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Qualifications For the ALPHA™ Program & ALL ALPHA Product Discussion HERE- Check Here For New Alpha Products

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Feb 14, 2011
    The GotVapes ALPHA™ program is just about ready to roll-out with our first products with many, many more to be added. Please read below for program details:

    What is the GotVapes ALPHA™ Program
    In short we, and particularly Chris, are spending many hours scouring manufacturers, upstart and established, for the latest advancements in e-cigarette technology, both in cartomizer and battery products.

    We have had our eyes on many products and have only pulled the trigger on the most promising and those where we have had time to thoroughly work with the manufacturer and do as much testing as we possibly could. The process is laborious, time-consuming and can be very costly.

    With GotVapes ALPHA™ we are introducing a special purchase category to include products that we have done a small amount of preliminary testing, coupled with extensive contact with the manufacturer and we feel they have potential, but we do not want to introduce them into the wild. These products are not in the throw-it-at-the-wall-and-see-if-it-sticks variety. They will have some limited testing in-house and if they are simply not up to par for the ALPHA program we will simply not put them up for ALPHA program users, we'll eat the cost.

    We will make these products available in a very limited quantity and at prices that try to recover some of our cost (read: they will be super cheap for those in the ALPHA program).

    How Do I Get Into the ALPHA Program
    You don't have to jump through hoops but this is on an invitation only basis OR you can PM the designated ECF users. Criteria basically is we want someone who isn't necessarily a new vaper. We would like to see:

    • 250 posts (we can be flexible on this)
    • Someone who posts in our forum and it would carry weight if they are a previous GotVapes customer with at least 2-3 purchases (you must have at LEAST one order so that you do have a GV account we can update)
    • General solid vaping experience
    • Can agree that all products they might buy in the ALPHA program do NOT go through our regular ticket system and has no warranty whatsoever. We are providing these at a very low cost. We will have a sticky ALPHA thread to discuss the products. No starting a thread regarding the Alpha item.

    We WANT as many as we can justify in this program. It is not limited as to number of participants, the more the merrier.

    How the ALPHA Program Will Work
    We have a special category, aptly named, at the bottom of the Products section in the left-hand column of our website (you can see it there now, but with no products yet). As products are added ONLY those who have been added to the program can purchase these products. Others will see a message.

    Those in our forum who will help us manage this program will help us pre-screen members and forward anyone they think might be on the fence to Chris and I, to ask for a final stamp. MANY of you I know right now, I want to add directly, but let's keep this organized. Send a PM to keelalagirl or adrena...put ALPHA in the subject line and just simply state you would like to the in the ALPHA program. They have been briefed on what we are looking for, etc. You can PM them with a simple, "I'd like to be enrolled in ALPHA". Doesn't have to be a letter :). If for whatever reason you aren't approved don't worry, keep active and be active in the ALPHA sticky and we can add at a future date. Basically we want experienced vapers (and you don't have to be a two-year vet or anything like that, just not a completely new vaper) who understand the spirit of this and would be willing to discuss and compare notes in that special sticky thread.

    By the way you have to have an account established with GotVapes.com so we can add you of course. When you PM for inclusion give your email address so you can be referenced and your customer record amended to reflect you are in ALPHA program

    Periodically I will add info to this post so check back here and there for more official news. You can reach this post easily by going to the OPs post that started the thread and then click the link.

    Thank you for taking the time and considering to be a part of the alpha program.
    ***Before sending a PM please look over the following to further help us helping.***

    • We would like to see active involvement from participants in the GV thread, prior to request to join the program.
    • Actively posting on ECF in a civil manner.
    • Engaging, informative and helpful feedback.
    • Please note: We may not get to the PM right away, but you will have a response by the end of the day.

    Thank you for your assistance in this matter!


    Send your requests via PM (including your email address attached to your GV account) to:
    keelalagirl55 -- Monday-Sunday

    A reminder:
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    Oct 22, 2010
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      Tim you are in.

      For ALL: You will know when you go in to the ALPHA category if you have an Add To Cart button or if it says "product only available, blah blah". You will also be given info to apply if you didn't know about the program before. Also keelalagirl55 has been working in PMs informing those who screened through their help, which is most appreciated (make sure you are kind to her! She has been a big help)

      Just because a person might not be eligible at the moment doesn't mean they can't revisit this. The main thing we want to see is:

      • Somewhat experienced vapers
      • Previous customer of GotVapes so that you have an account that I can update (hopefully more than one purchase)
      • Good posting history (we would like to see 200-250 posts at minimum) especially inside of our own forum. You don't have to have constantly posted but a smattering here and there is good to see. Also post count is artificial, we can bend the rules depending on other factors.
      • Individual can abide by the guidelines: no returns, no regular ticket system for support and post constructively ONLY in this sticky about their opinions, etc. No making seperate threads here and elsewhere on ECF about the product. Keep all discussion here.

      We'll have some products up very very soon...most if not all of you who responded directly to me in beginning days of this are in the ALPHA program.

      Dannoman I sent my pm to you back on the first day how will I know if I got in ?

      Thanks Tim
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      Apr 25, 2012
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