Oxva Xlim pod system 5-25W

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  • Apr 26, 2019
      Oxva Xlim


      Although OXVA is now an established brand in the industry and is beginning to make itself known by users. I like to remember their "Mission" in my presentations ...
      Justin Lai is a designer who has dealt with many projects regarding rebuildable tanks and innovative Box-mods.
      In 2019 Justin founded OXVA on his behalf. This company in a short time has managed to carve out a good slice of the market and this is mainly due to the goodness of its products that have been able to stand out immediately for innovation, performance, quality and competitive price.
      * Interesting this anecdote: the word OXVA is made up of OX (powerful and reliable working animal) and VA (first half of the word vape).
      The official release date of Xlim (the mini version of Oxva X) is scheduled for July 5th.

      Enjoy the reading

      The emerald green package presents an image of the new device at the front together with the writings; Oxva (brand) "Xlim x-Treme Flavor" with a small plate on one side that recalls the capacity of the cartridge (2ml) and the color of this sample (Black).

      On the back of the box we find a summary of its characteristics;
      "XLim is designed to deliver X-treme flavor and a strong throat hit (hit). XLIM is a mini pod kit equipped with a 900mAh battery. It has a mini screen to display the necessary information and an airflow ring to find your best setting precisely ".

      Following are indications on the contents of the package, recommendations to keep out of reach of children and minors! Address of @ oxva.tech
      Shenzhen Future Tech Co., Ltd, legal logos & trademarks, barcode, hologram and scratch & check.

      Laterally, some main characteristics of the product are summarized in the form of icons.


      Package contents:
      • 1 * Xlim Device
      • 1 * 0.8Ω Xlim Cartridge (pre-installed)
      • 1 * Xlim 1.2Ω cartridge
      • 1 * Type-C Charging Cable
      • 1 * User Manual


      • Material: Aluminum alloy + PCTG
      • Output power range: 5-25W
      • Battery capacity. 900mAh
      • Dimensions: 14x24x111mm
      • Weight: 46g
      • 0.42 "screen
      • Cartridge capacity: 2ml
      • Coil Specifications: 0.8Ω 12-16W KA1 & 1.2Ω 10-12W KA1
      • AFC: Adjustable
      • Refill: From the top
      • USB port: Type C


      Available colors:
      Silver, Black, Gunmetal, Dark Blue, Green, Rose Blue


      First impressions:

      XLim in terms of construction and quality confirms the good I had already written for the OXVA Origin.

      Xlim like the previous Origin X maintains a rectangular shape of the frame with rounded edges, however in this new version the Oxva device is made of light aluminum alloy (previously zinc alloy) and holding it in the hand you can appreciate handling and ultra comfortable dimensions .


      In my opinion, Xlim is one of those devices that are never banal and that with the simplicity of its lines, the pastel color and the almost total absence of identifying writings, they never tire as an everyday object.
      The duck beak-shaped spout may not please some, even I am more condescending towards canonical shaped drip-tips, however this detail was not chosen at random and there is a rather important reason that we will see later.

      Display and fire button:
      The 0.42 "inch display is large and bright enough to be easily legible. It also reports convenient information for the user: set power, graphic level of battery charge, resistive value of the coil, puff counter.

      The rectangular Fire button is slightly protruding, but it is well positioned and rather clickable. The key in the center has an "X" shaped LED that will signal any malfunctions in addition to the classic signals on the state of charge of the internal battery.


      AFC system:
      The side profile of Xlim on one side is completely smooth and bare while on the other side there is a small identifying inscription at the bottom.
      A little above the half height there is a slot to regulate the air flow. The sliding hinge system is controlled by a small metal pin and by sliding it from top to bottom, 3 different slots open in succession.

      By selecting a single slot entirely or partially, a restricted MTL type puff is returned. Otherwise with two or three slots selected the puff takes on RDL connotations.
      One aspect that struck me favorably about this AFC system is the fact that the air regulation is well contrasted for MTL, the proof is that by completely closing the hinge the passage of air that follows is almost non-existent, a symptom of a good parts assembly. While by adjusting the opening in RDL the discreet air flow guaranteed by the 3 holes is not too limited but not exaggerated as often happens on these systems.
      Oxva can be said to have also taken care of this aspect very well, which is fundamental for a good performance of an e-cig.



      Xlim above / below:
      The cartridge compartment contains a couple of numeric codes, two magnets, two sprung and gold-plated contact pins and the automatic activation system of the puff identifiable in the center.

      C E mark, disposal logo, built-in battery capacity and Type-C charging socket are all shown on the bottom of the Mod.

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    • Apr 26, 2019
        For this device Oxva has developed two different disposable cartridges, each Pod contains up to 2ml of liquid and the visibility of the level inside is very good.
        The bottom of each replacement cartridge shows the value of the coils contained, and of course the two contacts and magnets mirror those present in the compartment / pod.


