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Pizza Dave Delivers - A Starter Kit Review - The Cosmo Plus by Vaptio

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by pizzadave80, Jan 15, 2020.

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  1. pizzadave80

    pizzadave80 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 23, 2016


    Hello everyone and welcome to another review. This is Pizza Dave and today I will be going over the Cosmo Plus start kit by Vaptio. This device is a follow up to the more simple Cosmo which came out last year. Bigger battery, full adjustability, and a new tank to round it out. The Cosmo plus is a starter kit for MTL and direct lung vaping with a sleek look and compact body. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Cosmo, so let’s see if they can reel me back in on this one. Let’s get right to it eh?

    DISCLAIMER: This device was sent to my by Vaptio for review.



    • 1 Cosmo Plus 1500mah device
    • 1 Cosmo Plus Tank
    • 1 C4 .7-ohm mesh coil
    • 1 C1 1.6-ohm round-wire coil
    • 1 Micro USB charging cable
    • Paperwork

    Available in black, silver, rose gold, peacock green, pink, and orange.





    Measurements: 70mm x 20.3mm x 27mm

    Battery: 1500mah

    Power Range: 5-35w w/ round robin controls

    Tank Capacity: 2-4ml (straight or bubble glass)

    Other features: Fully adjustable, with VV, VW, and Bypass modes



    A much better looking device than the first go around. I really like the black w/ gold accents. It looks fancy and has a refined look that doesn’t look cheesy. It is still very compact and pocket friendly as well. Once powered up, I like that this has a full .69” display which makes for more modes and more adjustment. The first one had adjustments, but only indicated via LEDs, so having the display is a great addition. The tank also matches well, even though it looks and feels quite top heavy with the bubble glass installed. Enough about how it seems on the outside, let’s dive deeper.



    Vaptio kept this one simple and it has all of the same operations an average user can pick up and use right away.

    • 5 clicks of the fire button turns the device on and off
    • 3 clicks of the fire button enters a selection menu
      • Variable wattage mode
      • Variable voltage mode
      • Bypass mode
      • Settings (sleep time and vape time)
    • Pressing the up and down buttons together locks out the adjustment, but it will still fire
    That is all it takes to run this thing and It works great for what it is. Simple for a beginner, useful for an experienced vapor. The only goofy thing is that the up and down adjustment seems backwards. Left is up and right is down, which always seems wonky during use.

    Since we are operating, I want to talk about the tank a little. It has a straight 2ml glass option, as well as a 4ml bubble. There is a top fill, opened via a quarter turn top cap. The base of the tank unscrews and the coils literally just pop right in and out. Not threading, no solid push or pull, they just plop in there and rest against a gasket on the top and bottom. At the base, there is an AFC with a wide slot for direct lung vape, but with a twist of the tank it closes down to 2 small holes, or 1 small hole if you keep turning. I will get into this more with how it vapes next.












    I used this quite a bit over the past few weeks, all the way up until both coils were gonzo, and I found myself really liking it. The flavor and ease of use is as good as I would want from a pod/starter kit and many key features really shined. First off, the tank has a ton of air flow adjustment. It has variable air flow with a large slot, or even down to 1 or 2 small holes. This goes from a tight MTL up to a restricted lung inhale. It is slightly more open with mesh, working better in DL mode, where the round-wire is tighter and gets even tighter for MTL fans out there. Both have good flavor, but the mesh really shines for how I like to vape. I have no complaints with liquid capacity or battery life, as both lasted me all the way through a work day, needing a refill and recharge right at the end of the day. The screen is a great pro, because it offers more adjustment and also shows a battery bar and resistance of the coil. These need to be features on every pod system, as they take battery anxiety out of the equation and I love seeing as much information as possible. While I liked this quite a bit, it still has some cons. The worst con is the tall slender nature. It tipped over all the time, and I have NO CLUE how I didn’t break the glass. The small size is great, but it is also almost too small if that makes sense? The shape in my big paws felt a little awkward and I would be fine with something a little thicker. The last con is with the coils. While they are good for flavor and draw, life isn’t amazing, and I even had some gurgling at times. I never had huge flooding, but when it sat overnight it always had a gurgle to clear out. The coil life averaged roughly 16mL, which isn’t terrible, but when they went they really went. They would get to the point of just not wicking well, which is odd for something that I had gurgling with. Once they struggled to keep up, burnt hits ensued, and it was time for a coil change. All in all, this is a nice device for beginners, but probably not something a current vapor would get a lot of use or enjoyment from. I think there are some pod systems out there that are more fit for that market, but it is what it is. I commend Vaptio on updating their design and having some great features, they just need to perfect the coils a bit more.


    OVEN TEST – If this were to accidentally fall into the pizza oven, would I go out and get another? It’s a pass for me.



    • Compact size
    • Decent flavor (mesh is much better than round)
    • Battery life is good enough for a work day
    • 4ml capacity was great
    • Stylish design
    • Lots of airflow adjustment
    • Battery indicator on screen



    • Coils got a bit gurgly at times
    • Small size is a bit too small for my big hands
    • Tips over quite a bit
    • Coils didn’t last that long


    Thank you everyone and thank you to Vaptio for sending this my way for review. Seeing them online for about $50.


    Pizza Dave – delivering real reviews with no extra toppings


    REVIEW CRITERIA: I use each item for about two weeks to ensure I have collected enough data to adequately write a review. I use the same e liquid in tanks or rdas throughout all my reviews to ensure that I am comparing apples to apples between all modern equipment. I do not post reviews until I feel confident that I have used it enough to give an educated review. The reason I started doing reviews was due to poor purchasing decisions in my vaping infancy about two years ago. Back then, I purchased several different pieces of hardware without really enjoying it and I hope my reviews can guide people into spending their hard-earned money more wisely than I did! ****Keep in mind that some items I receive may be pre-release and not in retail packaging. Quality may be less than the finished product and what is in the package may differ from the retail package as well.

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