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Puzzled - Flavor with 100% VG goes away after a few vapes

Discussion in 'MyVape' started by JesByChance, Feb 2, 2012.

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  1. JesByChance

    JesByChance Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 23, 2011
    I posted in general e-liquid discussion section but thought I'd post here too since most of my hardware now is from GV!

    Here's the text:
    I'm having this issue also, did a search and this pretty much is accurate, so +1 for me resurrecting an old thread vs. starting a new one!

    So, I'm using GotVapes Cyclone eGo Vornado 3ml Bottom Coil Cartomizer VV KIT [gv-cyclonevornado-KIT] - $26.95 :, E-cigarette Supplies - Atomizers Cartomizers Mods Juice and more, which is a tank type carto and the variable passthrough. I've found the sweet spot at 3.7 volts. Here's what's happening. Friend suggested that I started off with 100% VG, so that's mostly what I've got but through trial and error, I've found a perfect blend and flavor for me, which is 80%VG and 20% PG blackberry champagne. It is flavorful and hits really, really good throughout the entire tank, rinse and repeat. I've filled other tanks with the 100%VG, example would be amaretto or champagne and the first few vapes, they hit really really good but then after a few, they lose all flavor and have a weird taste. Juice is from and I'm VERY happy with the pg/vg mixed blackberry champagne and I also have 100% PG blackberry and neither lose their flavor over time, even with chain vaping. Do not lose their flavor OR "hit". So now I'm wondering, the VG juices seem to vary in their thickness due to flavor, like my butter rum is much thicker than amaretto for example, which are both 100%vg. I have an idea as to what might be causing it but I'd like to hear from you guys before I put my 0.02c in. Anyone else experience this and know what the problem is?

    Oh, and setting it down for the little bit that it took to type this up and hit it again, the flavor is full and the throat hit is very nice for the first three chain vapes and then...gone! ​

    So, is it that the vornado is not able to keep up with the wicking for the 100% VG? the 80/20 is awesome the entire time even chain vaping and so is the 100%PG, even on the same vornado. It's the only thing I can think of. Should I take the Vornado apart and snip the holes a little bigger and give that a shot?
  2. badkolo

    badkolo ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    many tanks where there is a restriction put on the wicks to control leaking would have issues with 100%vg. thinning it out helps.
  3. Briar

    Briar Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    It's probably not the carto. It's your taste buds playing games with your head. All of my juices lose some flavor over the length of the day. My first year of vaping it was well-nigh catastrophic, on some juices (my favorite ones, of course), I'd take a few vapes, and the taste would go away completely.

    Now it's a lot better, but some juices still notably decline in taste if I stay with them too long at one time.

    It just happens. I have no idea why, or why it's with some juices more than others. What I do is keep several in rotation, switch often, and it sorta works out.

    Maybe some juices are more irritating to the mouth than others, and that makes a difference, I don't know.

    Sorry couldn't be of more help.

    EDIT: Or, conversely, it's a wicking issue. If it happens more with thicker juice, than that's probably it. I noticed that Vornado, in particular, doesn't seem to be great with VG, I mostly use PG with it. Visions do good though.
  4. burns_erin

    burns_erin Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 22, 2010
    The ArmPit of Texas
    Well for one thing, vg does seem to mute flavor compared to pg, IMHO.

    Next, up, why some 100% vg is thicker or thinner. There are ALOT of variables here. VG isn't uniformly conform. Over the years I have bought lots of bottles if vg, for ecig and DIY beauty supplies, and it CAN vary way more than you would think. Also, when you are mixing in flavorings, the thickness of the flavoring, the amount of flavoring, these can have dramatic effects on the resultant thickness of the finished product. Finally, people can and do thin out vg juices with things like distilled water, alchohol (pure grain, vodka, bourbon, jack daniels...I swear I've heard them all) and vinegar.

    And lastly, flavor depletion. Couple things there. Since VG doesn't traditionally wick as well I've found that it can not always catch up with chain vaping, and this is more our less true depending on the cartos. My LEAST troublesome carto for this has been the vision mini. The other side of this is as Briar said, possibly your taste buds and/our brain. Attenuation is a fact of life. It's kind of like why ttery developed those disk scent air fresheners that alternate the scent they put out. The brain is an extraordinary thing, just like you can't smell the cigarette smoke if you smoke, or you don't notice your clothes touching your skin (well, until I mentioned it that is), or the refrigerator humming until it stops or changes sound, so to can flavor perception about. It's a scientifically proven fact that the brain attenuates the common and devotes resources to the novel stimuli. Some people's brains are better at this, and some are worse.
  5. JesByChance

    JesByChance Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 23, 2011
    Thanks Badkolo...I tried to think out the juice with somr 100%PG but I'm afraid with the differing densities, they separate after a short amount of time, where you can actually see two different liquids. I've tried shaking for like 5 minutes but they always separate...seem insoluble. If you have any idea's I can get them to become cohesive, I'm all ears!

    Briar, I think I have to concour. I'm going to take one apart and do what Auntie Cranky up the vents and pull out a few strands of wicking (if I can possibly manage that). I will post up what I find.

    On a clarifying note. My 80VG/20PG hits wonderfully on the vornado and so does the 100PG I have...never have the issue of the flavor dissapating even while chain vaping.
  6. harmonic

    harmonic Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 20, 2011
    Desoto, Mo
    if you mix two liquids and they separate into layers after a few min then you got something funny in your juice. not saying i know much about it but the only time i have seen that happen is when i have used a 'bad' flavor. IE loranns orange oil. not really supposed to use the 'oil' ones like orange oil or peppermint oil ect. even after extended shaking and steeping the orange oil would collect at the top. (found out later i was using too much but even a small amount doesn't mix that well)
    the pg should mix with the vg just fine. not sure what you got going on lol
  7. Briar

    Briar Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Yeah, I'm with Harmonic on this one: this is a bit curious. I mix pre-made juices all the time, I almost never use something as bought, and I have never seen this happen. Usually they mix just fine.
  8. JesByChance

    JesByChance Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 23, 2011
    I'll try it with a different flavor and see and report back.
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