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[Review] Shogun Univ Mod by iJoy - Best Looking Dual-Sided Resin Panels?

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by TheOneVape_Review, May 12, 2019.

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  1. TheOneVape_Review

    TheOneVape_Review Full Member

    Jan 21, 2019
    Univ Mod by iJoy

    Hi there! TheOneVape_Review is back once again with a mod review and this mod has a dual sided, good looking resin panels - The Shogun Univ Mod by iJoy. I have always wanted to get a VooPoo Drag Mod because I never owned a mod with resin panels before and they look they gorgeous to me. Then, the Univ mod came out which caught more of my attention, thus, today's review. Let's go below so I could share my experiences and thoughts with you on the Univ mod.

    The Shogun Univ mod by iJoy, which is typically known as the Univ mod, has a very similar styled looking mods such as the Drag, Magma, etc. More and more resin mod are coming out in the market and to me, the Univ mod is one of the best looking resin mod. One good feature of this mod is that it uses a thick resin battery panel. Just a quick overview of the Univ mod - It uses the UNIV chip and supports dual 18650 which goes up to a maximum of 180 watts. It has a centered 510 connection which is able to fit up to 28 mm atties without overhangs.

    How well does the Univ mod performs? Let me talk more about it, show some pictures that I took below and give you my final thoughts.

    Height : 88 mm

    Width : 55 mm

    Depth : 28.4 mm

    Material : Zinc Alloy & Resin

    0.96'' OLED Screen

    Univ Chipset

    Output Power : 5 - 180 W

    Output Voltage : 0 - 7.5 V

    Output Current : 0 - 45 A

    Resistant Range : 0.05 - 3.0 Ω

    POD Mode : 2.5 - 3.8 V

    Power Curve Range : 22.5 - 67.5 W

    TCR Value : 0.00050 - 0.00200

    Temperature Range : 300 - 600 °F / 149 - 316 °C

    Supports Up To 28 mm Atties With No Overhang

    Firmware Upgrade Via Micro-USB Cable

    Overheat Protection

    Low Power Alert

    Battery Reverse Protection

    Short Circuit Protection

    Low / High Resistance Protection

    10 Seconds Timeout Protection



    Green Specter


    Blue Aurora

    Galactic Hurricane

    Color Options / Picture Credits: Urvapin

    1 x Univ Mod

    1 x Micro-USB Cable

    1 x Gift Card

    1 x Warranty Card

    1 x User Manual

    Univ Mod Packaging

    Packaging Content

    Centered 510 Connection

    Power Button

    OLED Screen

    Up & Down Button

    Micro-USB Port

    Resin Battery Panel

    Overall Looks Of Univ Mod

    First off, let me start off with the packaging. The packaging will show the color scheme of the mod you are planning to get. I had decided to get the ghostfire color as it really good looking and if you don't know how the ghostfire looks like, scroll back up and look at the picture of the packaging. But after opening the packaging, I was surprised by how different the color of the mod was to the packaging. The least you could do was to put the exact color of how the mod is going to look like on the packaging. This is definitely a huge con to me.

    The overall aesthetics of the mod looks very well-crafted and gorgeous, especially the resin panels. The 510 connection is centered and is slightly raised to prevent any scratches from your atty while screwing in. On the front side of the mod is located with a power / firing button, screen, up / down button, and a micro-USB port. The screen has a matte finish on it so worrying about it being fingerprint magnet isn't an issue. Only one side of the magnetic resin panel can be taken out which is for your placement of batteries and there is a ribbon inside for easy removal of batteries. The resin panel is quite thick and on the underside of it, there is a plastic coating over the resin which shows a world map with the word 'UNIV' on it. There are a total of 12 venting holes located on the bottom of the mod with the Shogun logo on it. On every corner on the mod, instead of having sharp edges, it has curve cutout on it for ergonomics purposes.

    The Univ mod is weighted and also not the most comfortable mod to hold, but at least it is more comfortable than mods with sharp edges. The buttons are very clicky and responsive. The removal resin panel has a strong magnet and the panel doesn't fall off easily. There is a very slight play between the mod and the panels and is not very noticeable unless you fiddle around with it. When you push the top / bottom part of the panel horizontally or vertically back and forth, the panel will have a very slight movement. It is not a big deal to me but is something worth mentioning. Since the way to insert the batteries is not by sliding it in, but push to insert, I have concerns about it tearing my battery wraps. So far, I have been inserting and removing my batteries several times and there are no signs on my battery wraps tearing. I want to mention that since the battery compartment is quite deep, placing the battery ribbon is very important. If you don't place it correctly, you will having a hard time taking the batteries out and the battery wrap might tear if too much force is used.

    Thick Resin Panel

    The build quality of the mod is quite okay. Everything on the mod is working perfectly and nothing has failed on me, yet. There are 2 screws holding the 510 connections in place and after several screwing and unscrewing of atties, the star screws decided to go loose and unscrew by itself, resulting in the protrusion of the 510 silver plating connection. In my opinion, the screws have to be screwed in tightly before selling, because not everyone has a star screwdriver. How I managed to screw it back is by using a phillips head screw driver but it can't be tightened all the way due to their shape difference. The paint finish starts to drop off at some parts of the mod, mainly on the base of the mod due to wear and tear. I have been very careful with all my mods and yet the color drop off quite easily. I wouldn't say this mod has a very good paint quality but is definitely better than the Drag mod.

