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[Review] Rebirth RDA by HellVape & MikeVapes - A Comeback From The Iconic RDA

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by TheOneVape_Review, May 5, 2019.

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  1. TheOneVape_Review

    TheOneVape_Review Full Member

    Jan 21, 2019
    Rebirth RDA by HellVape & MikeVapes

    Hi there! TheOneVape_Review is back once again with a RDA review which was collaborated between HellVape and Mr MikeVapes - The Rebirth RDA. Ever since this RDA came out last year, I was very excited to get my hands on one to try out and finally bought it back in February. Let's go below so I could share my experiences and thoughts with you on the Rebirth RDA.

    The Rebirth RDA, a collaboration between HellVape and MikeVapes, was a follow up of the Iconic RDA towards the end of the year in 2018. To my limited understanding, the Rebirth RDA was an improved design of the Iconic RDA, which was collaborated with VandyVape. If you want to have a better understanding of it, I would suggest you to check out MikeVapes presentation video of the Rebirth RDA on YouTube. Just a quick overview of the Rebirth RDA - It has a 24 mm build deck with 2 post design that is able to put a single or a dual coil configuration. It also has a honeycomb bottom airflow with raised airflow channels, ensuring there is a 6 mm deep juice well to support both squonking and dripping mode.

    How does the Rebirth RDA performs? Let me talk more about it, show some pictures that I took below and give you my final thoughts. Just to clarify that I have zero experience nor tried the Iconic RDA before so I can't say how it performs against it but I will just share with you my thoughts on the Rebirth RDA itself.

    Diameter : 24 mm

    Height : 35 mm

    2.5 mm x 3.5 mm Post Holes

    16 1.2 mm Bottom Adjustable Honeycomb Airflow For Each Side

    2 Post Build Deck With Gold Plated Positive Post

    Top Cap Locking System With Adjustable Airflow

    6 mm Deep Juice Well With Raised Bottom Airflow To Prevent Leaking

    Flat Head Screws

    810 Cobra Drip Tip & Frosted Drip Tip Included

    Gold Plated Squonk Pin Included

    Use Coily Tool To Cut Coils At 6.5 mm

    Stainless Steel

    Matte Black




    Piano Black




    Color Options / Picture Credits: CustomVapesUK

    1 x Rebirth RDA

    1 x Spare 810 Frosted Drip Tip

    1 x Stainless Steel 510 Adapter

    1 x Coil Cutting Tool

    1 x Squonk Pin

    5 x O-Rings

    2 x Spare Flat Head Screws

    1 x Flat Head Screwdriver

    1 x Hex Key Allen Wrench

    1 x Rebirth Sticker

    1 x User Manual

    Packaging Content

    810 Resin Drip Tip

    Top Cap ( With Honeycomb Airflow )

    Build Deck ( Angled Airflow Channels & 2 Post )

    Squonk Pin / Regular 510 Pin

    I bought the black Rebirth RDA and it comes with a 810 red cobra drip tip. The drip tip color depends on what color you get for the RDA. The cutout of the drip tip is quite wide and it widens out from the bottom to the top on the inside. It is compatible with other 810 drip tips and I have no issues with placing my other 810 drip tips on it without any overhangs or looking weird.

    The top cap has a black matte finish and a nicely engraved Rebirth logo with a white / silver finish on it. But again, the finish and color of the logo depends on the color you buy. Some color schemes does not offer a matte finish, but instead a glossy finish. Only one of the black finish offers a white / silver Rebirth logo while the rest follows the color of the top cap. On the bottom of of the top cap, there are 16 1.2 mm honeycomb airflow on each side that is adjustable. The airflow holes are closed down in 3s vertically when turning the top cap in clockwise direction, meaning only one airflow hole from each row will be closed while closing down the airflow. This follows the same principles when opening the airflow. The top cap does not turn 360 because there are 2 cutouts on the inside of the top cap to ensure it stops spinning once the airflow is fully opened / closed.

    Closing Down Of Airflow

    The entire build deck is media blasted except for the gold post. The build deck offers only 2 post which is capable of putting in a single coil, dual coils and even triple coils. It is also large enough to fit 2 4 mm coils inside. The posts are not aligned together and there is an offset between the two. This is due to your coil legs, when faced in the same direction, are also offset. Thus, making the installation of coils easier without your coils facing too much of an angle. The post holes are generous enough to fit dual coils with a dimension of 2.5 mm x 3.5 mm and are held in place by flat head screws. The airflow is a bottom airflow, but raised at an angle to provide a deeper juice well and to reduce the chance of leaking. To me, this RDA is more of a bottom and side airflow design as some of the air will hit the sides of the coils and not entirely the bottom. The entrance of airflow hole is wider than the one at the exit. It is something like a cone, not exactly a cone, but the concept is there. It is wide at first and it starts to narrow its way down. The build deck has a 6 mm deep juice well with the top cap on. When the Rebirth RDA first came out of the box, it was pre-installed with a 510 pin, so remember to swap it out with the included squonk pin before you squonk.

