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[Review] Ryujin (Elder Dragon) RDA by Wotofo & Ryusei Sakaue - A Very Flavorful 'Pagoda'

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by TheOneVape_Review, Apr 6, 2019.

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  1. TheOneVape_Review

    TheOneVape_Review Full Member

    Jan 21, 2019
    Elder Dragon RDA by Wotofo & Ryusei Sakaue

    Hi there! TheOneVape_Review is back once again and today, I am going to review a collaboration RDA between Wotofo and Mr Ryusei Sakaue - The Ryujin ( Elder Dragon ) RDA. I have tried several Wotofo's products with no problem and this is the first one I faced with some difficulties at the start. A huge thank you to u/pizzadave80 & @nasubin99 for giving me some advice when I am having issues with the Elder Dragon RDA.

    The Ryujin RDA ( Japan Edition ), or commonly know as the Elder Dragon RDA, was collaborated between Wotofo & Japanese YouTube reviewer, Ryusei Sakaue. Basically, what Ryujin means in English is "The dragon god". The Elder Dragon RDA is supposed to resemble the shape of a pagoda and since I am not a Japanese, I don't know how a Japanese pagoda looks like. But from my understanding, it is not even close to the shape of it. Just a general overview of the Elder Dragon RDA - It is only able to support single coil, has a 22 mm build deck and the airflow inserts are removable for easy cleaning.

    How does the Elder Dragon RDA performs? Let me talk more about it, show some pictures that I took below and give you my final thoughts.

    Diameter : 22 mm

    Height ( including drip tip & 510 pin ) : 34.5 mm

    Materials : Stainless Steel & German PEEK Insulator

    Compact Pagoda Shape

    Tai Chi Symbol Deck Bottom

    Detachable Airflow Inserts For Easy Cleaning

    Post-less Build Deck Allowing Different Coil Directions

    Down-To-Coil Air Structure Enhancing Vaporizing Performance

    Focused Air Supply Guaranteeing Perfect Flavor Production

    Deep Juice Well, Less Frequent Dripping

    Stainless Steel






    Color Options / Picture Credits: HealthCabin

    1 x Elder Dragon RDA

    1 x Spare 810 Drip Tip

    1 x 510 Drip Tip Adapter

    1 x Coil Trimming Tool

    2 x N80 Tri-Core Fused Clapton ( 0.17 Ω )

    2 x 3 mm Agleted Cottons

    1 x 510 Pin

    2 x Philips + Flat Head Screws

    2 x O-Rings

    1 x Philips Head Screwdriver

    1 x Hex Key Allen Wrench

    1 x User Manual

    Elder Dragon Packaging

    Packaging Content

    810 Resin Drip Tip

    Top Cap with Airflow Holes

    Airflow Inserts

    Build Deck

    Squonk Pin / Regular 510 Pin

    The drip tip color, just like many other RDAs / RTAs, varies depending on the color scheme of the body and the Elder Dragon is no different. I bought the gunmetal version so it came with a gunmetal / grey 810 resin drip tip. The included drip tip was designed to fit perfectly onto the top cap. It is also 810 compatible so any drip tips will fit perfectly but some might have overhang which makes it look hideous on it. The drip tip is rather small and the opening is small as well.

    The outer finish of the top cap has a shiny finish to it. It has 4 holes around the pagoda-shaped top cap, specially located on the concave part of the top cap. There are some designs on it so it looks nicer, I guess?

    The post-less build deck is very similar to the Recurve RDA, whereby there are 4 post holes so coils that are wrapped clockwise or counterclockwise will fit on either sides. The screws that tightens the coil are philips and flat head compatible. There is a angled downwards removable airflow inserts on each side, and each airflow insert is split into 2 airways. Thus, having 2 airflow channels on each side pointing at the bottom half of the coil. The build deck is quite small as the airflow inserts plays a role in restricting the space inside so it will be a bit difficult to work with a 3.5mm build inside but is still possible. There is a notch cutout on each side to help with coil placement. The juice well isn't very deep as it is very similar to the Recurve RDA but with a deeper cutout. There are 2 o-rings around the build deck to help secure the top cap. On the underside of the build deck, there is a Tai Chi symbol. It came pre-installed with a squonk pin. Do take note that both the squonk pin and regular 510 pin has an o-ring installed that is removable. Every time when I switch the pins around, the o-ring tends to come out easily and will not stay in place. Always pay extra attention to it.

