Old KR808 PCC with Maxx Fusion batteries?

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Apr 16, 2010
    I have the original KR808 PCC from V4L (not the new one with the LCD) - I tried using it on my Maxx Fusion mini battery but not sure it's working correctly. It appears to be charging the battery (the tip of the battery stays lit and looks to be charging) but when it's fully charged the light on the PCC doesn't blink like it should (and does on my Vapor King battery). I've tried with a half-charged Maxx Fusion battery and also one fresh off my wall charger with the same result. Any ideas or is the PCC just not compatible with the BMF? Thanks.


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    Jan 3, 2011
      I can't really answer your last question, but I would assume so.

      Have you considered the mini-PCC? It's really quite a piece of engineering. I love mine. It's tiny, it has a replaceable battery (which I think is great -- most PCCs are dead when the battery goes), and it holds both a charging battery and two cartos. With the mini-PCC and the full e-cig, I'm good for the entire day.

      Something to consider. :)


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      Dec 20, 2008
        does the mf batts led go out when its charged on the pcc?
        That's what I was thinking. Just no way of knowing if the battery is fully charged or not which kind of sucks. Thinking I'll just grab the standard PCC from bloogplanet and use that (I'm a fan of the older style PCC). Assuming the lights on that one function as they should with the BMF mini batteries?


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        Dec 13, 2010
        Laurel, MD
          does the mf batts led go out when its charged on the pcc?

          If it doesn't, the charger doesn't have enough power to fully charge the Bloog.

          The Bloog battery has smart circutry, much smarter than most chargers. I think it's safe to ignore the lights on chargers from other companies and just pay attention to the light on the battery itself.
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