        A fundamental requirement is the nails, for the rest it remains very simple to lift the Drip-tip laterally, which is of the bacteriostatic type.
        * In the first image below I indicated the part to be lifted to access the refueling area.
        On the apical part of the cartridge there are 3 holes of different sizes, in the center there is the steam outlet hole, on the side we find a vent hole (the smallest) and another hole which is the filling hole which is protected by a silicone membrane. The refill hole accepts needle tips or the classic tips of most 10 or 30ml dispensers on the market.



        Operation Guide:
        To keep this device fully under control there is a Display and the power is adjustable from 5 to 25W. The presence of the Fire button (with built-in notification LED) I really appreciate it in a pod, in fact this offers the possibility to choose whether to activate the button to vape or simply aspirate automatically.

        The Photon chip also in this version automatically manages each cartridge that we are going to use, proposing for each of them (intelligent function) the recommended power automatically.

        • Power On / Off: Press the Fire button 5 times consecutively to power on / off the device.
        • Vape: After 5 minutes of filling liquid into the cartridge, you can directly draw to vape or press the Fire button.
        • AFC Adjustment: Slide the airflow adjustment pin to get your favorite puff.
        • Power Adjustment: Press the fire button 3 times. When the power on the screen flashes, press the fire button to adjust the
        power. Each time you press, the power will be changed by 0.5W. Long press to quickly adjust the power.
        • Charging: Connect the charging cable to the Type-C 1A interface.

        • After filling the new cartridge with liquid, wait at least 5 minutes before vaping to avoid damage to the coil.
        • After filling with liquid (not too much), close the mouthpiece as soon as possible to avoid leakage.

        Messages on the screen:
        • BATTERY LOW: The battery is exhausted.
        • NO ATOMIZER: The cartridge is not detected.
        • POWER OFF: The device is turned off.
        • SHORT: A short circuit is detected.
        • TIMEOUT: The consecutive duration of the single puff is more than 8 seconds
        • TEMP HIGH: The PCBA temperature is too high.

        Led light:
        • The light is Blue is active while vaping
        • The red light turns on when the battery is low.

        • Do not vape without filling the cartridge with liquid to avoid burning the coil.
        • Do not store the product together with hard objects to avoid scratches.


        Vaping test and final conclusions:
        There are many ways to vape and Oxva knows this, so practical, lightweight and evolved Pod systems like Xlim can be highly coveted by most Vaper's whether they are experts or novices.

        The Xlim battery performed well offering a remarkable life, 312 puffs at 10W which is a remarkable achievement. A full charge cycle takes about 60 minutes.

        • Coil 0.8Ω 12-16W KA1:
        With this cartridge the smart chipset function automatically sets the best wattage to 16W.
        However, I tested the resistance in question in the range indicated and transcribed on the bottom of the resistena (12-16W)
        * The chipset automatically sets the best-range, if you change this value the memory function will show you the last wattage selected with this resistor.
        I used for this cartridge a concentrated Strawberry flavor, 50PG / 50VG with 2mg boost. This is my favorite resistance, this cartridge can be used profitably in MTL with a single air slot selected, so configured and setting 16W it offers a narrow and rather hot shot, the aroma of the strawberry is faithful and intense, but it is much good with all three air slots open and it achieves the best aromatic yield with the right heat of the vapor and in perfect RDL style.

        • Coil1.2Ω 10-12W KA1
        With this cartridge the smart chipset function automatically sets the best wattage to 10W.
        * The chipset automatically sets the best-range, if you change this value the memory function will show you the last wattage selected with this resistor.
        I used for this cartridge a concentrated hazelnut aroma, 50PG / 50VG with 4mg boost. With this resistance I use a single slot for the best performance in MTL, so I find that the Puff is perfectly restricted and that the heat of the vapor is pleasantly warm.

        The two resistances are both aromatic and offer the right amount of steam. Tips: Vaping in environmental conditions that are not overly hot and letting out any excess liquid by "shaking", this method also avoids any "spitting" phenomena, the shot tends to "grease" and without whistles or strange noises. The hit is well present even with low nicotine concentrates in liquids, synonymous with a good overall performance of the coil. The automatic puff works just as well as the manual puff.
        The AFC adjustment allows you to tune the correct Puff contrast to the cartridge used.

        • MTL control of air flow
        • RDL airflow control
        • Two different types of 0.8Ω (RDL) and 1.2Ω (MTL) cartridges
        • Great Flavor and good throat hit (Hit)
        • 0.42 inch mini OLED screen
        • Maximum output power 5-25W adjustable
        • Integrated 900 mAh battery with good autonomy, 312 Puff at 10W!
        • Smart Function
        • Automatic memory function of the last wattage set
        • Automatic and manual puff
        • Bacteriostatic Drip-Tip

        • With Pod systems like this need to dry out condensation often, especially during the hottest summer days.

        Thanks to OXVA for sending me the product for free in exchange for my honest evaluation.

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