    The Elder Dragon RDA has some weight to it and it feels very sturdy. It is also a fingerprint magnet but not very noticeable. The o-ring tension is perfect be it when adjusting the airflow or detaching and installing the drip tip. It is quite tight when brand new. The drip tip may be small, but is actually quite comfortable in the mouth.

    Build Deck

    Detachable Airflow Inserts

    Notch Cut Out For Coil Alignment

    Small Space To Work Around With

    When it first came out of the box, no machine oils or scratches can be seen. There are some minor discoloration under the top cap but overall paint quality is good. As mentioned earlier, the top cap feels very hard and sturdy. The screws and o-rings are quite good as it did not strip or break on me. One thing I noticed is the drip tip that comes from Wotofo. I washed all my vape gear inside an ultrasonic cleaner and once I take it out to clean it, a white coating can be found covering the drip tip. It happens to my Serpent Elevate RTA as well. I guess that only happens to the gunmetal versions as my black Profile RDA does not have that problem.

    Minor Discoloration Under Top Cap

    White Coating On Drip Tip

    At the very beginning of my review, I stated that I had faced with some problems with this RDA. The cut my coil at the recommended leg length of 6mm using the coil trimming tool. After which, I put my coiling rod through the coils, place it over the notch cutout and tightened it. The end results wasn't very pleasant at all because I was getting muted flavors, massive spit backs, a super hot top cap which almost burnt my lips and getting a dry hit every 4-5 puffs. After getting some advice from both gentlemen I mentioned above, I decided to cut the leg length at 5mm on the coil trimming tool. I did not align it with the notch this time, I hold the coil down and screw it in. Luckily, the results were very different.

    Let me break down into steps again on how to install the coil:

    Step 1: Place the coil on the coil trimming tool at the 5mm mark and cut the excess legs

    Step 2: Place the coil into the post holes in either direction depending on which way the coil is wrapped

    Step 3: Hold down the coil and tighten screws

    Step 4: Readjust coil and remove hot spots

    Step 5: Use appropriate amount of cotton. Since the coil is now not aligned to the notch, use a pair of tweezers to help pull the cotton through.

    Step 6: Fluff or thin out the cotton and insert it into the juice well

    Coil Not Aligning With Notch


    The Elder Dragon RDA has a very small juice well so it gets dry very fast. Don't expect yourself to chain vape a lot as you will need to press the squonk bottle again every 8-10 puffs. Zero spit backs on a 3mm inner diameter coil.

    Squonking / Dripping

    I have used it in both squonking and dripping mode and they performed very well. When squonking, the e-liquid will reach the bottom half of the coil ensuring your coil and cotton is always wet. It is really hard to over-squonk as you will be able to see when the e-liquid is coming out from the airflow inserts.

    In dripping mode, the drip tip opening is quite small so aim carefully before you squeeze on the dripper. Other than that I have no problems with just pouring e-liquid into the RDA.


    Airflow is very smooth when it is wide open. It has a medium restrictive lung hit. When airflow is 1/3 & 1/2 closed, it whistles and is turbulent. At 3/4 closed, the whistling and turbulence subsides. The airflow is so small that I find no point in closing them.

    Flavor & Vapor Production

    3mm Quad Core Fused Clapton ( Aligning with notch ) - 0.31Ω / 6mm Leg Length

    It is a very very unpleasant vape. Huge spit back monster especially after every squonk. The top cap gets so hot that it is very unpleasant as your lips will be touching the top cap as well due to its small size. Flavor I get off is really very muted and I seriously can't taste anything at all. Vapor production is not bad.

