Orb Vapor Natural & Organic E Liquids- Banana and Watermelon

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Mar 22, 2013
    Orb vapor is a company that I have started to like a lot recently. They never use any artificial ingredients in the e liquid whatsoever. The flavors are certified USDA organic. Plus they are very dedicated to crafting clean and pure e liquids. My order came with nice glass bottles. They also advertise they use all glass lab ware for creating and storing e liquids. That just gives you an idea of how seriously they take the organic & natural label.

    Orb Vapor Banana - Banana is a popular flavor with lots of people. But this organic banana is just incredible you do get a ripe banana taste with this one. The taste comes threw clean and powerful but overall balanced, just the right amount. Like all other orb vapor liquids I have tried, it is perfectly tuned. This banana flavor is certainly one that I want more of all day long. I know I will be reordering this one soon.

    Orb Vapor Watermelon - Wow a fresh watermelon is what instantly comes to mind with this one. I like it because it is sweet but not like an artificial taste. Nice and smooth inhale and a crisp and clean watermelon taste on exhale. My favorite part is that it is not bitter in anyway. I have come across some other watermelons that were sorta bitter. Just imagine this great flavor I get is with their 100 % VG blend. Its not everyday you get 100% VG and its this good.

    They have a lot of different Vg/Pg mix options. Plus a lot of other options to fully customize your juice order. You really cant go wrong with any Orb Vapor flavor you normally like especially their RY4 that ones a huge winner. For me I always feel good about knowing my orb vapor e liquid is 100% organic and not artificial. Orb Vapor All Natural & Organic E-Liquid

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