    Overall, the Rebirth RDA is a very aesthetically looking RDA especially the Rebirth logo. I am a huge fan of the Rebirth logo and it looks really good on top of all my mods, especially on both my Topside Single and Dual.

    2 Post Build Deck

    Angled Airflow

    Bottom / Side Airflow

    The 810 cobra drip tip and frosted 810 drip tip feels very comfortable in the mouth. I find that the restriction of the o-ring holding the drip tip isn't very strong as it comes out way too easy just like the on the Profile RDA. The top cap on mine is matte so it doesn't leave any fingerprints on it. Taking out, putting back and twisting the top cap is a pain in the ... as the restriction on the o-ring is so tight that it scratches my mod. I tried changing out the o-rings with the spares and it is still very tight that I have to lube the o-rings up with my e-liquid for a smoother usage. By the way, I have 2 Rebirth RDAs and the other one didn't seem to have that problem.

    The build quality of the Rebirth RDA is good. I have washed it using an ultrasonic cleaner multiple times and no signs of color drop off. The inside of the top cap is very smooth and clean and the same goes for the build deck. But after using it for quite some time, I noticed that the exterior of media blasted build deck starts to have friction marks on it. I guess it was due to the tightness of the o-rings that resulted me in using force in order to use the RDA. No machining oil were found when taking out from the box but is still recommended to wash before using a brand new atomizer. The quality of the flat head screws are quite good even thought I had my screwdriver slipped off several times and it didn't damage the screws. As mentioned above, the o-rings on one of my Rebirth RDA is too tight to use and is fine on the other one. The quality control of the o-rings need to step up. I have no idea if this happens to other HellVape products but the difference in o-rings quality on both the same RDA is quite a turn off for me.

    Since the Rebirth RDA is a 2 post design, a dual coil / triple coil will share the same post holes. Some may be fine with it, some may hate it. To me, this takes practice and now it has become a part of me. I find the easiest way to install it is to wrap your coils anti-clockwise and pre-bend your coils before installing it. The reason why it is best to wrap anti-clockwise is because of the placement of the posts; the coils legs when wrapped in anti-clockwise will fit nicely with the offset posts without having to face at an angle too much, thus making it easier to build with a dual coil. You can also wrap your coils clockwise, but you will have a harder time to install them. The placement of the coils to the airflow is very important as they affects the performance of flavor. As for single coil, coil placement is not very important because all you got to do is to align it in the middle. A huge single coil like 4 mm will work.

    Let me share with you where I like my coil placements for the best flavor :

    Step 1 : Wrap your coils anti-clockwise. If you are using pre-made coils, ensure they are wrapped anti-clockwise. Pre-bend your legs before placing it on the coil cutting tool.

    Step 2 : Use the provided coil cutting tool or coily tool ( 6.5 mm ) to cut the coil leg to length.

    step 3 : Place one coil at a time. Once you have both coils in place, hold them down and screw them tight. You can either have the legs overlapping one another or putting them side by side, your own preference.

    Step 4 : Adjust the coils to your desired position. For me personally, I like to place my coils directly over the airflow and leave a 3 to 4 mm gap in between.

    Step 5 : Dry burn coils to remove any possible debris or hot spots.

    Step 6 : Insert appropriate sized cotton through the coils. Make sure that there is a little tension between the cotton and the coil, but not too much that it will move the coil along.

    Step 7 : Trim the cotton aligning with the second o-ring on the build deck.

    Step 8 : I like to thin out my cotton and fluff it out. Tuck the cottons inside the build deck. Make sure the cottons are not covering the protruding squonk pin.

    Preferred Coil Placement


    Although the 2 post design makes the coils to be in high position and having a little longer wicks than usual, it still wicks wells. I can easily take 14 hits out of it before having to resquonk. I have zero issues with spit backs on a 3 mm coil but not for 3.5 mm onward and spaced coils.


    I did not enjoy squonking on this when I first used this RDA. It leaked on me whenever I squonk and creating a mess everywhere including my mod. I wouldn't say this is a squonk friendly RDA as it is not forgiving. All of these have a learning curve and it takes time and patience for you to get it right. What I did to make it stop leaking is I will stop squonking when the juice reached the top of the posts. If squonked over the posts, it will start to leak.

    Just like squonking, dripping requires you to drip straight down from the middle. It's not ideal to tilt the RDA while dripping as it will leak as well as the coils are just right above the airflow holes. I can squeeze as much e-liquid as I want on this but not for too long. I would typically squeeze for just 2 seconds. You could take out the top cap and paint your coils as well but I find its not really practical for me when I can just drip directly from the drip tip to get more capacity for more puffs.


    The honeycomb airflow on the Rebirth RDA is very smooth all across the board, one of the smoothest RDA I have tried. The airflow is not loud and has no whistling nor turbulence. It is a loose restrictive direct lung hit on a dual coil and a very airy vape on single coil. My preferred vaping style is to close down the first 3 airflow holes or 1/3 of the airflow holes.


