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Review: Ruyan DSE 901

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by Robert_, Jul 9, 2009.

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  1. Robert_

    Robert_ Full Member

    Jul 7, 2009
    So this is my first review but I'm excited to do it because this forum was more than helpful when I got my first electronic cigarette.

    This is directed at someone with little experience with e-cigs.

    Table of Contents (feel free to skim)

    1. My Experience with E-Cigarette-Mart
    2. My Experience with it for the first 2 weeks
    3. My Long term experience
    4. About me as a smoker before this estog
    5. Summary/Opinion
    1. E-Cigarette-Mart (ECM)
    I know my biggest curiosity when preparing to buy an estog is where to buy it. I went with ECM because others carrying the 901 had pretty shipping fees I did not intend to pay and a reasonable price for prefills (have since moved to filling myself).

    They had/still have atm a deal in which the 901 starter kit costs 30$ (free shipping) coming with all you need as a beginner except a spare atomizer which is easily added for 9$. I also ordered their relatively cheap case, and a carton of pre-filled carts.

    ECM processed my order in 2 days. The estimated shipping time I beleive was 7-20 days (didn't say business or otherwise). I got it in 6 days which was pretty nice seeing as I was nervous about having it delayed being shipped overseas.

    On top of that their customer service seemed pretty good to me. 2 of my friends also ordered the same order as me and I contacted ECM to fix the two following things. 1 accidentally ordered the wrong carts and they fixed his order without having to delay the order. The other got a malfunctioning battery and they replaced it for free in his next cart order.

    2. First two weeks
    Everything worked great in the beginning. I read the manual and knew I had to smoke off the primer, the batteries charged nicely and lasted a reasonable time.

    The prefills seemed like a waste because they were losing vapor quantity well before they were cashed. I'd recommend getting a set of carts to try it, and save all your old ones. That's what I've done and it's worked out great for me. There are more advanced and efficient methods, but this is the easiest.

    3. After the first two weeks
    Well my first problem was an atomizer which mostly stopped working. I say mostly because it was more faultering at first, working great sometimes, not another. I boiled it, blew dry it, and it returned to working functionality... for a while.

    Eventually both of my atomizers became like this. It's not all that frustrating, usually one of the two works when the other doesn't, I play with it, clean it, and it works. I get my estog most of the time and it's definitely as much as I need for my first entry into e-cigs.

    One other problem I have is the 'glue' holding the battery to it's component which screws into the atomizer weakened. It's kinda scary because I have to be careful screwing and unscrewing it because now I've seen all too well that there are two tiny wires attaching the battery and the wrong twist could easily break them. Other than that it still works, just kinda janky.

    4. Me before 901
    Before the 901 I smoked about 5-6 regular cigarettes a day. An entire pack by the end of a night of drinking.

    5. Summary
    For one I have to say, I easily smoke much more often now. Pretty much half of the day I smoke. Didn't mean to, it just became that way. As such I switched to lower nicotine levels, although I'd easily guess I'm still getting much more nicotine in total.

    As of 2 weeks after only smoking the e-cig... I officially couldn't smoke cigarettes enjoyably. I tried smoking one and the taste was so bad it made me wonder how I ever started. I assume it is because my taste buds grew back, but I don't know for sure. I don't want to sound like an e-cig elitist, but I literally did go from loving the taste of cigarettes to not being able to take a drag without regretting it.

    I would recommend my process (both ECM and the 901) for someone new to e-stogs and trying to determine if it's for them, but I'd expect to move onto something a little less generic and possibly higher quality soon enough. The 901 is suction switched so its comfortable, I enjoy the mouth piece because its flattened so you can easily hold it in your teeth.

    My troubles with failures might also be because I take it everywhere. I ordered the case but it is pretty useless imo because it doesn't fit in there without unscrewing it. It holds spare carts, bats, and atomizers but it still just wasn't for me. There's probably better cases though.


    I hope this was helpful, I'm more than open to whatever questions anyone has.

  2. Robert_

    Robert_ Full Member

    Jul 7, 2009
    Alright so I have a bit of an update not much after I made my review.

    The two wires I mentioned that are inside the battery (one red, one green) finally broke. As much as I tried to avoid it, they broke.

    On examining them I would say they were pretty much designed to not be sturdy, and it wasn't my constant carrying of it that caused it to eventually damage.

