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Provape v1 and/or NES DNA30 Mod

Discussion in 'Member Classifieds and Swaps' started by Doffy, Apr 10, 2020.

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  1. Doffy

    Doffy Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 15, 2014
    Looking for a ProVape V1. This is not the same as provari v1, this was a 2009 release, which was more or less an antique pod mod. It was fixed voltage, 14500 battery.

    • ProVape-1 Starter Kit: The ProVape-1 Starter Kit was constructed of stainless steel and aluminum, used the battery state to determine the power output, offered an appealing tube mod design, and measured 3.8″ tall with a .75″ diameter. It included an atomizer adapter for either 901 or 510 threading, a matching silver atomizer, two protected 14500 batteries, a dual battery charger, and a user manual.
    • ProVape-1 Base Kit: The Base Kit offered the same features, except that it didn’t include the atomizer, batteries or the charger.
    • ProVape-1 Starter Kit – Color: The Color Kit offered the same features, included the atomizer, batteries, and charger, but was available in an anodized color that was able to be chosen at the time of check out.
    • ProVape-1 Base Kit Color: The Base Kit Color excluded the atomizer, batteries, and charger, but still gave you the option to choose an anodized color.

    Alternately, I'd like to find a NES DNA30 mod. These had around a 6 month waiting list. They were gimmicky with capital "G". Among the first DNA30 mods, which were commonly viewed as ridiculous because no one needs wattage that high.


    I reside in Australia, will cover any postage costs on top of quoted price.

    I think ECF policy says that I am not permitted to offer above RRP? But I am happy to offer RRP as an Australian. By this, I refer to tipping not being part of our culture. So in dealing with Americans, we sometimes over compensate on tipping. This is purely cultural, and not ECF naughty

    I understand that the NES controller is a Lipo cell, and produced in I *think* 2014? So, I'm hopeful that someone may have a shelved mod that doesn't hold charge. I could purchase and repair said mod.

    Thanks for looking :) I don't think that i have a feedback score here. But I think I am OK, personally :cool:
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  2. mackman

    mackman Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 19, 2013
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