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Poll: RX GEN3 or RX2 20700?

Discussion in 'VV/VW APV Discussion' started by deadhorizon, Feb 23, 2018.

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  1. deadhorizon

    deadhorizon Full Member

    Jul 15, 2016
    Quick poll – which one would you buy, and why?

    • I'm upgrading from an RX200
    • I generally vape around 60W (3.7A)
    • I like the appearance of the RX2 more than the GEN3
    • I like the idea of more battery life from the GEN3 (3 vs 2)
  2. Baditude

    Baditude ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Apr 8, 2012
    Ridgeway, Ohio
    I'll decline to recommend one over the other. I've had a Wisemic RX 200 which I used almost exclusively for a year before the 510 connector became wonky (common issue). I wasn't very pleased with its battery life despite it being a 3-battery mod. I was using high quality 18650 batteries (LG HG2 3000mah 20a and Samsung 30Q 3000mah 15a batteries) vaping at 30 - 40 watts, and only getting a little over a days use with them.

    Next purchased a Segelei Fuschai 213 Plus 2-battery mod. Again, using the same batteries and same mod settings, I only got a days use.

    Next purchased a JAC Vapour series B DNA75W single battery mod. Using the same battery and same settings, I get a full days use. I attribute the better battery efficiency to the Evolv DNA chip set. The JAC is also much more pocket friendly.

    One other consideration: How easily available are the 20700 batteries compared to 18650's? Since LG, Samsung, and Sony don't make 20700 batteries, your choices for 20700 batteriesare limited to Chinese manufacturers and I'm not really convinced they can make quality batteries comparable to the Koreans or Japanese.
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  3. deadhorizon

    deadhorizon Full Member

    Jul 15, 2016
    Hmm, I’ve had nothing but positives with my RX200... you do make some interesting points though.

    Nevertheless, I didn't realize there was a polls section... So I'm going to move this there.
  4. bombastinator

    bombastinator Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 12, 2010
    MN USA
    Iirc Tesla makes ‘me too, making it the only American battery you can buy
  5. Ralph_K

    Ralph_K Senior Member

    Jan 1, 2018
    Have you ever used a 70mm battery in a charger? Really tight fit and difficult to get out unless you put a battery in every other slot. I can see wrapper getting torn easy
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  6. RigBick

    RigBick Senior Member

    Mar 29, 2018
    Clearwater, Fl
    I bought a Gen 3 - 300 watt. I really like it. I understand that it is smaller than the previous Rx series. Rip Trippers reviewed it to be the least recognized possibly best mod of 2017. With that being said I know it's 2018. Anyways I like it and do not use it to anywhere near its capability. Usually vaping about 70 Watts and it lasts 2 days on a single charge.
  7. sonicbomb

    sonicbomb Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 17, 2015
    1187 Hunterwasser
    Buy both, it's the only way to be sure.
  8. mimöschen

    mimöschen Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 15, 2016
    I enjoy using my Gen3 and it feels very solid. But it can get quite warm to the touch when chain vaping.

    If you want a dual 2x700 device, make sure it can take 21700 cells, so your choice of good batteries isn't that limited.

    Sanyo 20700b are readily available.
    As well as the 4-leg Ijoy which still performs well, although they're china manufactured cells.

    It depends on the charger. All Xtar, Enova and the new Nitecore chargers have more than enough space and work very well with 2x700 batteries for example.
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