    Click the power button 5 times:

    • On

    • Off

    The following information will be shown on the screen:

    • Wattage ( W ) / Temperature ( °F / °C ) / POD Mode ( V )

    • PMODE ( Norm / Hard / Soft / User )

    • Voltage ( V )

    • OHM ( Ω )

    • PUFF ( Puff Counter / Timer )

    • A & B ( Battery Life Indicator )

    Screen Information

    Click the power button 5 times to enter the main menu. The following information will be shown:

    • P ( Power - Able to adjust wattage anywhere from 1 - 180 W ; 0.1 W increment below 100 W, 1 W increment above 100 W and does not round robin )

    • T ( Temperature Control - Ni / Ti / SS / TCR M1 / TCR M2 )

    • POD ( POD MODE - Able to adjust voltage anywhere from 2.5 - 3.8 V ; 0.1 V increment and does not round robin )

    • ⋮≡ ( PMODE - Norm / Hard / Soft / User ; Able to change how hard / soft the mod hits )

    • TCR ( M1 / M2 - Able to change the values from 0.00050 - 0.00200 individually ; 0.00001 increment and does not round robin )

    • SET ( Settings - Able to reset puff counter value to 0000 and to adjust standby time )

    Press and hold the up & down button:

    • Calibrate Resistance

    Main Menu



    Just a rough gauge of the battery life. I am using a dual Sony VTC5a batteries and had been vaping it at 75 watts constantly throughout the testing period. I am able to get close to 400 puffs before the batteries get drained completely, 390 puffs to be exact.


    Navigating the Univ mod is very simple. Everything is a no-brainer and there are not a lot of things that needs to be learned. The up and down button, which I am sure that will cause a lot of confusion, is the direct opposite of how you navigate the mod. For example, a typical down button will scroll downwards and vice versa, but for the Univ mod, the down button will scroll upwards and the up button will scroll downwards.

    The screen doesn't light up when I change wattage. It will only light up when I press the power button. It could be a safety hazard if someone accidentally change the wattage and the screen did not light up to catch their attention, when they take a hit, they will have a nasty experience. It is very unlikely that this will happen, but there will be a chance.

    Whenever I am changing the wattage, the voltage does not change along with the wattage. It is quite important for some people to know at a certain wattage, what will the voltage value be. I must hit the power button for a second to know the actual voltage.

    One thing this mod doesn't offer is the ability to round robin. There are a lot of mods in the market that provides with the round robin feature for easier usage but this mod doesn't and that is a huge con for me. The scrolling speed is not the slowly and definitely not the fastest. I would like if they could increase the scrolling speed by just a little bit.

    There is no options for you to lock the up / down button. It might not be a big deal for me but it is to some who uses that function often.


    The Univ mod has been performing good so far. It has been giving me the power that I've set to and its ramp up time is quite fast. I have noticed that the pre-boost settings under the PMODE does not provide a enough boost as compared to my other mods. It is one of the weakest pre-boost setting I have come across with. Not to say that it is very weak, it still does its job but does not stand up against other mods such as the Naboo / Charon Mini / VK530 mod.

    The POD mode is used together with the iJoy pod which I am not very sure of, but it can definitely be used on your single / dual coil atties. I have tried using it with my Zeus X and the power it provides is quite strong considering that fact that its maximum voltage output in only at 3.8 volts.

    I did not try the temperature control function as I am a straight wattage / voltage vaper. If you want to know more about it, I would suggest you looking it up on YouTube or other reviewer's review here. I'm sorry.

    The Univ mod by iJoy is a pretty aesthetic and gorgeous looking mod without any weird looking or branding on the resin panels; just plain dual sided resin panels, which is why it caught my attention. To me, it is one of the best looking resin mod out in the market. For its ergonomics wise, it is also one of the better holding mod in the hands without its sharp edges. It is a shame that iJoy did not make both side of the panels removable for further customization, if not it will be near perfect.

    The exterior quality of the mod is not the best nor the worst, especially those mentioned above, the paint finish and the screws holding the 510 connection plate down can be further improved. Other than that, the mod is solidly built and the chipset has been working well so far expect for the pre-boost settings which I find could have been better. Its fast ramp up time can be competed with the other mods out in the market.

    To whom do I think this mod is suitable for? It is for those who are a fan of dual-sided resin mods and also to those who wants to venture out trying other resin mods, instead of just sticking to the Drag which I find the paint quality sucks. But if you are looking for a mod that will hits hard enough, I honestly don't think this is the mod for you. Don't get me wrong, this mod provides the power that I need, but it doesn't work that great in the pre-boost section. This is a beginner friendly mod as finding your way around this mod is really very simple.

    If I were to buy another Univ mod, would I get another one? Yes, for sure, but if I can find another mod that has a better paint quality, better ergonomics and give a better pre-boost setting, I wouldn't buy this mod.

    • Good Battery Life

    • Fast Ramp Up Time

    • Easy To Navigate

    • Slightly Raised & Centered 510 Connection

    • Dual-Sided Resin Panels

    • Not The Best Ergonomics But Comfortable Enough To Hold

    • Bright Screen

    • Able To Fit Up To 28 mm Atties

    • Mod On Packaging & Actual Mod Color Scheme Doesn't Match

    • Average Performance On Hard Mode

    • Screws On 510 Connection Comes Off Easily

    • Mod Does Not Round Robin

    • Screen Does Not Light Up When Changing Wattage

    • Up / Down Button Is Can Be Confusing Sometimes

    • No Option To Lock The Mod

    ElementVape - $42.95

    HeavenGifts - $50.99

    MyVaporStore - $42.99

    Thank you for taking the time to read my review on the Univ mod by iJoy. This is TheOneVape_Review, signing off.

    REVIEWER DISCLAIMER: I only type reviews during my free time so some products may take quite some time to be posted up. All products are used for 2 weeks or more.

    PRODUCT DISCLAIMER: The Univ mod was not sponsored by any companies or shops. This product that I reviewed were bought with my own money.

    PICTURE DISCLAIMER: All pictures posted in my threads are purely taken by me and only me. Do not use without my acknowledgment or giving any credits.
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