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Aug 16, 2009
CASAA - Wisconsin
    With Crystal Lake deciding not ot ban public e-cig use, we need of list of OTHER U.S. cities, towns, counties or states that you personally know of that heard the evidence and NOT passed the proposed ban. A link woud be great, but not necessary. Ideally, these would be places that decided agaisnt a ban, rather than it just not passing due to a closed session.

    We need good stories like Crystal Lake to counter ANTZ supporting bans "because X, Y and Z banned them."

    Crystal Lake votes to not further regulate e-cigarettes | The Herald-News

    Please post below any places you can think of!


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    Jan 30, 2009
    Des Moines, IA
      Adding stuff here from the We Are CASAA Facebook group:

      Culver City, CA
      Richfield MN
      Beech Grove, IN
      Hastings MN
      Bemidji MN
      Burnsville, MN
      Nacogdoches, TX
      State of Delaware
      St. Charles and St. Clair, Missouri
      Cumming, GA.
      Panama City Beach, FL

      I haven't vetted any of these yet . . . just posting them.
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