    3mm Quad Core Fused Clapton ( Not aligning with notch ) - 0.31Ω / 5mm Leg Length

    At 45 watts, I get a cool vape at with great flavor.

    At 55 watts, I get a warm and saturated vape and the flavor increased a bit.

    At 60 watts, the vape is too hot to my liking and I am starting to lose some flavor as well.

    Vapor production is not bad for a single coil. Able to compete with the Recurve RDA.

    I can easily take 10 puffs before the next squonk and also without any spit backs. Top cap is lukewarm.

    3.5mm Quad Core Fused Clapton ( Not aligning with notch ) - 0.34Ω / 5mm Leg Length

    At 45 watts, I get a cool vape but flavor decreases by a bit

    At 55 watts, I get a warm and saturated vape and flavor increased a bit but still not as good as a 3mm.

    At 60 watts, the vape is too hot for me.

    Vapor production is not bad as well.

    I am starting to get minor spit backs and top cap gets warmer than at 3mm.

    The Elder Dragon by Wotofo & Ryusei Sakaue is overall not bad in performance, especially in flavor and vapor production wise. At first I really hated it by how much spit backs and muted flavors I am getting off it. But after following the advice given, my hatred for this RDA becomes one of my favorite single coil RDA. I really don't understand why they would make the notch cutout so inaccurate. I am not sure but maybe they get a different result. In my opinion, the notch cutout should have been cut lower. This RDA is definition for the beginners who wants get into the rebuilding world as it has one of the easiest build deck to build on in my opinion. It provides you with all the basic equipment and tools to start up and will also get great results out of it. I love the removable air inlets feature as I am someone who really likes to dry my vape gears properly before keeping or using it again. Some may find it a gimmick but to this feature is really helpful to me. It can be quite a nuisance to take the extra step to unscrew the inlets, but oh well, I have to do what I gotta do.

    Are the 3 features that were advertised by Wotofo accurate?

    ''Down-To-Coil Air Structure Enhancing Vaporizing Performance'' - I would say yes because the vapor production is really thick and dense.

    ''Focused Air Supply Guaranteeing Perfect Flavor Production'' - Yes, because all 4 airflow inlets are facing at the bottom half of the coil and there is very little space to air to bypass the coil.

    ''Deep Juice Well, Less Frequent Dripping'' - I find this to be untrue as most of my RDA, I cant chain vape maybe up to 17-20 hits without squonking / dripping. But for this RDA, I have to do it quite frequently.

    Would I buy another Elder Dragon RDA? Yes, because I am a single coil lover and also a flavor chaser. This RDA definitely meets my requirements. I know the shape of the Elder Dragon RDA is not for everyone but I, personally, is fine with the 'pagoda' shape.

    • Great Flavor & Vapor Production

    • Hard To Over-Squonk

    • No Spit Back

    • Easy Adjustment Of Airflow

    • 4 Post Holes For Easy Coil Installation

    • Philips & Flathead Screw Compatible

    • Detachable Airflow For Easy Cleaning

    • Quality Of Drip Tip

    • O-Ring On Squonk / 510 Pin Tends To Come Out Easily

    • Very Limited Build Options

    • Need To Squonk / Drip Frequently

    • Misleading Notch Cut Out

    • Whistling & Turbulent Airflow

    ElementVape - $25.95

    VaporDNA - $14.99

    Eciggity - $28.99

    Thank you for taking the time to read my review on the Elder Dragon RDA by Wotofo & Ryusei Sakaue. This is TheOneVape_Review, signing off.

    REVIEWER DISCLAIMER: I only type reviews during my free time so some products may take quite some time to be posted up. All products are used for 2 weeks or more.

    PRODUCT DISCLAIMER: The Elder Dragon RDA was not sponsored by any companies or shops. This product that I reviewed were bought with my own money.

    PICTURE DISCLAIMER: All pictures posted in my threads are purely taken by me and only me. Do not use without my acknowledgment or giving any credits.
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