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Sep 14, 2012
    There are so many different companies out there and it seems like there isn't just one that has everything. I have had to order from 5 different companies so far. One company had the tank(m1a1) I wanted but they don't sell any cartomizers. Some companies have a lot of different juice but not much else. It gets every annoying having to look for hours for what I want from 5 different companies. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me. If it is just me help me out with finding one company that has almost everything


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    Apr 16, 2011
      This drove me crazy too, it still kind of does. But a lot of sites tend to be specialized for their own gear. It just one of those things you have to accept. :( Certain vendors only want to sell their devices/products on their own sites that way they can control the quality as well. If you get it from the maker themselves, it leaves no doubt that you are getting a genuine product. Also there is an overwhelming amount of product out there, most vendors are small businesses based out of their homes, it's difficult for them to carry almost all the products in the ecig world.


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      Sep 18, 2012
      Seattle, WA
        I ordered my Joye 510 from They have individual parts too (attys, tanks, chargers, PCC). They disclose the manufacturer for each part. I've only received the starter kit from them, but I've ordered additional tanks so waiting to verify the validity of the aforementioned (genuine or not). But from what I've heard, the site is reliable and can be trusted (Trust? In my internet?)

        Also hello from Seattle learic ^^. Well, Renton really, but nobody really cares about Renton


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        Jul 12, 2010
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          I would listen to Strigoi...make sure to read some of the reviews too.

          I don't sugar coat things or bull.... around when posting. I've been at this for awhile and post from my experiences (or reading a lot on here, like when it comes to the Twist or Ego-T).

          When it comes to reviews there are sites that delete bad ones. If you're reading juice reviews, taste is subjective. I've got a maple bacon flavor I can't stand while a couple of my friends that tried it thought it was great. I vape a menthol flavor for my daily and all my friends say is that "it's mentholy" and don't want any more of it.
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