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Closed/Sold Posted twice still available see above Core-Erig/w xtras.


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Sep 25, 2022
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    Hey guys wasn’t planning on getting rid of this but kinda have to…….Core E-rig with all accessories it came with & untouched coils that it came with. Plus 6 xtra quartz coiless buckets, 3 stainless steel. 1 of the new versions forget what they call it but it’s the one with the bucket that heats on sides also. 2 extra buckets for the new version just mentioned. An extra grey rubber sheath I purchased an also an upgrade silver top for the rig with the upgrade top(the part u spin always forget the name. coils it comes with that are wrapped still are the wrapped black rod coil and another stainless steel coil. Also throw in 3 new heaters for the quartz/steel buckets. U can have the coil master case the xtra coils are sitting in also. Rig was used 3 times it’s like new and all the coils are like new also. Thanks. CS.
    (message me if ya got any questions I’ll ship for free priority in US only have Cashapp, Venmo & Current). ✌

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