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Overall Review of accessories etc. that I have tried out lately + My new Final Set Up

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Jan 25, 2013
Pretty new to the forums, hope im posting this in the right section wasnt really sure where to put it as i want to briefly cover a few topics such as batteries, juices and clearomizers.

Like many i started with the big well known companies. A few i have tried are blu, v4l, the safe cig, ever smoke, and green smoke. With my most current company being green smoke. As im sure many of you know greensmoke is very overpriced but in their defense i will say i did enjoy everything about the company and product other than their pricing. One of the big factors in me quitting analogs was to help save money, green smoke although good was starting to cost me alot of money each month. And so my search began.

I have aways avoided ejuice as I am always running around and just wanted to be able to quickly grab a carotmizer and be on my way. Recently i decided to break this habit after realizing the savings that can be had by filling my own carts. All of my old ecigs had been sold other than my green smoke (which is not compatible with much) so I decided to have a fresh start batteries and all. I did alot of research both here and other places. I will break down each each category separately to make this review easier to follow.

BATTEIRES: I finally decided on smokelessimage for my batteries as their pricing was extremely fair and i have heard alot of great things about them. I have purchased both a 78mm auto and manual battery. I liked that their autos were sealed therefore making them more usable for ejuice. They arrived quickly and i have no complaints. They both work great and hold a good charge. I also like the soft touch material on them as opposed to the hard plastic some other companies use.

Cartomizers/Clearomizers: The plan originally was to just purchase blank cartomizers as i had never even heard of clearomizers before. But after trying blanks and not being to happy with the flavor i was getting from them i decided to start purchasing a few different clearomizers and trying them out, and boy am i glad i did!

First lets start with the bad (keep in mind this is imo opinion as i know some or many may disagree). The first bad clearomizer i bought was the nano from smokeless image. I loved the small style to it and it was built very well but wow they tasted absolutely horrible with a few different ejuices i tried. No matter how long i puffed on it or let it sit and absorb the liquid the flavor was muted and had a disgusting burnt plastic taste to it. Next i moved on to the volt ce3 clearomizers hoping they would be better. Sadly although slightly better i had the same experience with them as the nanos. The juice flavor just wasnt coming through and they tasted horrible imo.

On to the good. After seeing a bunch of rave reviews I decided to try the v2 liquimax cartomizers. Finally I found what i was looking for! Although i wish they were slightly cheaper (a screw on top would be nice too), everything else about them was perfect. The flavor came though so clean and instantly. No primer to burn through. Great vapor production, great flavor, and so far they have all worked fine for me. I was very happy with them and found exactly what i was looking for. I guess the wick system just works alot better than the coil types, at least in my experience.

Juices Last but not least it was time to decide on my every day vape. I was a menthol smoker and that has been the route i took with ecigs as well. As many of you know finding a good menthol e liquid is very hard especially with all of the options that are available. I did some research and decided on a few different companies and flavors i would try. I will break them down by company. *Note all e liquids at 80/20 mix and 18mg*

V2: The first juice i purchased was V2's menthol. I enjoyed it for the time being and still think it is a pretty good eliquid especially for those who like an undertone of tobacco with their menthol. Did not regret the purchase but still was on the search for something to wow me.

SmokelessImage: Next up I tried SI's ice menthol. I wasn't particularly fond of this flavor, had too much of a tobacco taste to it for me and less of that cooling menthol sensation i look for.

Halo: I heard aot of people talking about Halo E-juice so i decided to purchase Menthol ice, and Mystic from them. I wasnt crazy about the menthol ice for the same reasons as SI's juice but i did think the Mystic juice was pretty good. Still nothing that wowed me but definitely not a bad juice if you like menthol.

Mt Baker Vapor: Read about them on a menthol thread on this forum and thank god i did. I placed an order for both menthol and extreme ice. The menthol again had too much of a tobacco taste for me (keep in mind many menthol smokers do like this so do not take it as the flavor was bad just not what i was looking for). Then i opened up the flavor that would change my vaping experience forever, Extreme ice! From the first Vape i knew i had found what i was looking for. Although some menthol smokers dont like the strong wintergreen, mint flavor I love it. It tasted very natural, had amazing throat hit, and most importantly gave me that great cooling sensation that so many of us menthol smokers love. My search for my every day vape ended right here. I can not rave about this company enough, extremely fast shipping, amazing prices, and even better they include a free 15ml bottle with every purchase over $15. Now thats a company that cares about its customers.

Volcano: I Had previously ordered menthol burst but have not received it yet. I will update on it once i do.

Conclusion: I am very happy with my new set up. My smokelessimage manual battery, v2 liquimax clearomizers, and mt baker extreme ice e liquid will be my set up for quite sometime. I am also waiting on a volt x2 battery and Volt x2 clearomizers for home use. The volt x2 clearomizers also use a wick system like the v2's so i am hoping it will be similar.

Here is a pic of my final set up,


Thanks for reading! Hope I didn't do too bad for my first review. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below!!
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