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Mar 14, 2019
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    Hi all,

    Today I have an RTA that I always wanted to tey for review, the Pioneer RTA, designed by BP mods and manufactured by Dovpo.



    Special thanks to sourcemore for sending me this RTA for review!

    Also received a discount code for this RTA so you can pick it up for just $30.89, see the code and link at the end of this review.









    1* Pioneer RTA
    1* Ultem Drip Tip
    1* Clear Drip Tip
    1* PCTG Tank Tube
    1* Ultem Tank Tube
    1* Accessories Pack
    1* User Manual




    It is a premium looking RTA for a little above average price, it just looks very high-end and, in my opinion, gorgeous. On the face of the tank there is pretty much no branding apart from 'Designed by' and the BP mods logo carved onto the top cap.

    Really like the cut-in look of the top-cap, but it is also a dirt collector. Only way to properly clean out the dirt of the top-cap is with the use of a toothbrush. It's a 22mm tank, so there is plenty of smaller mods you can fit this one on.



    Overall machining feels very well, and I have had no issues with threading or O-rings popping out on me. Threading feels smooth and not 'sandy'.



    You get 3 different plastic tubes, no glass, which all have the same capacity. Also, you get three drip-tips of which one does not match with any of the tubes, it has the same color as the insulator, like a matt-cream color. Nice that you get these tubes and drip-tips to change the look of your tank. Not an issue for me they are not made from glass.



    On the bottom you will have a gold-plated 510 pin that you can unscrew and replace with any of the other two provides pins. These pins have different diameter air-inlets on the top, 0.8mm, 1.4mm and 2.0mm. It is really nice that you are ale to fine tune the airflow in such an easy manner, no need to take the tank apart, but just unscrew the pin and replace it, even with a full tank. You must be careful when unscrewing the pin as the peak-insulator is small and might get lost. Good new is that you get an additional one in case you lose the first one.

    Airflow ring is thin and when on top of a mod very hard to turn, I always need to get the tank of my mod to fine-tune the airflow. It has 6 tiny hole openings or an entire sleeve opening. In combination with the pins, you are able to get either a VERY tight or loose draw. This RTA is heaven for this that like a tight draw, I am one of them, love it. The airflow sounds very smooth and is on the quiet side.


    Unscrewing the deck can be a bit nerve-wrecking sometimes, there is nothing to really grip onto. Often, I end up unscrewing the top-cap instead. It has a very simple deck. Two posts and that's it. One thing on this RTA though is that you need to bend the end of the coil legs into an L-shape to get the ends through the post-holes. This is because of the oval-shaped wall opposite of the posts. This wall however has a very important function, it limits the air-capacity in the chamber which results in a better throat hit and more importantly flavor.



    Snapping the coil leads is easy because of the posts being flat at the back. Wicking is also not a big deal on this RTA as the wick ports are quite large, especially for a 2.5-3mm coil. Not much combing out required on this one and the deck threading is the perfect indicator on where to cut your cotton.


    It vapes amazingly well, I can say this is the best MTL RTA I have in my collection. Mainly because the flavor and airflow are just outstanding. I have been using this RTA for well over a month and I still use it as my main MTL-gear.

    One quite cool thing about this RTA is that on separate purchase you can very much customize this RTA. You can buy different design airflow rings, top-caps, tubes and even decks. There is a special RDL kit on the market that contains a longer tube and different deck. Unfortunately, I dis not receive any of the customization tools, but it is very cool that it is a possibility.


    For me this is the best MTL RTA that I own. It vapes very well, and the airflow system is just banging, can get really tight on this one. This is the type of RTA I have been looking for, the perfect combination of flavor and airflow.

    Downside for me is that the set does not include the RDL parts, they need to be bought separately. But being able to buy tons of parts additionally to tune your vape is quite a cool thing. Also the bottom part makes it hard sometimes to unscrew the deck from the tank, would have been nice to have some knurling to hold on to.

    You can pick up this RTA from sourcemore for just 30.89$ using discount code BMPR which in my opinion is totally worth the price, especially because regular price is 45$! Find the link here: BP MODS Pioneer RTA Φ22mm 3.7ml MTL RTA

    Thank you for reading, hope you find it helpful!

    Take care!
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      Thank you @hittman! Well this RTA has been with me over 2 months, I just did not have the time. Will not be doing regular reviews, just from time to time :)

      If its about the pictures, I don't understand whats wrong with them tbh, will try to fix them!

      Are you using imgbb? All of my pictures from them stopped working a couple months ago.


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        @Misty would you know how I can correctly add my pictures? I used to do it the same way in the past but they don't want to load. On the edit function I do see them, but on the forum they do not display.
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        That’s exactly what happened to me. I had to switch to Imgur.
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