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Reviewing The Turbine Atomizer FINALLY

Discussion in 'MyVape' started by Mark Linehan, Apr 30, 2011.

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  1. Mark Linehan

    Mark Linehan Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 15, 2010
    Salem, MA
    Yes, I am FINALLY reviewing the new TURBINE atomizers available at This is not a sunshine and happy story unfortunately, BUT, it does have a happy ending.

    I had a lot of trouble with the Turbine atomizers at first. I had ordered two of them, and repeatedly had to return each of them. I am sure GotVapes lost all of any profit they would have made having to ship out replacements for my DOA's, but they still did it. I don't even remember how many times I had to ship these back. I can only say that GotVapes did their part for sure. I do not blame GotVapes for these atty issues either. This was a manufacturing error of some kind.

    I now have 2 Turbine atomizers in front of me and I had to screw around with them quite a bit to get them to finally start working properly.

    At first they would not hit at all, and I discovered that no juice was transferring into the atomizer. Simple solution was to remove a little bit of juice. I don't know if that is always the case, but for me having the tank filled to the brim (using 100% VG) seemed to resist wicking. I believe this was due to some form of surface tension on the part of the TANK HOLE.

    Now, once I got hitting, I was getting really evil tastes out of both atomizers. I discovered that I had to twist the tanks so they lined up according to the center support band for the needle down inside the atomixer and on one of the atomizers I had to use a pin and wiggle the wick around a tiny bit, This all did the trick,

    So, after several returns. Some screwing around to get them working. They are now both working well.

    I can safely say these are the thickest plumes of vapor I have ever gotten from ANY PV. This blows away the EGO-Tank for vapor volume and Throat Hit. They hit like champions once you have all the planets in alignment at least. So, I won't recommend these TURBINE atomizers for complete e-cigarette newbies, but if you are experienced and don't mind working at setting up your PV for greatness, then I highly recommend the Turbine atomizer.

    PRO'S: T-T-T-TONS of Vapor, Good Throat Hit, Holds a truck load of liquid and I can vape for many hours on each tank fill. I mean, each tank fill lasts way beyond each battery charge. I can go out for the day or night and probably get away with just the one tank. (I carry extra juice to be sage anyways LOL)

    CONS: New technology has a few kinks but can be worked around easily enough, comes with some primer coating that has to be burnt off depending on the atomizer, Tank will not flow juice if overfilled.

    So, to finalize my review. I like the TURBINE better than the EGO-Tank for tank size and vapor production, but it IS tricky to get setup. I will be buying these again though, so I feel comfortabl;e recommending these to vaper's who can handle the CONS. I will give it an 8 of 10. (EGO-T only gets a 7 from me and the only 9 is direct dripping, and I have yet to use a 10)
  2. dannoman

    dannoman Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Oct 22, 2010
    Sugar Land, Texas USA
    Thanks this was what you were cooking up : ) Good thorough review and I am sure, since you have become quite familiar with the Turbine you'll have alot of questions. So tend to your thread : )
  3. dannoman

    dannoman Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Oct 22, 2010
    Sugar Land, Texas USA
    Re: the portion of this review that is bolded:

    As Chris and I have advised, if you do not leave some air in the tank, this tank and others, there is no room for DISPLACEMENT, and as Mark has pointed out, Surface Tension will magically keep the fluid in your tank

    Good point to bring out Mark...

  4. kellie

    kellie Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 29, 2009
    Binghamton, NY
    I broke my first Turbine :( My dog knocked my Pv out of my hand and of course it had to hit on the metal edge of my coffee talble and land on my laptop power supply. Glad I have 2 more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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