    However I did maneuver them such that they are making much more direct contact, albeit not soldered in place. Doubt it will last long, but it seems to be working much much better than it did in the original solder job.

    So I'd have to say this may be pretty heavy mark against being a beginners estog. Or it should atleast be avoided from relying on too long, the replacements aren't exactly cheap enough to be made to last so shortly. It's still a very viable starter e-cig but I will be searching for a better one to personally recommend.
  3. weB3now

    weB3now Full Member

    Jun 18, 2009
    Well, I recently ordered 2 batteries, 3 attys, and 20 carts from Ruyan (all 901) and I can't say I'm happy either. My beginning set and extras were ordered from True Vapor about 3 weeks ago and everything that came with that still works great. But the Ruyan order just came today, I charged one battery (8 hours) and it doesn't work. I tried the attys with my original e-cig, and one is completely dead, one is almost dead (horrid metallic taste and works on and off), and one works fine. Out of the 5 carts I filled, 2 are leaking out the mouth-hole while it's just sitting there (NEVER had that happen before). I'm now charging the other battery, so we'll see in the morning if that actually works or not. I don't have high hopes at this point.

    I won't be ordering from them again. The small amount of money I saved could be better invested, I think, with another company. It was such a small order, it's not even worth my cash sending it all back, so I'm basically screwed.

    Not happy.
  4. Robert_

    Robert_ Full Member

    Jul 7, 2009
    Yeah, you do get what you pay for, and the couple bucks you save arent worth it when you add in shipping it back.

    One other thing I forgot to mention was my atty had a tiny 'carb' hole so air intake was strained. Something like that sucks because it's like.. How do you bother replacing it when it still pretty much works?

    Now that I got my 510 I will be writing a review, and I will be suggesting it much more I believe, but I'm waiting till I've owned it at least 2 weeks.
  5. Liscab

    Liscab Resting In Peace ECF Veteran

    Mar 15, 2009
    Miami fl.
    I was not lucky with ruyn, 3 atmy rn4081, only one worked in a regular way. if we buy few items USA has good prices after shiping, and the money stay at home.
  6. Olio

    Olio Full Member

    Jul 19, 2009
    Is the 901 a lot better than an 801 or is it not as good because it's smaller?

    AGNES PEACOCK Super Member ECF Veteran

    Very good review Robert. It will be very helpful to alot of beginners in making a a decision as to what to purchase. I too many months ago started with the 901. It flustrated and angered me.

    After trying other tube types, I finally ended up with the Screwdriver. Then added the Dura-C,(the Dura gives me the look I want when out at an upscale restaurant or attending a special event)

    Knowing what I now know,.. I would never reccomend less than the Dura-C, 501, Titan, Yeti (all with manual batteries) to a beginner. It is a tube type which most beginners seem to really want. The manual battery allows more control and a better experience. Even light smokers can adapt it to their liking by shorter pulls and lower strenght liquid. But it also is the best of the hard hitters in tube type. In my opinion, it is just a more reliable and versatile PV, making it able to fit alot of different analoge smokers.
  8. cbeight

    cbeight Full Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 23, 2009
    Central Arkansas
    I ordered my very first e-cigarette from ECM.
    About two weeks later both of my batteries had stuck switches or would not hold a charge or both. I sent both my batteries back to ECM and 6 months later after emailing them every other day I still have no replacement batteries.
    I have ordered from e-smokeytreats and ruyan direct and east mall.
    They are much better companies and are not shady like ECM. I was so not impressed and would urge everyone new to vaping to not order from them.
    Wayne at Heavens Gifts and David at Eastmall are much more professional and really take care of their customers. I have ordered a dse8084, m401, and a joye510 and they have all been great. The 901 is still a great starter piece for a beginner although I think the m401 is more reliable just harder to refill. Of course the joye510 is the best non-modded vape period!!!
    I am looking to purchase a janty stick v2 but I have been so happy with my 510 with the PCC.
    My advice: NEVER order from ECM.
    You will regret it the minute you ever have a problem.
    Horrible customer care and support.
  9. MattyMo

    MattyMo Full Member

    I ordered my 901 from ECM over 2 weeks ago. My only beef was that the atomizer that it came with stopped working after one day. Luckily I had a second one that I had added to the order, which has yet to fail on me. Totally weird considering both of the attys came from the same place, or so I figure..
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