    I had put several builds inside with different diameter coils; mainly 3 and 3.5 mm for dual coil and 3.5 mm and 4 mm for single coil.

    3.5 mm Quad Core Fused Clapton ( Single Coil )

    Flavor production is not very good. Flavor on a freshly dripped coil is acceptable but dies down after the third puff. What I mean by dies down is the flavor becomes muted. The vape on the fully opened airflow is very airy and gives a decent amount of vapor production. Tried closing down the airflow and it didn't get any better. 50 - 55 watts is where I like to vape at, it gives me a warm vape. Anything higher is way too hot for my liking.

    4 mm Twisted Fused Clapton ( Single Coil )

    Flavor gets a tad better and did not really die down. It gives a maximum of average flavor at most. Airy vape as well on a fully opened airflow and a slightly restricted lung hit when closed down 1/3 of it. Flavor stays the same and also a decent amount of airflow. Not impressed by it. 50 watts is where I like to vape at, it gives me a warm vape. Anything higher is way too hot for my liking.

    3 mm Quad Core Fused Clapton ( Dual Coil )

    Flavor was just a little above average. The airflow is giving a restricted lung hit when closed down 1/3. I usually like to vape it around 75 - 80 watts and I get a nice, warm and semi-saturated vape. It is kind of half saturated and half dry vape. It isn't a dry hit just in case you all are confused by what I meant. 85 watts and above is too hot for my liking. Vapor production is really huge.

    3.5 mm Quad Core Fused Clapton ( Dual Coil )

    Flavor was still a little above average but a little bit more flavor produced. I didn't really try too much because the top cap was too hot to vape on. It was also starting produce some spit backs.


    Overall I think is RDA performs okay at best. The hotness of the top cap depends on the placement of your coils in my opinion. I realized that placing the coils too close to the airflow will result in a hot top cap and mutes the flavor whereas placing the coils 3-4 mm above the top cap will result in a warm top cap and better flavor. I would say the flavor production is just above average and has a very good vapor production. Spaced coils on the Rebirth RDA will result in lots of popping and spit backs which is not my vaping style.

    The Rebirth RDA by HellVape and MikeVapes is really a please to the eyes. I like how it is a bottom / side angled airflow to reduce the chances of leaking, but still, I will always take precaution of how much I squonk and not to tilt my mod while squonking. This isn't the most squonk or drip forgiving RDA to deal with as it can create quite a mess if you are not careful with it. Even when I want to change my wick, juice will drip through the airflow and go onto my mod when I pull the cotton out of my coils. In my honest opinion, I really think that you must have a lot of patience to use this RDA if not you will just end up selling it or putting it as a display in the end. This RDA also has a learning curve to it and you must play around with the coil placements to get the sweet spot. I have tried several builds and placement to finally get the spot I like.

    To be honest, at first I thought this RDA will be a flavor banger and I would be pretty impressed by it. But after finding the sweet spot that I liked, flavor was only above average at best. It has nothing to be amazed about on flavor but the smoothness of the airflow really caught my attention. I was pretty disappointed with the quality of the o-rings because I have to use a lot of force to use this RDA and it is working perfectly fine on my other Rebirth RDA. Hopefully HellVape will change the o-rings to a better quality ones.

    Who would I recommend the Rebirth RDA to? I would recommend this to the intermediate and above users, and to those who have patience with finding out the sweet spot for them. Why I don't suggest this to the beginners is because of how the shared post holes can be tricky for them to build on and how this RDA is not squonk / drip friendly for them, and the worst that could happen to them is juice leaking into their mods.

    Would I buy another Rebirth RDA? No, because of how messy this RDA can cause and flavor is not really to my liking. But, I would buy the Rebirth RTA to try.

    • Good Build Quality

    • Aesthetically Pleasing

    • Above Average Flavor

    • Excellent Vapor Production

    • Provides Coil Cutting Tool

    • Very Smooth Airflow

    • Wicks Well

    • Deep Juice Well

    • Spacious Build Deck

    • Not Squonk / Drip Friendly

    • No Cotton / Coils Provided

    • Quality Of O-Rings Isn't Good

    • Easy To Create A Mess

    • Unpleasantly Hot Top Cap On Bigger Builds

    • Not Very Straightforward RDA

    ElementVape - $24.95

    VaporDNA - $17.99

    HeavenGifts - $32.99

    Thank you for taking the time to read my review on the Rebirth RDA by HellVape & MikeVapes. This is TheOneVape_Review, signing off.

    REVIEWER DISCLAIMER: I only type reviews during my free time so some products may take quite some time to be posted up. All products are used for 2 weeks or more.

    PRODUCT DISCLAIMER: The Rebirth RDA was not sponsored by any companies or shops. This product that I reviewed were bought with my own money.

    PICTURE DISCLAIMER: All pictures posted in my threads are purely taken by me and only me. Do not use without my acknowledgment or giving any credits.
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