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Resistance climbing..? (SLB attys)

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Jan 25, 2013
Washington DC
    Yesterday I forgot which head I had in a nova (2.4ohm vs 2.8) so I checked them all with my multimeter. Worked fine, gave expected readings (label value + .1ohm from the probes..)

    Today I noticed that I was having to jack the voltage higher to get a good vape, so I whipped out ye olde multimeter again. Most of them are now reading 3+ ohms. (Both the measurements were taken with the attys installed in an SLB Nova, with juice.) I tried puffing one to warm it up a bit and remeasured, got 2.8 (as expected) very briefly, then it started climbing again..

    Have I got dead attys? User error? They are a bit over a week old and none of them have gone through more than a few ml (maybe 10 on the heaviest used and less than 3 on the lightest.) It doesn't seem related to volume - the lesser-used ones are showing the same readings.

    I tried running one through the ultrasonic and it is cleaner but still reads the same 3-3.5 ohms. (With the cap off, it looks like the coil has shifted to one side slightly - there is no reinforcement, just bare coils over the wicks. If that was my problem I would have expected it to short and read low, not high..)

    I'm figuring on upgrading to better attys (cisco has been recommended) once the evic shows up but I'd rather not spend on shipping etc if I'm just gonna blow them again.. I can get the SLBs right up the road for a couple bucks a pop..
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