Questions regarding the (New) Varitube X Mini.

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Apr 14, 2012
I just ordered one of the New Varitube X Mini's from as a back up to my Provari and as a travel mod. If you look on their website, they have some of these Varitubes with the word (New) in front of the description. Does anyone know if their New Varitubes are the ones with a higher amp switch? Also, what else besides the switch has been upgraded? I would imagine these New Varitubes have something upgraded since they cost more. Also, if these are in fact the upgraded Lavatubes, do I still need to adjust the voltage as the battery drains? Lastly, I don't need this thing to last a entire day. That's what my Provari. I would like it to least at least a half the life of the Provai. I'm used to vaping with 18650 bats but the Mini Varitube uses 18350 bats. Any have any idea of what I can expect.

In the end, even though its a Lavatube and I Already own a Provari, I still want to like the mod. Looks like a great travel mod.
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