On the upper part of the mod, that doesn’t have any engraving to it, you find a beveled out area that actually makes the mod really nice to hold.


The overall machining on it is nicely done and I don’t have anything to complain about really.
The inside of the tube got a cutout going from the top of the mod to the bottom threads where the switch will reside and I imagine that it is part of the venting of the mod.


The venting is actually hidden on the inside of the tube, and it is made out of four cutouts going from the bottom of the mod to the part of the mod where the switch end up inside. I have tried to blow air through the mod and I guess some of it goes through the mod, but not by much.

It could actually benefit from far better ventilation to be honest. The day the battery vents, you would absolutely appreciate much better venting to avoid a tragedy.


At the hybrid connection on top, inside the tube, you have delrin insulation to prevent the battery from getting in contact with the top of the mod. And if you are using 18650 batteries in it, you will have to use the 18650 battery adaptor and then you have secured that nothing of the battery can get in contact with the walls of the mod.


If you are using 20700 or 21700 batteries you need to make sure that your battery wraps don’t have any tears in them, in order to be sure to avoid a short.


The switch has been working really good the whole time I used it for the review and the throw on this mod is what I would call real short. And since I like short throws, this is right up my alley. One thing that could have been better though, is the spring, to me the spring is way too soft and this mod would benefit from a stiffer spring. As it is now the switch feels mushy kinda and not as good as it could have been. Good thing though, is that I haven’t experienced any hot button.


Another thing I liked is that the contact points in the switch, as well as the battery adaptor, are silver plated for better conductivity. The only thing in the switch that isn’t silver plated is the contact point that the battery sits on, that is still copper. And no matter how I have tried, I can’t get that copper plate out of the plastic housing. Would be good to be able to take it out when you wanna clean it properly.


Threads are a thing we find on most mech mods and this mod is no exception. On this one they are actually really good, almost buttery smooth to be honest, all threads on the switch, inside the tube and the 510 hybrid connection, are really nice.


It is a hard hitting, well built mechanical mod with good machining and nice threads and most contact points are silver plated. The paint on the one I got is another matter, and it’s got this wet feel to it, making me think I have a leak when there isn’t any.

Can I recommend it to others?
I definitely can say that it is a good mod worth the price asked. Since it is a hybrid mod it might not be best suited for the mech mod beginner.

Can be used with battery sizes 21700, 20700 and 18650 with the battery adaptor
Hard hitting
Silver plated contact points in the battery adaptor as well as the ball bearing and the contact plates in the switch
Smooth threads
The paint job
The Switch
The throw

The paint makes the tube feel wet and you think you had a leak again and again
A bit sharp edge where the button reside in the switch housing
The spring is way to soft for my liking

Width: 24 mm at the top and 26 mm at the bottom
Length: 91 mm
Brass, Brass/Black, Brass/Red, Copper, Copper/Black, Cracks Red and Black

Package includes
1 x Tauren mechanical mod
1 x Instruction
1 x Key chain

You will find it here
Tauren Mechanical Mod for $63 at the time I wrote the review.

And before ending this review I want to point out a few things of importance to those new to mech mods and also the seasoned user. Remember to always pay attention to…

Battery safety
Ohms law
Having a hybrid connection you must make sure to have a protruding enough 510 pin on the atomizer
Keeping your mech mod clean at all times. Meaning the connections, switch, threading and internally

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!

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