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    Some Members make custom variations of e-cigarettes, known as 'mods'. Doing this is called 'modding'. Please be advised that these Members do so at their own risk, and trying to copy their results or following tutorials here is AT YOUR OWN RISK. The advice and tutorials posted here may or may not be safe for the inexperienced and ECF cannot advise you if the advice is safe for you, given the variation in experience, ability and workshop facilities.

    We cannot decide if a tutorial is safe for you to follow, they are USED AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    Please do not work in unsafe conditions. Please do not take risks.

    Guidelines for Tutorials
    Tutorials must advocate safety and should employ the use of safer-chemistry batteries (such as Li-Mn / IMR), properly-gauged wiring, and any other appropriate safe practices.

    No tute will be allowed that involves the use of primary cells (non-rechargeables), stacked Li-ion cells whether protected or not (series configured Li-CoO2 basic lithium cells), or Li-Poly cells without a prominent caution regarding the fire risk after impact damage.

    ECF reserves the right to remove any posts that appear to create risk for inexperienced modders.

    If you decide to try modding, you are strongly advised to:
    1. Learn about good electrical and mechanical working practices
    2. Take safety measures appropriate to a workshop
    Ensure sufficient light in the work area; maintain a clean, dry and trip-free floor area; ensure contact with mains electricity cannot occur due to, for example, a liquid spill; have a First Aid kit handy, and make sure that an eyewash kit is included as it is one of the most commonly-needed parts - nothing complicated is needed, an eyebath and Visine or B+L Eye Relief (US) or Optrex (UK) liquid is fine (make sure you have an eyebath and not just eyedrops, by the way). Consider fire safety: how will you deal with a localised fire caused by a work accident?

    Have a faceshield or safety spectacles available for immediate use, perhaps when cutting materials or closely examining certain operations; have a heatproof rest available for your soldering iron if it is not part of a workstation with an integral rest.

    Be prepared for a battery short-circuit or similar unexpected event. The only guaranteed thing about work is that accidents happen - so try to plan for safe working, and for effective response if a problem occurs.

    Eye safety advice
    Eyesight is the most valuable sense we possess and, in our experience, the easiest to damage in a workshop. PLEASE keep this in mind, and invest in a real glass pair of safety spectacles for close-up work (they are far easier to work with than plastic versions and do not obstruct vision in any way). Opticians can supply them.

    Some basic eye safety tips:
    - Never get close up to work where something can fly off or spit out, without your safety specs.
    - Especially, don't get close up to drilling, milling or lathe work without safety specs. Never had a drill break in your face?
    - Never be looking edge-on at a cutting disk when rotating, even a micro one like that on a Dremel.
    - For some jobs, a full face shield may be better.
    - For welding, an electronic shield is about the best tool you can buy. The screen auto-darkens as the arc makes. You just blink as you strike the arc, because for about a hundredth of a second there may not be any protection. It's an expensive buy for occasional use, so try and hire one - it's easily the best welding tool you can get. (After that comes a bronze screw-on earth clamp instead of the nasty croc clip normally supplied with cheap sets.)

    Look after your eyes, modern work tools and practices can easily damage them.

    Any information contained in this Forum is acted on at the user's own risk.

    ECF cannot be held responsible for individuals causing personal injury or damage to property by following information in this Forum.
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