PROMOTION: Free Carts for ECF Members

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May 21, 2008
    Hi Everyone

    This is a promotion we have run since we started but it may have been lost in the forum somewhere, so here it is for anyone who may be thinking of getting a Starter Pack. :D

    To get your *10 Free Cartridges simply add any ecig Starter Pack (5 Free Empty Carts with eCigar & ePipe Starter Packs) to your basket, simply add your ECF screen name along with your preferred flavour/strength (or even empty!) in the comments section at checkout and we'll include the Free Cartridges with your order!

    Happy eSmoking!

    * This promotion is only available with the purchase of a Starter Pack. Preferred flavour/strength/empty is subject to stock. We reserve the right to substitute the free cartridges for the nearest equivalent to your choice. For eCigar & ePipe Starter Packs you will receive 5 Free Empty Cartridges. We reserve the right to withdraw this promotion at any time without notice.


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    Jan 17, 2010

      I have placed my first order (starter pack) but I was so stupid that I typed my screen name in the "coupon section" instead of "comments"

      of course I got "not valid" as a response and I assumed that the promo was over

      I have contacted the but no reply yet - I'm annoyed that I might have wasted a chance to get 10 free cartridges, which was great because I wanted to try as many as I could before going for one

      Is there anything I could do?


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